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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fwd: Fw: Good Information:US Bankruptcy of 1933

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 US Bankruptcy of 1933

If we are to stop the theft of our natural resources and recover our individual estates, we must unite.  And to unite we must have a concise and common understanding of how we have been and are being robbed, and who has robbed and is still robbing us now.

In 1933 the United States went into Chapter 11 restructuring, hence bankruptcy.  Chapter 11 is a form of bankruptcy designed for corporations, not governments.  When this bankruptcy took place our Constitutional Republic was dissolved and replaced with a corporate democracy, social corporate fascism.  Our elected representatives became the trustees and the international banksters became the receivers.  And of course like every bankruptcy the matter had to be sanctioned through a court, the United Nations Court in fact.

There is just one little problem.  The United Nations didn't exist in 1933.  This bankruptcy, which can be considered nothing more than an international coup within the United States, was and is a complete fraud, perpetrated by the same international gangsters that accomplished the creation of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve.

    Some prominent names among these international thieves are Rothschild, J.P Morgan, Prescott Bush, and of course our good friends the Rockefellers and their Standard Oil empire.

As mentioned in yesterday's article, the US government, not we the people went bankrupt.  Which isn't quite correct either because as previously mentioned the bankruptcy itself was and is an international fraud.  We have been since 1933, trying to pay off a debt that we do not owe with a currency that makes the discharge of that false debt a mathematical impossibility.

The Federal Reserve is blatantly unconstitutional as our Constitution decrees that Congress can only cause currency to be created through the coinage of silver and gold, hence the necessity to remove the Republic and the Constitution from the equation.

You see our founding fathers, being from Europe, understood the international banksters and they knew that these unspeakable evil people were going to come after the incalculable wealth they had procured for their progeny.

This phony bankruptcy, which was followed by the confiscation of the gold and silver of we the people, was perpetrated in a brazen fashion and only now, through the miracle of the internet, are we coming to a full understanding of the scenario wherein 21st century multi-millionaires in the United States are living in storm drains, cold and hungry on the continent their forefathers conquered.

We cannot yet grasp the magnitude of the theft that has occurred in the past 70 years, or the magnitude of the theft that continues every day.  Suffice to say it is beyond comprehension as the internationals have been hauling our wealth away 24/7 since the phony bankruptcy was put in place.

Watch these videos and learn.

To think the international corporate mafia is going to be taken down merely through court filings, I think is na├»ve.  But how sweet would it be to have our lawful petitions for the arrests of these criminals and the return of our wealth boldly posted on our signs when we occupy every port in the United States and stop the theft of our natural resources at its roots?

This is going to lead to a shooting revolution.  Our Republic must be reinstated under our Constitution as the alternative is our enslavement and extermination.  Our enemies are pure evil and they thrive on our suffering and misery.  These animals cannot be rehabilitated, they must be utterly destroyed.

We will be continuing to cover this subject matter for the rest of the week.  Stay tuned.
God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, and only with God's help, we shall prevail