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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FW: America's Most Courageous Governor

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Hello all:

Lets show our support for the work of Alabama's Governor -- someone has FINALLY refused to allow the UN Agenda 21 to be pushed upon his people!!!


All Supreme Sovereign Rights Retained

V 4 Victory!!!

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Report from Tom DeWeese:
America's Most Courageous Governor
Hello Dan Adams,

I want to introduce you to the most courageous governor in America:

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley.

Governor Bentley is one of the FIRST governors in the nation to sign a law banning the United Nations' Agenda 21. And he has launched a revolution that is rocking the nation.

But he needs your help.

And your help is as simple as signing the "Letter of Thanks for Opposing United Nations' Agenda 21."

Let me explain why your "Letter of Thanks" is so urgently needed to protect America from Agenda 21.

Governor Bentley and his state of Alabama have declared war on the UN plan to control U.S. cities (officially its called Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development).

The Obama Administration and the United Nations are working hand in glove to enforce the U.N plan to take control of AMERICA's cities. This UN scheme is just another way destroy American sovereignty and control our lives!

It is a violation of our U.S. Constitution. It destroys American's precious system of limited government. And right now, the United Nations has already infested over 600 American cities with this subversive attack to lock away private land and force redistribution of personal wealth. That's exactly what Agenda 21 is designed to do.

But Governor Bentley and Alabama are fighting back. Here is what they have done:

Alabama's legislature passed, and Governor Bentley signed, a law "barring the state from taking over private property without due process, thereby preventing Agenda 21 from infiltrating their state lines."

Why did Governor Bentley and Alabama pass this law? Because the UN Agenda 21 plan violated private property rights and the U.S. Constitution!!!!

Truly, these are the elected officials that you and I have been looking for to take a stand against the forces of tyranny that have been relentlessly enforcing the UN's assault on our cities for so long.

But as you can imagine – Governor Bentley is now being attacked by hundreds of NGO organizations, and even our own federal agencies who are trying to force him to capitulate to the U.N scheme for control.
Governor Bentley is also under assault from the pro-UN forces in the Obama Administration! One Executive Committee member of the Alabama Republican Party said that someone in the Obama Administration "threatened the governor with loss of all federal funding".

That's why I so urgently need your "Letter of Thanks for Opposing United Nations' Agenda 21" for Governor Bentley.

Governor Bentley has taken his stand – and now he stands alone. He is one of the very first elected officials to take this action. There is no play book to show him what to do next.
If you care about protecting our Constitution and our way of live from attacks by the United Nations, then you must stand with Governor Bentley by signing and returning you "Letter of Thanks for Opposing United Nations' Agenda 21".

Because Governor Bentley is standing for you and me! Our freedom! Our rights as Americans!

If Governor Bentley wins this battle, then he will be the model that other state officials can follow. We can finally destroy the UN's Agenda 21 – kick it out of our country – one state at a time.
But, if Governor Bentley is left to fight alone, then he is probably doomed to be destroyed by the very powerful UN/Agenda 21 forces.

You and I cannot let that happen. This is the champion we have so desperately needed.

That's why it's urgent that you join me in thanking Governor Bentley and encouraging him to continue the fight against the massive opposition he is receiving?

Your "Letter of Thanks for Opposing United Nations' Agenda 21" not only thanks Governor Bentley for his courageous act, but also lets him (and the other 49 state governors) know they have your support to continue to stand against the Pro- UN Agenda 21 forces.

Please sign your "Letter of Thanks" and return it to me right away so I can send thousands of signed letters to Governor Bentley within the next ten days.

I've known for a long time that, if we could just get one or two states to take a stand – then others would follow. If we could win a victory or two, then we would soon have five, then ten, then a revolution.

Thanks to Governor Bentley of Alabama, we have one of our first. And the exciting news is that I am now hearing from several other elected officials from around the nation. I am being inundated with calls and letters with requests for more information and ideas on how to fight back against the UN's Agenda 21.

