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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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what about Bronzecomm, as well

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Celebrating African American
History Everyday

Pin-a Sister

The Black Star Project

Dr. Sheila Brown, D.D.S

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In the Tuesday Morning Bronzecomm Newsletter:

       In These Times Writer looks at Candidate Obama's record on Campaign Promises

       Black Star Project hosts Movers and Shakers Luncheon Series

       DuSable Museum preps for annual  Night of 100 Stars

       Daily Specials and more from Le Fluer de Lis

       Africa Travel Advisors announces Sister to Sister tours of Southern Africa

       Activist Pat Hill stays in home, protest Foreclosure Fraud

       Black Owned TV Channel seeks investors

       Save your Home:  check out Illinois Hardest Hit Fund

        ...and there's more, much more.


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PS:  Happy Birthday to Yasin Corder, our son, who is 36 years old today.
          He has grown as boy to man to husband to father and home maker
           and he makes his parents very proud.

PPS:  Remembering Dr. Martin Luthor King, 
(January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

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1.  From:  Raynard
     Subject:  President Obama:  Promises Kept and Broken

Promises Broken, Promises Kept

President Obama has fulfilled many campaign promises.
But that's cold comfort to progressives.

BY Theo Anderson

The path to the presidency is a long and hard grind, and a candidate makes a lot of promises
along the way. Many are throwaway lines that have little chance of ever becoming policy.
Everyone knows it, and hardly anybody cares. Not long after launching his presidential bid
in 2007, for example, Barack Obama promised that, as president, he would deliver an annual
"State of the World" speech, laying out his foreign-policy agenda. Obama has never given
the speech. Few people have noticed.

But then there are promises like the one he made about closing the Guantanamo Bay Detention
Center—promises that become central themes of the campaign. They're repeated often enough,
and they involve such a critical issue, that keeping or breaking them can partially define
a presidency. And that's the case with Guantanamo, which remains in operation.  Having failed
to distinguish himself from George W. Bush on this issue, it's as if Obama resigned himself to
embracing many of Bush's draconian policies regarding the "war on terror" and civil liberties.

How has Obama done in keeping the rest of his promises?

His record is fairly impressive overall. The website PolitiFact tracks the promises made by politicians
and assigns them one of five labels: promise kept, promise broken, compromise, stalled, and in the
works. According to this formula, Obama has kept 174 promises, broken 63, compromised on 54,
and stalled on 67. Another 148 are still in the works.

Many of these promises have to do with issues that are important to progressives. By that measure,
Obama's record in office is less inspiring. He kept or at least achieved a compromise on many of his
key promises—most notably, healthcare reform. But he broke many of them as well.

There are plenty of reasons for the administration's broken promises, the most persuasive being that
the GOP has controlled the House since the start of 2011, and it has effectively controlled the Senate
by filibustering nearly every piece of important legislation. And the administration can argue that there
is value in putting an idea on the agenda, even if it doesn't yet have the support to become law.
A broken promise is better than no promise. Raising the issue creates some momentum in the right

Read more online:  click here>>>

2.  From: The Black Star Project <blackstar1000@ameritech.net>
     Subject:  Movers and Shakers Luncheon Series

The Black Star Project's
Movers and Shakers Luncheon Series
William Farrow
President and CEO
Urban Partnership Bank
Wednesday, April 4, 2012
11:30 am to 1:00 pm
The Black Star Project, Suite 2B
3509 South King Drive
Chicago, Illinois
Please call 773.285.9600 to RSVP
Investment: $30.00 

3.  From: DuSable Events
     Subject:  Night of 100 Stars

DuSable Museum Events
You make history every day!  Help us
celebrate by becoming a member today! 
Call (773) 947-0600 x 238 for more information.


Visit The DuSable Museum Today!!!

The DuSable Museum of African American History presents
"A NIGHT OF 100 STARS 2012"
Saturday, April 14, 2012

All of Chicago can anticipate a "star-filled" night when the DuSable Museum of African American History presents
its annual "A Night of 100 Stars Gala" on Saturday, April 14, 2012.  A lavish and glamorous evening of exquisite
food and drink, stellar entertainment and the presentation of the 2012 "A Night Of 100 Stars Awards," are all
on-tap during this annual black-tie celebration of excellence.  The event which has become the most sought
after ticket in town will take place at the Museum which is located at 740 East 56th Place (57th Street and
South Cottage Grove Avenue) in Chicago, from 6:00 PM until the stroke of Midnight.

This year the Paparazzi and their flashbulbs will illuminate the sky as guests walk the Red Carpet upon entering
the Museum, indulge in "out-of-the-world" cocktails and hor d'oeuvres, partake of a lavish buffet supper
prepared by a "constellation of caterers," enjoy world-class entertainment and witness the presentation of the
"2012 A Night Of 100 Stars Awards." The Awards honor individuals with ties or connections to Chicago, who
have made outstanding contributions to society, the city and to the world through their careers and civic engagement.

