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Monday, July 23, 2012

FW: Radio program on abuses at USDA


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Subject: Fwd: Radio program on abuses at USDA
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Subj: Radio program on abuses at USDA
Dear Mr. Grant,

Tomorrow, Sunday July 22 at 5PM Eastern Standard time,I will interview Lawrence Lucas. He will discuss the ongoing cases of racial discrimination and abuse of black farmers and employees of the USDA. You are invited to call in and contribute to the discussion. The show number is 646 716 5014. The radio website, in order to hear it live,  is www.blogtalkradio.com/new-orleans-wake-up
I hope you are able to participate on tomorrow, 5PM Eastern Standard Time


Warren Jones, III
New Orleans, La

P.S.  Please go to the website and listen to the interview I did last Saturday with Michael Stovall of Alabama and George Hildebrandt of Kansas. Just go to the above link and scroll down to where it reads On Demand Episodes.