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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fwd: Tell Senator Lugar to Save Indiana's Wind Industry!

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From: Megan Anderson, Sierra Club <megan.anderson@sierraclub.org>
Date: Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 1:31 PM
Subject: Tell Senator Lugar to Save Indiana's Wind Industry!
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Dear Melissa,

Tell Senator Lugar -- Support Indiana's Wind Industry and Protect Hoosier Jobs!
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Unless Senator Lugar acts soon, thousands of Hoosiers could lose their jobs.

Indiana is one of the fastest growing wind states -- with over a dozen manufacturing facilities, land leases that provide farmers with financial stability even in times of drought, and millions of dollars invested in wind development throughout the state.1

Thousands of Hoosiers are employed by the wind industry at all levels of the supply chain, but if Congress continues to stall on renewing the wind energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) we can expect to see thousands of lay-offs.

Ask Senator Lugar to save Indiana's wind energy jobs and renew the PTC now!

Already in Indiana, we have enough wind energy to supply power to over 300,000 homes. But we can do better -- wind currently only makes up a small percentage of our energy portfolio; in Iowa wind has reached 20%. By renewing the PTC, we can provide the certainty that the wind industry needs for continued growth in Indiana.

The PTC has helped to level the energy playing field in Indiana and has created growth in the U.S. wind sector, but it is set to expire soon. Unless Congress acts, we can expect more plant closings, layoffs, and a stagnant US wind industry for years to come.

You can make a difference -- Call on Senator Lugar to renew the wind energy production tax credit and save thousands of Hoosier jobs.

Across the country, as many as 37,000 jobs – mostly in the manufacturing sector – could be lost by the end of the year if no action is taken to renew the PTC. Please speak out and urge your leaders to bring a PTC renewal bill up for a vote immediately. Every day of inaction risks further job losses and uncertainty for thousands of American families.

Thanks for all you do for Indiana and your fellow Hoosiers,

Megan Anderson
Indiana Beyond Coal Campaign
Sierra Club

P.S. After you take action, be sure to forward this alert to your friends and colleagues!

Wind Energy Facts: Indiana, American Wind Energy Association

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