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Thursday, July 12, 2012

FW: Obama/Vilsack War on Women

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Subject: Fwd: Obama/Vilsack War on Women
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Subj: Obama/Vilsack War on Women
Lawrence and Ron -
Per our previous discussions this is to let you know that Alicia and I (plus other women) will be speaking with the media next week (and continuing) to discuss the harassment, violence, and retaliation against R5 women and the Administration's War on Women at USDA. I'm writing this to give you a heads up that we will also be discussing the violation of the women's 1st amendment rights in D.C. by the White House and Senator Leahy, and how we were manipulated and intimidated into being quiet by the Administration. This will include the message we were given to tone down our words; how we were told if we mentioned Obama's War on Women we would be kicked out of the Senate building; the pressure they put on the media not to attend the conference; AND Leahy's staffer admitting that they knew all about it; and how they would contact USDA to prevent retaliation against the women (which they obviously did not do). The accusation that the women were practicing partisan politics just because they wanted to bring attention to the extreme civil rights violations against R5 women was appalling, and the so-called investigation Leahy's and Grassley's office promised to perform has not been done.  There has been much discussion about this among groups. I'm sorry if this causes folks to be uncomfortable or embarrassed. However, it has now been 6 weeks since our trip to D.C. and the agency has done nothing to deal with the women's issues AND has seriously retaliated against many of the women who traveled to D.C., particularly the proposed removal against The Coalition's female Advisor for Native American issues. I assure you that no one will be as uncomfortable as the women who have been enduring horrendous working conditions at USDA. It is now time to let the public know how this administration really treats women, especially Hispanic and Native American women at USDA. I will be releasing my email communications with the White House (Michael Blake) that assured us they were concerned and taking action. I will be releasing the emails that told us to tone down our message regarding Obama's War on Women. There are no "partisan politics" occurring here. The focus is on the women's Civil Rights and Human Rights. Whether it is the long-term denial of opportunities and jobs; or male coworkers punching women in the face without being fired/and often being allowed to threaten women with violence; or the situations of sexual assault, male firefighters making women urinate in front of them and ejaculating on their beds with agency management full knowledge and no accountability - the public needs to know how their tax dollars are being used by this Administration - and we are going to tell them. Let the Rumpus Begin.
Lesa L. Donnelly

We have lost our sense of shame. Colin Powell