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Sunday, July 29, 2012

FW: intimidations,assaults, beatings, attempted rape at:us department of agr...


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Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2012 08:39:24 -0400
Subject: Fwd: intimidations,assaults, beatings, attempted rape at:us department of agr...
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From: LawrLCL@aol.com
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Subj: intimidations,assaults, beatings, attempted rape at:us department of agriculture
29 july 2012
mr. cooper:
please read the attached emails/strories regarding the widespread abuses, primarily against women, at the usda department of agriculture (usda), during the obama/tom vilsack administration. this abuses culture/enviornment at usda is very similar to that of penn state & the catholic church (child abuses) in pennsylvania. it must be remembered that it was tom vilsack, secretary of agriculture, that wrongly fired ms. shirley sherrod, Black female.....with involvement/advisors of the obama white house.
we are sending you additional information because we have not gotten any answer from previous email we sent you.
lawrence lucas, president
usda coalition of minority employees & represent minority farmers
856/ 910-2399, 202/  744-4384 cell
lesa donnelly
ron cotton
alecia dabney
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