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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fwd: Mutant mosquitoes

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From: Mila de Mier via Change.org <mail@change.org>
Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 1:00 PM
Subject: Mutant mosquitoes
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Tell the FDA not to allow mutant mosquitoes to be tested in Key West, Florida.
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melissa -

As a mom of three boys, I'm no stranger to mosquito bites. But I never thought I'd have to even think about mutant mosquitoes bred in a science lab biting my kids.

It may sound like the the premise of a science fiction novel, but it's really happening in my community -- Key West, Florida. A company called Oxitec wants to test its genetically engineered mosquitoes in a "real life" environment, and it decided that the town where my kids play would be a good testing ground. I don't think so.

I've been involved in a community effort to keep mutant mosquitoes out of Key West, but Oxitec has gone over our heads to the FDA to get permission to test their bugs on our community anyway. 

That's why I started a petition on Change.org demanding that the FDA say no to Oxitec's request to test mutant mosquitoes in Key West.

Click here to add your name.

These mosquitoes were supposedly developed to combat Dengue Fever (a disease carried by mosquitoes). But it's been years since we've had a case of Dengue Fever in Key West, because we have prevention systems in place. Oxitec -- a British corporation -- thinks its mutant mosquitoes would be a cheaper solution, but if our current system is working, why would we introduce genetically engineered mosquitoes into our community, especially when independent scientists have raised concerns over the effects the bugs could have on our local ecosystem?

Although most of the mosquitoes being bred are male, some are female, which means there's a risk of these bugs biting people. It's the FDA's job to protect Americans, not expose us to insects bred in science labs that could have unknown effects on our ecosystems and public health. I know that if enough people sign my petition, the FDA will prioritize the needs of kids like mine over the needs of corporations like Oxitec.

Click here to sign my petition telling the FDA not to let Oxitec test its mutant mosquitoes in Key West.

Mila de Mier

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