And "The Awards" go to…….

Michael Baisden: Nationally Syndicated Radio Personality/Author/Producer
Harry Lennix: Award-Winning Actor
Judge Greg Mathis: Activist, Author and Star of the Nationally Syndicated The Judge Mathis Show
Jabari Ali Parker: Junior, Simeon Career Academy/ #1 Ranked Junior High School Basketball Player in the United States
The Honorable Deval L.  Patrick: Governor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Serving as 2012 Gala Chairmen are: Nicole Johnson-Scales of Fifth Third Bank and Mr.  and Mrs.  Walter (Shirley) Massey. 
Hosts of "The Awards" presentation will be Val Warner, of ABC-TV's "Windy City LIVE," and Charles Thomas,
ABC7-Chicago Political Reporter.

In addition a "stellar" group of Chicagoans has graciously agreed to serve on the "2012 A Night Of 100 Stars" Planning Committee. 
Committee Members include: Nia Augustine, Keiana Barrett, Linda Crane Boyd, Sharon Bourne, Deborah O.  Brown,
Susan Campbell, Dr.  Dolores Cross, Yolanda Daniel, Murrell J.H.Duster, Frances Guichard, Valerie Hill, Delores Irvin,
Tawa Jogunosimi, Zara Johnson, Lorrie Jones, Sonya Lewis and Sandra McCollum.

Also, Kimberly E.  McCullough-Starks, Dorri McWhorter, Diane Minor, Jeanette Sublett Neal, Lisa Newman, Joyce Owens,
Lisa Pilot, Yvette Powe, Sandra Rand, Sandra Reynolds, Brenda Russell, Toi Salter, Valerie Stoudemire, Dr.  Cheryl Whitaker,
Cheryl Williams, and Wendy Walker Williams.

Caterers providing the buffet supper and cocktails include: Bon Manger Catering; Catering by David; C'est Si Bon;
Doctors Orders Catering Service, LLC; Fanfares Catering, Inc.; Lenore's Kitchen; Melon Express; P's Event Catering;
and Starz Custom Catering.

Sponsors of the "2012 A Night Of 100 Stars" Gala include: Platinum Sponsor - PNC; Gold Sponsor-(ITW)
Illinois Tool Works; Bronze Sponsors - Bank of America, Loop Capital Markets -Clarence & Sharon Bourne, Magellan Corporation
and McDonalds; Crystal Sponsors- Advocate Health Care, Central City Productions, Macy's, Mr.  and Mrs.  Walter (Shirley) Massey,
 NBC-5, RR Donnelley, The Boeing Company, University of Chicago, Office of Civic Engagement and University Of Chicago
Medicine, W.W.Grainger and U.S.Bank.  Special Support is being provided by Fifth Third Bank and ABC7-Chicago
is the Official Media Sponsor with United, the Official Airline of the DuSable Museum.

Tickets for the 2012 "A Night Of 100 Stars" Gala are $325.00 per person and are available at the DuSable Museum of
African American History.  Proceeds from the event will benefit the Museum's educational programs and 2012/2013
exhibition schedule.

About The DuSable Museum of African American History The DuSable Museum of African American History is one of the
oldest institutions of its kind in the country.  Our mission is to collect, preserve and display artifacts and objects that
promote understanding and inspire appreciation of the achievements, contributions and experiences of African Americans
through exhibits, programs and activities that illustrate African and African American history, culture and art.

 For more information on the Museum and its programs, please call (773) 947-0600 or visit us at www.dusablemuseum.org

4.  From: Le Fleur De Lis Chicago <info@lefleurdelischicago.com>
     Subject: : LE FLEUR DE LIS - Daily Specials

               Bring your group for the Daily Specials
            Call Allen at 773-268-8770 to make reservations
                             and to ask about Deliveries


5.  From:  echat4199@aol.com
     Subject:  Sister to Sister Tour 2012

6.  From:  Raynard Subject:
     Ex-cop alleges foreclosure fraud, challenges eviction

Ex-cop alleges foreclosure fraud, challenges eviction

A Chicago woman fighting to keep her home says she is the victim of foreclosure fraud.

Patricia Hill, a retired Chicago Police officer, says she paid her mortgage on time
but was still found delinquent.

Hill, her tenants and supporters appeared in court Friday to legally challenge an eviction
order.  The case was continued to a later date.

"All indications are that proper notice was not given so that they did not have an
opportunity to have their proper day in court," said Edward Boci, Hill's attorney.

