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Monday, April 16, 2012


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The UNITED STATES Corporation and Mr. Obama have a VERY BIG problem. That VERY BIG problem is:


The Holy Trinity …. Executor-Beneficiary-Trustee  = God-The People-Government ……….. TRUST LAW !!!


That's why they are running rough shot over us.


The Constitution is a Trust and it's enforced by Trust Law, and we are not assuming our roles as the Executors/Beneficiaries of the Trust and have allowed the true Trustees (PUBLIC TRUSTEES) to take control of the Executorship of the Trust agreement aka Constitution.


Read it and absorb it Rod, Carl, Havey, Rudi, this is the answer …….. it's the ONLY answer and this email will prove my point. Please read it in it's entirety.


What you about to read is posted here as well …. http://www.dailypaul.com/226838/the-united-states-corporation-and-mr-obama-have-a-real-big-problem#comment-2384279

Mr. Obama could have a serious problem, and so could our elected representatives, the courts, the judges, court clerks, congress critters and Senators:

That problem is We The People are the Beneficiaries of the Trust and they are making us believe we are the Trustees; it's the old switcharoo!

The United States or rather (E)STATES are operating under Trust Law. The courts are operating under Trust Law. If you think I'm kidding show up in court and when they ask your name, just say "The name isn't what's important here", but the ROLES we are playing are, and I'm asking you (the judge) right now if you're a PUBLIC SERVANT? Watch them jump up and go ballistic and/or get real uncomfortable REAL FAST.

Watch it for yourself in this video:


And again here: http://www.youtube.com/wa...

Ask them if they took an oath of office, and if they did, they are the Trustee, period! You let them know that you are the Beneficiary/Executor and want to know what the hell you're doing there in the first place.

As soon as you walk into court and assume the "BAIT" they throw at you "the name" on the CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH, by saying "yes that's me", you just handed over your power as the Beneficiary to them, and you are now the Trustee.

Does a Trustee tell a Beneficiary what to do? .... NO!

The only way that happens is if the Beneficiary is to darn stupid to know his/her power in the Trust agreement, get it?

What's your proof? The BIRTH CERTIFICATE you are holding! That Birth Certificate is your RECEIPT that proves you are the Beneficiary of the Corporation, would it not?

The Trustee has "legal" title to the Trust property, but the Beneficiary has "EQUITABLE" title to the Trust property, otherwise known as "Separation of Control and Ownership".

They created it; they own it; it's theirs, not yours, but you are the Beneficiary and they are the Trustee, unless of course you don't REBUT that presumption!

The Constitution is a Trust that was created by us "We The People", in which we are the Beneficiaries/Executors, and they (The Public Servants or PUBLIC TRUSTEES)were appointed by us to protect it, not subvert it and start taking on the presumption that they are all of a sudden the Executors/Beneficiaries of the Trust.

Ummmm, the last time I checked (someone correct me if I'm wrong), the Beneficiaries/Executors tell the Trustees what to do.

Government cannot be a Beneficiary, only a Trustee.

We were put here on earth as Beneficiaries of the Last Will and Testament of God. He is the Executor; We are the Beneficiaries; and government is the Trustee(s), it's the Holy Trinity.

If people are bringing lawsuits into court claiming Obama is ineligible; and the courts are saying "You don't have standing", what the hell is going on? I don't have standing to ask a man I (as one of the Beneficiaries of the Trust) put in office as a PUBLIC TRUSTEE to protect and oversea the Trust if he's got proof he's a Natural Born Citizen, qualified by the Constitution (the Trust) to hold that office I helped appoint him to?

Are you seeing the light yet?

Excuse my judge, but you are not the Beneficiary here, you are the PUBLIC TRUSTEE, you took an oath of office that agreed to it, did you not? Aren't I (one of the Beneficiaries of the Trust/Constitution) entitled to have a say here? If you say no, aren't you in BREACH OF TRUST?

People, we better wake the hell up in a hurry and assume our proper roles in this game and put those suckers back in their proper positions as Trustees, and rebut their PRESUMPTIONS that they are the boss, and that we are their servants or "Trustees", we are NOT!

That document, the Constitution, the Trust agreement proves it!

Here's what it says:

Article. VI.
Clause 2: This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

That states that the constitution is the supreme Law of the Land.

Clause 3: The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

This states who is subject to these laws, as these are under the Constitutional jurisdiction by way of Oath and Affirmation and under the rules of construction.

Whatever is not included is "EXCLUDED" and as you can see, The people are not included.

