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Friday, July 13, 2012

Fwd: They're baaaaack

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ask Jerry and Melissa Seaver family farmers in scottsburg,Indiana about the links the big oil will go or the insiders wanting to do business with them... our family was targeted and removed from our farm at gun point with out proper due process, our three and a half year old grandson had a gun put to his ear please help save these people and their families.

On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 3:35 PM, Michael Marx, Sierra Club <sierra@sierraclub.org> wrote:

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Dear Melissa,

Big Oil vs. Family Farmers

Tell Secretary Clinton: Stand with farmers and ranchers, not Big Oil. Reject Keystone XL.

Take Action

Julia Trigg Crawford is a family farmer in Texas. Randy Thompson is a rancher in Nebraska. Both of them stand squarely in Big Oil's sights.

TransCanada, the foreign corporation behind Keystone XL, is doing everything it can to ram through its dangerous tar sands pipeline. That includes bullying Americans like Julia and Randy into abandoning parts of their family farms and ranches, and taking them to court to force them if they resist.

It's up to you to stand with Julia, Randy, and hundreds of other landowners in the fight against Big Oil. The State Department is considering TransCanada's latest Keystone XL permit application -- and they're accepting public comments until July 31st.

Tell Secretary Clinton: It's time to lead on climate. Stand with American family farmers and ranchers, not Big Oil. Reject the Keystone XL pipeline.

The tar sands aren't just a danger to private landowners in Texas and Nebraska -- they're a threat to our shared climate and to clean water everywhere. The first Keystone tar sands pipeline suffered monthly spills, and the horrific Kalamazoo tar sands spill from two years ago still isn't fully cleaned up. Keystone XL would expose hundreds of other rivers and bodies of water to this same threat, including the Missouri, the Yellowstone, and crucial irrigation lines.

The threat to the climate is even worse: 240 gigatons of carbon released into the air as Big Oil destroys 700,000 acres of pristine Boreal Forest, a crucial carbon sink. No wonder NASA's top climate scientist, James Hansen, says the tar sands could be "game over" for the climate.1

And yet the State Department hasn't even included the climate in their list of environment considerations for this review process.

We can't let Big Oil get away with bullying landowners or permanently damaging our climate. Send the State Department a message by the July deadline, and tell them to reject Keystone XL!

The future of the climate depends on activists like you -- and that makes me very hopeful. When we stand together, our voices can speak louder than Big Oil's dollars. Please, write to Secretary Clinton today.

Thanks for all you do to protect our environment,

Michael Marx
Sierra Club Beyond Oil Campaign Director

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[1] Hansen, James. "Game Over for the Climate." New York Times. Web. 12 May 2012.

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