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Saturday, September 15, 2012

FW: Constitution - another page?!


Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2012 13:04:17 -0700
From: michaeljamesanthony@yahoo.com
Subject: Constitution - another page?!

Know All Men and Womyn by These Presents!

well well. So there's a "fifth" (extra) page of the Constitution - the transmittal page -- that "we, supposedly the people" have yet to see. It is also referred to as the "Constitution Resolution."  No big deal right. Or is it? It's a resolution for Pete's sake!  I thought we had seen it all. Guess not! How can the Constitution have an "extra" page? Who's been "hiding" it and why? Is it an historical reminder, on parchment and
restored, that the people are the fountain, the source of all political power, and that we (whomever "we" are) ARE the government, but that now it's too late for that fact to make any difference in our present lives and our future lives (posterity?) because we have slumbered on our Rights for so long that laches has kicked in and now we can't kick "them" (the persons who fill the departments of government and their czars) out?  

There is no "We" -- only "us" and "them." When you analyze the text of the Resolution you will see that it is a confirmation of the supposedly "republican" form of government that we ordained and established and that we were guaranteed. Good reason to keep it secreted away in the basement of the Archives. Yet today, politicians, pundits and pusillanimous talking heads spit the vile word "democracy" at us on a daily basis. It's always been about the difference between what we were supposed to be creating for ourselves and what we got stuck with.

Why did this happen? Because we put our trust, and our Public Trust, in the hands of those who could not be trusted, publicly or otherwise. And so we suffer in our Rights and in the deprivation, violation, abrogation and the derogation thereof. Our attention should, therefore, be turned to and focused upon the exposure and eradication of the criminal conspiracy being carried out by the BAR association and their members, who are sapping us of our very substance by the creation of a monarchy and an aristocracy (in the form of a plutocratic kakistocracy), the very form of government against which we were warned and from which we declared ourselves, unanimously, independent. Time for a Restatement (Second) of Independence! 

Constitution's extra page shown in public for first time


Full Text: Letter of Transmittal Page

In Convention.  Monday September 17th 1787.
The States of
New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Mr. Hamilton from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Resolved, That the preceeding Constitution be laid before the United States in Congress assembled, and that it is the Opinion of this Convention, that it should afterwards be submitted to a Convention of Delegates, chosen in each State by the People thereof, under the Recommendation of its Legislature, for their Assent and Ratification; and that each Convention assenting to, and ratifying the Same, should give Notice thereof to the United States in Congress assembled.
Resolved, That it is the Opinion of this Convention, that as soon as the Conventions of nine States shall have ratified this Constitution, the United States in Congress assembled should fix a Day on which Electors should be appointed by the States which shall have ratified the same, and a Day on which the Electors should assemble to vote for the President, and the Time and Place for commencing Proceedings under this Constitution.
That after such Publication the Electors should be appointed, and the Senators and Representatives elected:  That the Electors should meet on the Day fixed for the Election of the President, and should transmit their Votes certified, signed, sealed and directed, as the Constitution requires, to the Secretary of the United States in Congress assembled, that the Senators and Representatives should convene at the Time and Place assigned; that the Senators should appoint a President of the Senate, for the sole Purpose of receiving, opening and counting the Votes for President; and, that after he shall be chosen, the Congress, together with the President, should, without Delay, proceed to execute this Constitution.


Link to image of the page:

National Archives info

Millions of people have passed through the Rotunda of the National Archives Building in Washington, DC, to see the original parchments that are our Charters of Freedom. They pause to look at the faded writing on the Declaration of Independence, the bold opening words "We the People" on the Constitution, and the straightforward enumeration of our Bill of Rights.

This year, for the first time, visitors will be able to see what is sometimes referred to as the "fifth page" of the Constitution—the Resolutions of Transmittal to the Continental Congress. A special display for the 225th anniversary of the Constitution in September, will feature this document. "It's up there with the Constitution in terms of value," says curator Alice Kamps.
The resolutions spell out how the new Constitution would be adopted by the United States and how the new government would be put into effect.

Instead of seeking the consent of Congress and the 13 state legislatures, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention proposed that the Constitution "be laid before the United States in Congress assembled" and then submitted  to  special ratifying conventions elected by the people in each of the states. Once nine states had ratified it, this new instrument of government  would go into effect in those nine states.

This process was carefully devised to ensure that the authority of the new government came from the people. Without the resolution, the Constitution, in the words of James Madison, "was nothing more than the draft of a plan, nothing but a dead letter, until life and validity were breathed into it by the voice of the people."

The page will only be on display from September 14 to 19. See the "fifth page" and the other four pages of the Constitution at the National Archives Building in Washington, DC.


Wonder if this page would have changed the mind of Lysander Spooner? Nah. Doubtful. It's still just scrap paper to me.

If this page is supposed to be all about the people, why have the "persons who fill the departments of government" withheld this page from the people for 225 years? It is not up to "them" to decide what the people see or don't see, or know or don't know.

Or is it? 

This coming Monday will be 225 years to the day, Monday to Monday, of the "Constitution Resolution." It makes voting sound so important and praiseworthy. Oooh. Is that why American 2012 presidential election votes will be counted by a Spanish company owned by George Soros?


"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. 
Those who count the votes decide everything." -- 
Joseph Stalin

If only we would accept this historical fact and STOP voting we could end all this and begin again . . . if we can.

Points to ponder  . . .

I remain yours,
Pro Libertate Patriae,
"For the Liberty of My Country,"
Michael James Anthony
"History interposes with evidence that tyranny and wrong lead inevitably to decay; that freedom and right, however hard may be the struggle, always prove resistless." 
--George Bancroft, Statesman and Historian (1800-1891)
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