Why aren't we included? Because we wrote the Trust and appointed them as PUBLIC TRUSTEES to follow it and abide by it and do their jobs and protect our equity in title; our money; our liberty; our freedom; our ability to not be taxed for our income; our 2nd Amendment rights; our judicial remedies; our right to free speech and on and on and on and on!

We aren't subject to the same laws they are; we MADE the damn law for them to follow, and they signed an Oath of Office to abide by them.

Well if they signed an Oath to abide by that Document, and are not doing their job as the Trustees, don't we have a problem? Don't we now have remedy and the ability as the Beneficiaries to FORCE them to do the job?

You bet your a$$ we do!

Your birth certificate is your proof of equity in the corporation known as the UNITED STATES, it's your receipt to take to court and prove your standing as the Beneficiary of that corporation, and they are hiding this from us by presuming under Trust Law that we are the Trustees.

Trustees are SERVANTS, they are PUBLIC TRUSTEES, all of them: The courts, the judges, the Congressman and Senators, the Sec.of State (I mean ESTATE) and they have tricked us into believing we are the Trustees of the Trust agreement that WE created (The Constitution) and they signed an Oath of Office to abide by.

Just because Obama is the President doesn't mean he's the Beneficiary of the Corporation. We just voted him in as the CEO to oversee it and when we have elections we can vote them out if they aren't doing their job, right?

They only have the power we give them, nothing more, nothing less.

Some of us believe he is in breach of Trust by falsely claiming he's eligible to hold the Office we are allowing him to "Occupy". He's and Occupant of that Office we created, and if we believe he fraudulently took that office by way of deceit and fraud, don't we have the right as beneficiaries of the Trust to challenge him on it?

They've turned the whole damn system upside down on it's head and we were too busy playing Super Nintendo to notice what happened.

WE ARE THE BENEFICIARIES .... THEY ARE THE TRUSTEES! We've been fighting them under the wrong set of laws people!

THEIR PRESUMPTIONS ARE KILLING US AND AMERICA !!! This is why the Founders set it up this way; it's Trust Law; it's an agreement, inspired by God's Law.

How did We The People (the true Beneficiaries/Executors) end up getting hoodwinked into believing we were the Trustees in this deal?

Go here and read this and listen to the videos; notice the Triangles; notice the proper Holy Trinity of the way it is supposed to work.

This is how the roles are to be played within Trusts/Corporation agreements ...


God made man and appointed us Beneficiaries of the Last Living Will and Testament of God himself, the Holy Bible; we now write up a document/trust agreement THE CONSTITUTION and appoint Trustees (elected officials and all public servants) the responsibility of protecting our rights in accordance to the Trust agreement, get it?

The courts are assuming we are dead (Look up the CESTUI QUI VIE Act 1666 ...http://www.legislation.go...)


All persons past, present and future were lost at sea; we were declared dead before we were ever born.

They (the government/state) are seeing us a dead in their courts; we are wards of the state; incompetent; bastard children (remember your Mother signed you over using here Maiden name)and they do not wish to directly deal with us. This is why this insist we have an attorney; one of THEIR attorney's who's allegiance is to the Crown (The BAR Association) to speak for us to them (the judges/state/government).

NOTE: We do NOT hire an attorney to represent us; that's admitting incompetence and showing the court we are not Beneficiaries, we are admitting we are the Trustee(s) by doing this, get it?

How can I prove this? Pick up a certified copy of your CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH and notice there is a Registrars Seal and Signature embossed on the document.

What is the Registrar? It's the Court of Probate, and Probate on deals with the Estates of the DEAD. Are you starting to see the light now? Read my other thread on the Great Birth Certificate/Trust scam.

We were cast out to sea; known as dead to the world, and if one day we were to ever come back from the sea and say to the world we are ALIVE, and here to now take our legal place in society as the Occupants of the Office of the Executor/Beneficiary, it would be acknowledged and abide'd by.

What does it say in the Corpus Juris Secundum say about the Estate/Executor?

BOOK 1, "ABSENTEE", page 340: Due process limitations upon governmental regulation of the estates of absentees are treated in CJS "Constitutional Law SECTION 1421.

That was a hint to lead you to here:

SECTION 1421. "Estates of Absentees and Persons Presumed to Be Dead." Under the constitutional guaranties against the taking or deprivation of property without due process of law, a probate court has no power under its general authority to administer the property of a person who is alive. However, a status conferring power on courts to regulate and to administer the states of absentees, presumptively dead, is valid, where the procedure satisfies constitutional requirements, as where provision is made for giving proper notice of the proceeding and adequate safeguards are provided to protect the absentee's interests in case of his reappearance, as by proving for the preservation of the estate for a reasonable period before permitting distribution.

