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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Re: Press Release/leaflet - OccupyEPA, March 30th Speakers,

Marsha it has been posted and something I found about the nuclear power plants, there is several that are in a strategically placed area, and I believe the plan to place them there maybe linked to the government and to Hollywood, the map in the James Bond movie is a dead ringer for the New Madrid fault line and was in the 007 movie from 1960's

at any rate these power plants and one is really close to us here, they got money to start them from the gov. but sometime ago they stopped short of finishing them so i researched on line after I heard about the movie plot, and here in our area and in several other countries as well are many partially finished power plants and all are in locations making them very dangerous for humans and animals as well ruining our drinking water for ever It looks like, not to mention they pose fukashima like  dangers to all of us. but I dont know who started them but I believe they were started with intentions of no finishing them to use like womd against us, and when I say us I mean all of us, and the navy knows of it because they have a map that is listed as the new us map and it shows what the us would look like after just such a thing as the 007 movie.

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Please see below and attached the list of speakers for the March 30th OccupyEPA rally. 

Noam Chomsky, professor MIT, American linguist, philosopher, historian and activist, has thrown his full support behind the march and rally by endorsing the action with a promotional video asking people to come out and join the group (www.occupyEPA.com.)

Joining the march is well-known environmental activist Ralph Nader. Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, President of the "No Fear Institute" and author of "No Fear: A Whistleblowers Triumph Over Corruption at the EPA," and Susan Morris, civil rights activist and EPA Whistleblower, are Co-Chairs of the OccupyEPA march and movement. Speakers also include: Dr. Helen Calidcott, co-founder of "Physicians for Social Responsibility," an organization of 23,000 doctors committed to educating their colleagues about the dangers of nuclear power, weapons and war; Dr. Margaret Flowers, organizer of "OccupyWashingtonDC" and "NOW DC", a Congressional Fellow for Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), and a Board member of "Healthcare-Now". Kevin Zeese, a co-Director of "Fix Our Economy.US", attorney and long-time advocate on a broad range of social-economic-justice issues and serves on the steering committee of the "Bradley-Manning Support Network; Joe Carson, a Department of Energy Whistleblower; Alexis Baden-Mayer representing the Organic Consumers Association; Lisa Longo an activist against fracking; Lawrence Lucas, U.S. Department of Agriculture Coalition of Minority Employees and supporter of Black farmers; King Downing, attorney and representative of the Human Rights-Racial Justice Center; Patrick McCann, a representative from Veteran's for Peace; and a representative from the "Gray Panthers" and OccupyWashington, OccupyDC and OccupyEPA groups,Joe Carson, a Department of Energy Whistleblower; Alexis Baden-Mayer, representing the Organic Consumers Association; Lawrence Lucas, U.S. Department of Agriculture Coalition of Minority Employees and supporter of Black farmers; Patrick McCann, a representative from Veteran's for Peace;Samuel Jordan, Thank you for the opportunity to speak to the issue of health system dysfunction and to address our issue on Occupy's platform,Benoit Brookens, attorney, former Department of Labor whistleblower, church, social justice and union activist, Michael Stovall, African-American farmer from Alabama victim of USDA racism. 

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