In 1995, Hill purchased her family's home in the Bronzeville neighborhood with a fixed
rate mortgage.

"I received a mortgage notice three years ago that my mortgage would go up $500 more
per month," Hill told ABC7.  "Upon inquiring, I was told it was for insurance, and I
refused to pay it.  And I continued to try to negotiate and I sent in a regular mortgage. 
And on the the third attempt, they say that you're delinquent and they sent my
money back and said, don't send me any more money."

Hill says after a year of trying to resolve the dispute, she found that she had been
foreclosed on and that her house had been sold at a sheriff's sale for nearly half
of what she owed on it.  It was purchased by the Bank of New York Mellon.

On March 9, that bank attempted to evict Hill and her tenants from their home,
but they were able to stop the eviction with some help.
Read more online:  click here>>>

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7.  From: Thomas Palmer <tp6107@gmail.com>
     Subject: Black-Owned Health Shopping Channel Goes Public


Healthway Shopping Network will operate a 24-hour a day health TV shopping channel, selling all natural products that are geared towards promoting good health in diabetics, high blood pressure, hypertension - issues that are common amongst African Americans.  -- Healthway Shopping Network (HWSN) has now become a public company according to SEC documents that declared the Black-owned, health-based company in Palm Beach Florida public on Monday March 19th, 2012.  The company has received a green light from the SEC to sell 13,500,000 common shares to the public at $2 per share to raise $27,000,000 in its' initial public offering.

Healthway Shopping Network will operate a 24-hour TV heath shopping channel, selling all natural health products that are geared towards promoting good health in diabetics, high blood pressure, hypertension, stress, insomnia, PMS, and many other illnesses that people need help with.

Cleveland Gary, a former NFL star and CEO of the company, believes that the company's stock price at $2 per share is under valued.  The health industry is huge, people are concerned these days about staying healthy to live longer.  Many African Americans have died earlier than time permitted because they didn't have access to the correct information or natural health products that could have saved their lives.  The Healthway Shopping Network will provide vital information and products that will assist in helping their ailments.

A Worthy Investment?

Gary comments, "With Healthway Shopping Network's stock trading publicly and generating cash flow daily on a nationally televised 24hr TV health shopping channel platform (Dish Network, Time Warner, Direct TV, Charter and Comcast), it creates great investment opportunities for the urban investor due to an exit strategy and the urban consumer who may struggle with health issues or apply preventive health remedies to assist in combating diabetes, high blood pressure and other unwanted illnesses from the use of these all natural health products.  It's a win-win situation that serves two powerful needs in America, building wealth for the investor while empowering extraordinary health to the consumer."

Creating this awareness in urban communities in the early stages of the company's publicly traded stock, gives African American investors an opportunity to have ownership in a company that aims to empower good health all over the world.  The live TV feed will simultaneously stream live on the company's IPTV Network (Internet) creating global opportunities for consumers to purchase these unique products that are not available at some of the big health retail store chains ( Vitamin Shop, GNC & Whole Food Market).

Gary continues, "This opportunity can pay off for the urban investor big time by owning stock in the IPO at $2 per share before the stock starts trading and building momentum.  An example, Facebook will sell its IPO sometime in May this year and it will be interesting to know how many African American investors own Facebook IPO shares.  Facebook stock can be purchased for $41 per share right now before it starts trading in May.  From reading the news, analyst are projecting the stock could trade in the secondary market as high as $200 per share the first day.  Can you imagine the wealth that will be created in those investors who bought the stock in its IPO before it started trading publicly.  Our company is no different than a Facebook as it relates to the parameters and purpose to going public.  HWSN can create millionaires in the same manner as a Facebook in the secondary market."

To buy stock in the Healthway Shopping Network, call Investor Relations at 877-564-4976, email investorrelations@healthwayshoppingnetwork.com or visit www.healthwayshoppingnetwork.com
About Cleveland Gary:
Cleveland Gary is the founder of the Black Shopping Channel and the Healthway Shopping Network.

He's also a former first-round NFL draft pick who led the NFL in touchdowns in 1990, earning him All-Pro status.

8.  From: Mark Anthony Neal <dr-yogi@att.net>
     Subject:  Black Thought 2.0

Conference at Duke Imagines the Future of Black Studies and New Media Black Thought 2.0:

New Media and the Future of Black Studies | April 6-7

Public conference brings together black intellectuals to discuss social media and the future of cultural studies

More than a dozen prominent African-American scholars will participate in a conference on the role
of social media in cultural studies, April 6-7 at Duke University.

The two-day conference, "Black Thought 2.0: New Media and the Future of Black Studies," will be
held at the John Hope Franklin Center (2204 Erwin Road) and is free and open to the public.

To register, go to the conference website (http://blackthought.aaas.duke.edu/registration). 
Parking is available in the Pickins Center visitor lot across the street.