Did a light bulb just go off in your head? Did you understand that?

You've got to satisfy the due process of law and make it known that the Executor is alive and well. They are looking after the Estate until it's re-occupied by it's true Executor/Beneficiaries:Office of, etc. This is how they are governing you! They are under the presumption that we are DEAD, and now we've got to rebut that presumption and put them back in their box as the Trustee(s)!!!

We were created by Sea/men; birthed (berthed) through our Mothers canal and delivered by a Midwife (aka the Settler of Accounts). A manifest was created in our name (The Birth Certificate)and we were to be the Beneficiaries of that Trust/Estate, but it's been hidden from us all our lives. They don't want us to figure out that they are actually the damn Trustees and SERVANTS. This is Trust Law, the highest form of law there is and we have been chasing our tails with this out of control politicians by playing their game of Topsy-Turvy, your the Trustee and we are now the Beneficiaries bull$hit.

Think it's time to wake up and assume our proper roles here?

I say this: Prove Up You Claim! If you can't rebut our presumption that you are the Trustee in this whole UNITED STATES Corporation fiasco and that we are actually the Beneficiaries, then we've got a real damn serious problem, what say you?

And if they claim this is not the case, then they need to prove it in court; the Supreme Court, or the district court of the United States.

People, we've been trained in ignorance all our lives by the news, public school system, church, etc. by willfully (some not so) ignorant people in hopes of us never actually finding out who we really are.

There is only ONE Constitutional Law Enforcement Officer in this country, and that is the County Sheriff!

Why is there a Sheriff of one of his appointed deputies standing in court? Because the Sheriff is there to make sure the demands of the Executor/Beneficiary are met by the Trustee(s).

Now you know why Biden want's to do away with that pesky County Sheriff; so you have no one there to enforce the will and demands of the Beneficiary, which is YOU!

He's the ONLY law enforcement officer in the country who can see that our demands as Beneficiaries are carried though, because WE THE BENEFICIARIES of the Trust agreement (The Constitution) voted him into office. He's the ONLY law enforcement officer named in the Trust/Constitution, period!

You can't vote out the IRS, CPC, PSS Employees, DEA, FBI, CIA, KGB, OSHA, FEMA, etc.

Do you see what's happening now?

Please get this out to the Sheriffs, we need them to know what's happening!!!

You took the bait by acknowledging the "name" they appointed you on that birth certificate when you walked into court, and by doing so, you just handed over all your power as the Beneficiary/Executor to the Judge who is really the Trustee, get it?

The name is not important, it's the roles that are played that's important, and we aren't playing our proper roles in this corporation, and they are capitalizing on it.

That's why when the Executor/Beneficiary (this is the judge now because you just gave them that power) slams that hammer and says "Arrest that man", and the Sheriff does it. That's his job to enforce the demands of the Executor/Beneficiary.

Wake the hell up! You are the Beneficiary; the Constitution is the Trust agreement; the elected official/judges/congress critter/senators, etc. are the Trustees of the Corporation; the Trustees are PUBLIC TRUSTEES, SERVANTS to the people who created the Trust and we have let them trick us all this time into believing it's the other way around.

Do you feel like an idiot yet? I sure as heck do, but we are going to set this back where it's supposed to be, and we need to do it in a hurry.

Executor-Beneficiary-Trustee = God-Man-Government = The Holy Trinity

Watch Dean Clifford explain it: http://www.youtube.com/wa...

It's time for us to stop playing in the road and pony show people, and start bringing some Trustees in for breach of fiduciary duty.

Think they won't honor that oath? Watch the videos above again. If they don't honor it, there goes that public servant bond (wink-wink)!

It matters not if they cheat Dr. Paul out of the pony show, this is our true remedy and those jackals know it! We just keep appointing idiots to look over our interests and they just keep on pretending we are the Trustees in this shell game.

When Has The Truth Ever Been Complicated?

K.I.S.S ... Keep It Simple Stupid, because it really is.

It's time to set the record straight fellow Patriots and Beneficiaries; it's time to put our Trustees back where they belong as the servants they agreed to be in the Trust we created, The Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land.

The same goes for the IRS and the other Alphabet Soup Agencies: The Trustees have appointed them without our permission. Do you see a conflict of interest in our Trust agreement yet?

Now do you believe that document was inspired by God? I sure do!

In Liberty, take you battle stations and prepare your court documents, it's time the real Kings of the Land assumed their Crowns, and it's time the real SERVANTS aka PUBLIC TRUSTEES heard from their bosses.

The Law is the Law, and if we don't enforce our own written laws that they agreed to, it's our own darn fault.




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