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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fwd: Meet Mr. Coal Guy

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April 3, 2012: In This Issue
º Meet Mr. Coal Guy
º Healing Outdoors
º Sierra Club Socks
º Tiny Houses
º Revenge of the Electric Car

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Read about nanohouses in Sierra magazine
Downsize Me

Fed up with McMansions? We have the technology to build houses better, smaller, faster. But are you ready to live in 500 square feet? Tour our photo gallery of outrageously small dwellings and decide for yourself whether good homes can come in small packages.

Photos by Adrià Goula

Watch The Countdown
Take one minute and watch The Countdown for the latest news.

Revenge of the Electric Car
Revenge of the Electric Car

From April 12 to 18, we're holding nationwide house parties for the new film Revenge of the Electric Car. It's not in 3-D, and the cars don't crash, but you'll love it anyway. Find a house party near you!

1) Mark Sundeen, author The Man Who Quit Money, the true story of a man who has lived without money or credit for over ten years. 2) The Sierra Club's Dan Ritzman on Shell's plan to drill in the Polar Bear Seas and what's at risk. 3) Avital Binshtock, Green Lifestyle Editor for Sierra magazine, shares tips for greening your apartment.
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Attack on Clean Air
Clean Air Attack

House Republicans want to pass a dangerous and irresponsible bill that would gut the Clean Air Act.

Tell your representative: "No way!"

Meet Mr. Coal Guy

Mr. Coal GuyHe's a billionaire coal magnate with a passion for destroying mountains, polluting the air, and creating misleading coal advertisements that would make Don Draper blush.

Mr. Coal Guy may be fictional, but we all know that the coal industry will do whatever it takes to fool people into thinking that coal is safe.

After you've seen Mr. Coal Guy's ads, don't just get mad -- get even by creating your own animated coal masterpiece with our "That's So Coal!"  website.

Together, we can use a little humor to show how ridiculous Big Coal's multimillion-dollar ad campaign really is.

Beyond Coal

A Big Step for Clean Air

A Big Step for Clean AirLast week the Environmental Protection Agency rolled out a major clean-air protection that will benefit both our health and our environment when it announced the first-ever safeguards against carbon pollution from new power plants.

But these are only proposed standards, not final ones. The EPA is collecting comments on its new carbon pollution standards. Let them know you support the strongest possible protections that will give us cleaner air and healthier communities.

Obama's Monumental Opportunity

Greater CanyonlandsIn an era of partisan gridlock, when it's almost impossible to get anything done in Congress for our wild places, President Obama can still make his mark as a leader who will stand up for public lands -- by protecting some of our most special wild places as national monuments -- like Oregon's Owyhee Canyonlands, at right.

National monuments aren't just good for wildlife; they're good for people, too. They give us places to camp, hike, and picnic. And they're a boon to local economies -- providing good jobs and a source of local pride.

President Obama took a step in the right direction by making Fort Monroe in Virginia a national monument -- but there's much more he could do.

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Healing Outdoors

Military Child OutdoorsApril is the Month of the Military Child, and the Sierra Club helped kick things off by cohosting an outdoor celebration for hundreds of military children and their families at Prince William Forest Park in Triangle, Virginia, where kids enjoyed a day of hiking and learned how to cast a fly rod and pitch a tent.

"Military children serve too, and we've found that connecting them with the outdoors not only allows them to have fun but also gives them and their families a sense of resiliency," says Stacy Bare, the Sierra Club's Mission Outdoors Military Families and Veterans Initiative representative. "The outdoors heals."

21st Century Johnny Appleseed 21st-Century Johnny Appleseed

Barefoot runner Henry Sanchez Pardo is trekking from Patagonia to Alaska -- occasionally wearing a tree strapped to his back -- to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Which leg of his epic journey has been the most difficult? The answer might surprise you.

Sierra Club Socks The Sock Exchange

Spring cleaning includes your sock drawer. Not sure what to do with all those worn-out mismatched socks? Why not make a dust rag, soap holder, sock dolls, or dog toys?

Gear up for getting outdoors this spring by refilling your sock drawer with eco-friendly Sierra Club socks, made in the USA from recycled materials. Check out new shades at sierraclubsocks.com and join the ranks of people who tread lightly on Mother Earth.

Rebuild the Dream

Van JohnsonLong before Occupy Wall Street, Van Jones was making the case that investing in clean energy both protects our environment and creates a more fair and robust economy (see The Green Collar Economy).

In his new book, Rebuild the Dream, Jones lays out a plan for bottom-up, people-powered innovations that will get the U.S. economy working for all Americans. The book features a glowing foreword from Rush Limbaugh -- whoops, April 1 was two days ago.

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