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Friday, August 24, 2012

FW: Obama/Vilsack War on Women - Randy Moore Presiding


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I preparing a response to his reply as a civil rights expert and will send out asap.  I'm at alpaca auction so will finish when I get home later this evening.  Susan

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Subj: Obama/Vilsack War on Women - Randy Moore Presiding
Below is the letter/response that Randy Moore sent to the editor of the Porterville Recorder as a rebuttal to the news story they did on Alicia Dabney. His letter is an absolute joke. I believe it needs to be shared. Below his letter I attached the rebuttal I made to Randy's lies. It is Randy Moore and Tom Tidwell who are perpetuating the Vilsack/Obama War on Women. BTY, the women's civil rights EEO complaints against Tom Vilsack and Barack Obama are to be filed next week...lesa

The recent article on a pending litigation case of workplace harassment within the Forest Service by the Porterville Recorder failed to accurately depict the agency's position on the issue.  Although I cannot comment on specifics of the referenced personnel case which is in litigation, I can emphatically state that harassment and discrimination in any form are not tolerated by our agency.
The Forest Service is strongly committed to providing a workplace where all employees are valued, safe, and respected. In fact, we have established methods to ensure that this takes place and employees can strive to reach their fullest potential.
We investigate all allegations of misconduct in a formal process that protects victims and affords the due process the law requires for the accused, including those mentioned in your article.  For example, in recent years the agency took action to propose the removal of individuals in several incidents. While there have been no findings of employee discrimination against the Forest Service for this past year, we remain vigilant on a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior.
The agency has an aggressive training regimen focused on equal opportunity issues. In California, we provide mandatory training classes for all supervisors regarding employee conflict resolution, managing performance and overall employee relations. Nearly 1,000 managers will participate in these sessions.  In addition, every employee is provided training on the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.
I can assure you that the safety and well-being of all Forest Service employees is a fundamental concern. I am strongly committed to maintaining a harassment-free and respectful workplace.
Randy Moore
Regional Forester, Pacific Southwest Region, U.S. Forest Service"

I did not see Randy Moore's letter to the editor until today. Randy stated that harassment and discrimination are not tolerated in any form. This is an absolute LIE. Randy Moore has refused to address numerous incidents of harassment and discrimination that I personally brought to his attention. He has encouraged and condoned retaliation from his managers. For example, in 2011 I was contacted by at least 3 women who had been sexually and/or physically assaulted. Randy's Human Resources staff had performed inquiries (instead of the required criminal investigation for allegations of violence in the workplace) - and the women were forced to continue working with the male perpetrators. It wasn't until I became involved that actual investigations were conducted. The findings were conclusive and the men were allowed to resign without being terminated. Each woman was retaliated against for reporting the assaults and harassment. At least twice in the past two years I've had to contact the Secretary of Agriculture because male supervisors who assaulted their female subordinates were hired back to work in the Region - under Randy Moore's watch. As I speak right now both he and Kevin Elliott are allowing a male employee to harass and intimidate women on the Sequoia National Forest despite many witnessed complaints. Randy Moore was present in July 2011 when, at Deputy Assistant Secretary Robin Heard's request I brought about a dozen women (and 2 men) to meet with them to discuss the harassment, discrimination, workplace violence, retaliation, and bullying that was occurring throughout Region 5, California. EVERY ONE of the women were retaliated against shortly thereafter and continuing to this day. The reason Secretary Tom Vilsack pulled the Employee Relations and Civil Rights authorities from the entire Forest Service and placed all decision-making in the Secretary's Office is because of the civil rights violations occurring in Region 5 that I reported to THE WHITE HOUSE. Robin Heard admitted this to me. This all has happened under Randy Moore's watch. Randy - Tell us what you've done about the complaints from women against the Forest Supervisor on the Angeles National Forest. Because I've received complaints and have been watching to see what would happen. Women are actually terrified that he is returning. You know that because you've seen and heard the complaints. I could go on and on and on. Randy Moore thinks he should be the next Chief of the Forest Service. Randy - Do you think that your failure to deal with the discrimination, the workplace violence, and extreme harassment and retaliation against women in Region 5 should qualify you to be Chief? Maybe it does since we've spoken with Chief Tom Tidwell numerous times and he also refuses to take action.    Lesa Donnelly

Lesa L. Donnelly

We have lost our sense of shame. Colin Powell