We have succeeded in lighting the fire. Now we must turn it into a nation-wide revolution – to run the UN and Agenda 21 out of every state in America!

The American Policy Center has been on the front lines for over 18 years – sometimes fighting a very lonely battle trying to get people to stand up and fight the UN and Agenda 21. Finally -- it has started. Now we need to see it to the end.

But I can only do that with your financial support. I urgently need your help now – or we could see our greatest opportunity for victory crushed by lack of funds.

We need to print and distribute more materials. I have run out of copies of my manual that exposes this UN scheme, "Sustainable Development, the Wrenching Transformation of America."

There has never been a more urgent time to get this comprehensive manual into the hand of thousands -- including the governors of every state in America.

I've been in meetings with public officials with them holding a copy as I entered their office. This manual has become a guidebook for many.

I have no more in stock and it costs $3 each to print them. But I do not have the funds to get more. That situation must be fixed if we are to win.

APC has succeeded in mailing our more than 300,000 letters warning Americans about this UN scheme to control our cities. I am certain that is the reason opposition is now burning raging across the nation. I need funds to mail more.

I am receiving more and more calls to speak, from across Virginia, to Maine, to Ohio, to North and South Carolina, to Florida, to Michigan, to Montana, to Idaho, to Washington, to California, I have received calls for help in all of those states.

You can help me answer them. You can help me lead this growing revolution. You can help me pour gasoline on this raging fire for freedom
– with your dollars.

That's what I need most right now. I have the materials. I have the knowledge. And now we have the elected officials to work with us. What an incredible moment in our battle to restore America's precious Republic.
But we could lose it all without the necessary funds. Please, will you join me in this fight by giving APC your most generous gift? Will you send a contribution to APC for $25, $50, $100, $250, or even $1000 today?

I need to raise $1800 immediately to get my manual to elected officials in all 600 cities where the UN is trying to take control (600 cities x $3 each). Next, after our victory in Alabama, I need to raise at least $20,000 to support our work in Virginia, Maine, Ohio, North and South Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Montana, Idaho, Washington and California. And that's just the tip of the ice berg!

This is our moment. This is our time to lead this fight and crush the forces of tyranny that have strangled our nation for so long. They used to look unstoppable – not any more.

As I said before, if we can stop them in just one or two states, we will start a force that will sweep the nation. It won't take long – because now we have Alabama on our side!

But it's vital that you help right now by signing your enclosed "Letter of Thanks for Opposing the United Nations' Agenda 21," and rushing APC a support donation of at least $25.

When I was with one local Maryland official recently who is taking his own stand against the UN's Agenda 21, I asked him this question.

"How are you holding up under the intense pressure and attacks you are receiving from the federal and state government agencies, from the news media and from the hundreds of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are targeting you? Are any of you starting to waiver and have second thoughts about what you are doing"?

Here was his answer: Every day, when we get our mail or get on our computers we receive another 4 or 5 letters or emails of thanks and support. That keeps us going."

That's why it is vital that you sign your Letter of Thanks for Governor Bentley and mail it to me right away. We need to keep him going in this fight!

Imagine the impact that will have on Governor Bentley! And when we show HIM that kind of support, the word will spread and more and more state governors will be less afraid to step out to defend our freedom.

That is what your signed "Letter of Thanks for Opposing United Nations' Agenda 21" and contribution of $25 or more to APC will do.

Thanks for standing with me in this fight to stop Agenda 21.

Send your letter of thanks to Alabama Governor Robert Bentley


Tom DeWeese 

P.S. We have the state leader we've been looking for – Alabama Governor Robert Bentley – with the courage to stand up against the UN's Agenda 21. Governor Bentley must know he has our support to carry on the fight. Please, today, sign the enclosed "Letter of Thanks for opposing United Nations' Agenda 21, and return it to me along with your contribution of at least $25 to APC – help me win this fight.

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