For those unable to attend, the conference will be streamed live on Duke's Ustream channel
and viewers can tweet questions for the panelists using the hashtag #BT2Duke

S. Craig Watkins, the author of "The Young & the Digital" will deliver the keynote address
at 7 p.m. Friday, April 6.  Watkins is a communications professor at the University of Texas
at Austin and researches young people's social and digital media behaviors.

The event begins Friday, April 6 with a 5:30 p.m.  reception in the John Hope Franklin Center gallery.
Watkins will speak in room 240.

The conference continues Saturday at 9 a.m.  with panels "The Chocolate Supa Highway:
Precursors to Black Social Media," and "On the Grid: Teaching and Researching in the
Digital Age." Afternoon panels begin at 1:30 with "From Jena, La.  to Tahrir Square:
Activism in the Age of Social Media," and at 3:00 with "The Twitterati and Twitter-gentsia:
Social Media and Public Intellectuals."

"In many ways Black Thought 2.0 is an attempt to encourage black scholars and academics to
catch up to our audience," said conference organizer Mark Anthony Neal, a professor of
black popular culture at Duke.  "Given our rich tradition of public intellectuals, dating back to
figures like Fredrick Douglass and Sojourner Truth, it just seems as though new media
represents another way for black intellectuals to be in the world.  Imagine what W.E.B.  Dubois
might have done with a Twitter feed?"

Other panelists include Jasiri X, a rapper who recently released "Trayvon," a tribute song for
the slain teen; author Marc Lamont Hill, an education professor at Columbia University and the
host of the nationally syndicated TV One program "Our World With Black Enterprise"; and
Moya Bailey, a blogger for Crunk Feminist Collection best known for a organizing a protest as
an undergraduate student at Spelman College against the rapper Nelly.  Several Duke faculty
will participate in the conference as well.

The conference is sponsored by Duke's Department of African and African American Studies,
the John Hope Franklin Center for Interdisciplinary and International Studies, Left of Black
and the Office of the Provost. 

For more information, go to blackthought.aaas.duke.edu:

10.  From:  Letitia Taylor <tishtaylor@ameritech.net>
       Subject:  Youth Programs and Opportunities

Chicago Summer Business Institute - Summer Jobs for High school Students:

The Chicago Summer Business Institute (CSBI) provides a six-week paid internship program for high school sophomores
and juniors each summer. These internships take place at various banks, accounting, law and engineering firms
throughout the Loop and business districts.

Please click here for more information.

Comcast Special Alert:

If your child receives free school lunches, you may qualify for Internet Essentials from Comcast, now you can connect
to the Internet at home – for school, work, communicating with others and so much more. It's easy and affordable. 

While participating In Internet Essentials customers receive:
Affordable Internet = $9.95/a month.

A low-cost computer available at initial enrollment for $149.99 + tax.  Free Internet Training, available online,
in print and in classroom.

For more information, call 1-855-846-8376) or visit InternetEssentials.com.

11.  From: Letitia Taylor <tishtaylor@ameritech.net>
       Subject: Help for Home Owners

If you know someone who is unemployed (or pay has decreased ) and a home owner,
 have them to go this website and fill out application.

There is no FEE and this is a Government Funded Program.   



12.  From:  Raynard
       Subject:  Sweet Soul Music

Check these videos for your viewing and listening pleasure:

13.  From: David L. Spearman <davidspearman93@gmail.com>

Upon the advent of the 100TH ANNIVERSARY of the TITANIC disaster, this is my trailer for the
TITANIC documentary I released yesterday on YouTube.

Briefly, the project chronicles an Illinois survivor's story and features info on a Black family
aboard TITANIC.

A full description prefaces the video on the YouTube site.

Here, as well, is the 15min preview version at this link:

14.  From: 1whoknows <1whoknows@msn.com>
       Subject: Dick Gregory Speaks - NO Justice NO Peace, Washington DC

Kathy Roberts - ©GIFTOFSTRENGTH.com®
Productions - Independent Journalist -- Humanitarian - All Rights Reserved

Put together by 3 individuals--Heather, Megan, and Maliaka. Today's rally was a true success
with thousands of people rallying for justice. The true success will come if the justice system
does the right thing and put George Zimmerman in prison. Too many times innocent people
have been shot and killed and it's time for the justice system to put an end to this injustice.
"We are not an organization. We are not a business. We are just a group of friends - students,
volunteers, teachers, engineers - who want to rally in the name of Trayvon Martin," stated
Rally Organizers. Thanks to the 3 young ladies who made this happen and made it
a success as well as the thousands who showed up.

The true success is justice for Trayvon Martin.

Featuring Dick Gregory, actor and long time activist.



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