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Thursday, April 5, 2012

FW: Heed these words

Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 20:51:24 -0700
From: michaeljamesanthony@yahoo.com
Subject: Heed these words

Dear Friends,
No matter what anyone thinks of Luis, he has once again hit the proverbial nail right on the f***ing head! The question now is, what the f*** do we do about it?  Wish I knew. You can't blame him for YELLING AT US and being pissed off at us for following and listening to all the amateurs and pseudo-gurus who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to researching and/or applying the law, much less knowing what the law even IS. They are either wasting our time, which is bad enough, leading us down dead end paths, which is worse, or, since some of them are doubtless government agents, deliberately deluding and ensnaring us into their trap, "recruiting us" if you will, into involuntary servitude for the the Federal Prison Industies, Inc. (UNICOR in case you didn't know) which is the worst scenario of all.
Some of us are in denial because we do not want to believe or accept the conclusions at which Luis has arrived. I have to say, I agree with his analysis completely and your mistaken ideas and false hopes are misplaced to say the least. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Luis personally, get past your egos and refrain from the ad hominems. The truth is the truth no matter who tells it to you. Luis' research is impeccable, indisputable, irrefutable and incontrovertible.
Face it, we have all been laboring under huge misapprehensions for too long. Those of you who have worked with me on your court cases know from experience that we have done a far better job than most (or any) attorney could or would ever do but nevertheless you got SKUH-ROOD in court. Now you know why if you didn't before. We all know the risks and the rewards that are associated with what we are attempting to accomplish. I've said it before: There are three things that attorneys and judges do NOT want in their courtrooms: The Law, The Truth and Justice. They only want YOU in there, with your checkbook! Oh, and don't worry, leave your toothbrush at home because they will give you a new (or slightly used) one!
As far as Luis is concerned, I happen to like the guy because I learned long ago the lesson of "sticks and stones." Because of that, and my imperviousness to criticism and even insults, I have learned well from Luis. And although some of you may not have seen that side of me, I am just like Luis sometimes when it comes to yelling and cursing and offering my sincere condemnation of any and all of the nitwits, peabrains, dumbasses, and nimcompoops (in case you didn't know, that's a term derived from the legal phrase non compos mentis not of sound mind) who are out there speaking just to listen to themselves speak or who are trying to lure you in just to separate you from your seminar fees and your cash in exchange for their worthless unproven "packets" of ink splotches on paper. It's all just a waste of perfectly good staples.
If you can't take the crass, crude and rude comments get over it or get used to it because sooner or later you will face much worse from some ill-mannered black-robed asshole or some uncouth "intake officer" or deputy dickwad at the county lockup. We are all in deep shit and all the bickering and copping an attitude because someone with way more knowledge and experience than you has pointed out the flaws and fatal defects in your thinking, reasoning, analysis, interpretation and application will accomplish nothing except to shut your mind to any valid, constructive, and yes, even destructive criticism and to keep you off the right path which will lead you to "enlightenment" and elucidation and thereby, to a viable solution to our ever-worsening predicament.
You may ask, "is it really getting worse?" What do you think? As you probably know by now, "strip searching" is now "the law of the land," even for the most minor "arrestable" offense, and even "dog catchers" and "code enforcement agents" have been "authorized" to arrest you for any reason whatsoever or for NO REASON AT ALL! The Supremely Idiotic Korrupt Kangaroo Kourt has validated the humiliation and sexual abuse of YOU by the depraved perverts who work in jails across the country, who are right this very minute ordering more rubber gloves! Some of them just want to watch! How do we know the new "law" is intended to aid and abet the degenerate and deviant jail personnel? Ask yourself this question: Is there a "less intrusive" method of determining whether or not a "detainee" has a weapon? Of course there is. So now you have your answer as to the warped and profane purpose of the authority to strip search. They claim that they need to protect themselves from you, but we all know that the truth is that the "inmates" (not "prisoners" in a "jail" or "prison," but "inmates," who are patients in a mental institution, and they are all considered to be "criminally insane") are the ones who need protection from the psycho-sado-masochistic guards!
Unless WE observe and accept the facts as they are laid before us WE will get nowhere fast, and more of us will be hearing the words, "bend over and spread 'em."
We all would do well to go back and read the short book "The Four Agreements." Is it perfect? No. But it will help us all to shed our old, outdated, outmoded, useless and counterproductive agreements we have made with ourselves and to get on with new agreements to lead us in a new direction, the direction in which we must all be moving.
Be impeccable with your word
Don't take anything personally
Don't make assumptions
Always do your best
Sounds simple and it is. But it is NOT easy, especially in light of all the garbage and baggage we all have lugged around with us for so long. We are all hoarders of mistaken ideas and false notions. Time to have a yard sale!
Remember the admonition,"who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?" Luis is trying to keep us from following fools.
His document attached for easy reading.
Keepin' my powder dry, and . . .
I remain yours,
Pro Libertate Patriae,
"For the Liberty of My Country,"
Michael James Anthony
"History interposes with evidence that tyranny and wrong lead inevitably to decay; that freedom and right, however hard may be the struggle, always prove resistless." 
--George Bancroft, Statesman and Historian (1800-1891)
(This email was sent by River Eyes)