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Monday, April 2, 2012

FW: Addendum on mass arrests; Must hear

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Subject: Fwd: Addendum on mass arrests; Must hear
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 Even MORE "interesting" information....  Wilcock interviews "Drake"....  yah bless...  jose/anna:)

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Subject: Addendum on mass arrests; Must hear
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Subject: Addendum on mass arrests; Must hear

March 30, 2012

Hi, All,

Must hear.

Below is a 2+ hour  audio interview of a vetted insider, Drake, about reportedly impending mass arrests of Illuminati conspirators who have been responsible for war, mayhem, 9/11 and more.

Whole interview at one link:

Freedom Reigns site, same interview in 12 parts:

The interview above dated March 28, was summarized in a March 29th article by the interviewer, David Wilcock. 
His article was republished by the great Paycheck Piracy newsletter below.

Interviewer David Wilcock's site.
See his ebooks exposing  financial corruption

USA Today, March 29, 2012, had a  front page article titled, Justices debate:  Is law all or nothing?

It was about  the health  bill, and Supreme Court Chief Justice,John Roberts, is quoted.  You can go to the library to read it.

The article states verbatum:

Chief Justice John Roberts said states:  "have compromised their status as independent sovereigns, because they are so dependent on what the federal government has done."

As a result, he said, they should not be surprised when federal money comes with strings attached.

This validates what I have  read about history  that the USA was not designed as a country per se, but a confederation of sovereign independent states.

Drakes talk about the states being  re-established in their republican form of government, not the corporate states as is now.  The federal govt and IRS are private companies.

Thanks to the internet wakening so many millions, we are getting closer  to a new golden age,.... a renaissance of truth and freedom. 

Please contribute anyway you can.

Please pray often for worldwide peace, harmony, prosperity.

Please share this.


P.S. You are dramatically less likely to get audited by IRS,if you get two extensions, and then file in the fall.
The yearly quota for audits will have likely be met by then.

PS. See previous email below.


Sharing useful/interesting information for peaceful solutions and a better society.

March 10, 2012

Hi, All,

IRS  registered as a private corporation with stock in 1994 in Nevada 

See the date in the upper right at the link below!


This was the year after

the Sec of State's (reportedly) Certificate of Non Existence, dated June 4, 1993.




State of Nevada Certificate of Non-existence Internal Revenue Service

June 4, 1993 33 page doc


IRS not registered in Texas and North Carolina per Alfred Adask?



Note: It appears per Manta listings below that each IRS office is separately incorporated.  Thus each office may have to be registered in your state.

Thus I challenged IRS in letters last year to prove it is registered as foreign corporation to do business in Nevada, since its collection letters are from

different offices such as Ogden -UT, Austin-TX, Fresno-CA, Holtsville -NY.


Additionally, Manta lists IRS as a private company.




Austin Texas branch office



Wash DC



Other IRS offices



Government of the United States listed as private company



To research your state, click on one of the above links,

click on the link US companies, then put your cursor on US for drop down menu to your state. Otherwise you will have to register (free I believe) to use their site.


IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998

Allowed for penalities up to $100,000 against IRS for

violation of peoples' rights (I read somewhere it was capped at $1m?)

If IRS is a private company, there must be an insurance company that insures and holds the bonds for IRS offices.


Misc, unrelated:


APFN Tax File (originally posted years ago)  Alot of interesting items!!




Sharing useful/interesting information for peaceful solutions and a better society.

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