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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fwd: He beat the IRS in court...

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How One Man Beat the IRS...
And Why It Can
Save Your Retirement

Hi Melissa Seaver, if you love to hate the IRS, we've got a great story for you today.

EVG Research Team here. Back in 1996, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States sued a man named Mr. Swanson for tax evasion.

His crime?

He didn't invest his Individual Retirement Account (IRA) in the stock market like everyone else.

Wall Street wants you to believe that you can ONLY invest in stocks and mutual funds in your IRA.

But that's totally untrue.

Mr. Swanson actually read the law. Then he set up his IRA so he could legally invest in a business that paid dividends directly back into his retirement account.

The IRS went berserk.

Why? Swanson's business was making truckolads of money ... and they couldn't touch it.

Every penny of profit was going directly into Mr. Swansons IRA … tax free!

The IRS was so mad they lined up a team of high-powered attorneys (at tax-payer expense) and sued Swanson for tax evasion and fraud.

Swanson fought back with a single attorney. It was David vs. Goliath.

All the odds were stacked against him. But Mr. Swanson won.

He beat the IRS in court!

This landmark tax case law is officially called Swanson vs. the Commissioner 106 T.C. 76 (1996).

In IRS circles it's known simply as the "Swanson rule."

This ruling made Mr. Swanson a hero for the little guy, and it now opens the door for YOU to invest your retirement funds almost any way you want.

Follow the Leader

Word soon spread among investors about this ruling.

Within a year, thousands of savvy investors started copying this new IRA strategy.

They legally "unlocked" the funds in their IRA's.

They started investing in Real estate, tax-liens, precious metals, private businesses, and many other alternative type of investments.

And they were making a killing just like Swanson had ... all tax free.

Watch Out! The IRS Is a Sore Loser

But this annoyed the IRS even more.

They kept harassing law-abiding taxpayers using this new IRA strategy.

They had auditors crawling the country (once again at tax-payer expense) trying to scare these people out of their investments.

They slammed them with huge fines.

They liquidated their IRA's and charged them early withdrawal fees.

The IRS was playing by their own fake rulebook, and they got away with it for 2 years.

Finally, in 1998 the Justice department came knocking. They ordered them to stop harassing hard-working Americans for investing their IRAs in legal ways.

Knowing they couldn't win, the IRS finally surrendered.

The white flag they waved was called Field Service Advisory (FSA) 2001128011.

This internal memo ordered its own auditors to stop hassling taxpayers for using a checkbook IRA.

In it, the IRS admitted they were wrong and the tax court was right.

So now, US citizens can invest their IRA money however they want, both legally … and without fear of the IRS.

What Happens if the Rules Change?

Some investors are still wary of a self-directed IRA. They worry about what might happen if the laws change.

We caught up with our own EVG IRA conversion experts and they answered some of our member's questions:

EVG Research Team: Can the IRS change the rules on a checkbook IRA whenever it wants?

AES: No, since it is an Internal Revenue Code (IRC), Congress must make the adjustment.

EVG Research Team: Okay, so can't the Congress just change it?

AES: There have there been attempts to do so, but to date the "Swanson rule" has not been successfully attacked and it has only come up a few times in the last 15 years.

EVG Research Team: So this structure that allows you to invest your IRA in all kinds of alternative investments like gold, silver, investment real estate, etc. is all perfectly legal?

AES: Yes. The two laws you cited above confirm it.

Watch Out for False Propaganda

EVG Research Team: Okay, so why is there so much controversy about it? Many EVG members tell us their financial advisors warn about a "checkbook IRA and call it "risky."

AES: We've carefully reviewed the information packets warning against the use of such structures and have not found any credible documentation that plainly states that these structures are illegal. They are however, carefully and cleverly worded to strongly imply that there are hidden dangers that are inherent to the use of these structures.

EVG Research Team: So, these IRA providers are lying about the checkbook IRA?

AES: Yes, they are trying to scare people unfamiliar with the tax code.

EVG Research Team: Wow! Why would they do that?

AES: These custodians are not set up to sell income property or precious metals, so they convince their customers they can only "safely" invest in the their products.

EVG Research Team: Meaning the stock market or mutual funds?

AES: Correct. That's where these companies make their money, by charging fees on those transactions.

Should Everyone Convert Their IRA?

EVG Research Team: Okay, so ... Is a "Checkbook IRA" for everyone?

AES: No. It requires that the IRA holder or manager of the LLC in this case to be diligent and cautious about their dealings.

EVG Research Team: So basically, you can get in trouble if you invest in the wrong thing?

AES: Correct.

EVG Research Team: Okay. What happens if you make one of those mistakes with your Checkbook IRA?

AES: If you only have a passive custodian, they will wash their hands of your problem and pass you off to your advisor for repair or simply issue a 1099 distributing your IRA.

EVG Research Team: Which is like taking the money out early … so you have to pay normal tax AND an early withdrawal penalty?

AES: That's right. It only stands to reason that using a reputable advisory group allows you the opportunity to reverse your transaction if at all possible.

EVG Research Team: One final question. Some EVG members are afraid there will be a lot of hassle with converting their IRA. Any advice for them?

AES: Sure. It does take a little time to make the conversion, but we do all the work. It's not that difficult for the client, really.

EVG Research Team: And we know the BENFITS are huge. You get control over your own money…invest it where YOU want … avoid silly transaction fees … take the stock market risk completely out of the equation … prime your retirement funds for huge returns… Sounds worth it, definitely.

Thanks to the EVG IRA experts for answering our questions.

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Once you join you'll also get access to the EVG Rolodex so you can contact the IRA Conversion Experts from today's interview directly.

EVG Mailbag

And, before we leave … we love getting your feedback. Here are a few notes we've received in the last few days:

These reminders are Great! keep It up! -Menzo B. (EVG member)

Just wanted to throw a thank you and God Bless at you guys for sharing the information with us all. I enjoy being informed of the recent news that doesn't hit the public. -Jordan S.

Thank you for the info. Please continue to keep me informed. I'm trying to get in the habit of checking my email once a day. –Linda S.

Note: Here's a quick thank you to EVG member, Luis Gandinni.

Yesterday's email lesson stated that Mike had seen an 80% annual return from his silver investments. And that was true - from early 2008 to 2011 when silver briefly ballooned to almost $50/oz. But with silver nearer to $30 today, that's no longer the case! Our research team mistakenly used an old statistic, and a big thanks to Luis for writing in and pointing this out.

We're certainly not shy about silver rising 270% since Mike began buying, but we did get the other stat wrong. And we're thrilled to know we have smart, alert members like Luis who can help us correct errors when they happen.

Thanks Luis!

Your Partner in Prosperity,

The EVG Research Team

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