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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fwd: OccupyEPA Press Release - Rally to expose EPA cover-up

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Subject: OccupyEPA Press Release - Rally to expose EPA cover-up
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March 28, 2012


In Wiki-Leak style, the NOW DC and OccupyEPA will be releasing a tape of EPA Civil Rights Director, Rafael DeLeon, bragging about the firing of two  senior professional women who are whistleblowers.  Mr. DeLeon can be heard  on tape describing these women during a national EPA teleconference, as "Pink Elephants," a sexually degrading slur.  His history at the agency includes numerous discrimination complaints filed by women against him, prior to and after being removed as the EPA Director of Personnel.  He was removed from that position after another EPA female professional wrote a lengthy memo outlining serious violations against him.  DeLeon also called one of the women, "the EPA Rosa Parks," as a racially disparaging remark.
The DeLeon tape was smuggled out of EPA by women whistleblowers who said they were disgusted by Mr. DeLeon's despicable characterization of senior women during a national conference call.  Susan Morris, one of the women referenced by DeLeon, responded to the personal attack by stating, "A civil rights director charged with ensuring that women and minorities are not abused in the federal work place making these sexist and racist remarks is horrendous.  You can tell when you listen to Mr. DeLeon's statement that he was trying to puff himself up at the expense of two women, who he had already victimized and abused.  His statement is not only misogynistic, but after working with him for three months, I observed his continuous berating, threats and abuses of civil rights employees and women.  I am so sorry that I was unable to stop him from destroying my office and wonderful people I hired."    
Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, who DeLeon referred to as "the EPA Rosa Parks," when hearing the tape said, "This is a disgrace. The very man who has a history of complaints filed against him by women, as long ago as 1995, is still retaliating against them and civil rights employees without penalty.  We were told that despite an internal investigation that revealed he in fact made these remarks, Ms. Jackson refused to take any action against him.  According to the Washington PostPolitico and Greenwire, Ms. Jackson decided to unequivocally support Mr. DeLeon, which comes at the expense of many women.  What is really going on here?  It appears that Ms. Jackson is trying to keep these violations under wraps and out of the public eye because she did nothing about it."
The DeLeon tape will be broadcast at the OccupyEPA march and rally taking place on Friday, March 30th, 2012.  The march will begin at 12 noon at Franklin Park Square (13th & I Sts NW), proceed down 12thStreet, cross Pennsylvania Avenue, to the EPA headquarters lawn (12th St, outside the Federal Triangle Metro stop).   OccupyEPA and NOW DC, along with concerned civil rights and environmental groups, have asked that DeLeon to be fired, along with Lisa Jackson, for failing to carry out their responsibilities.  As Administrator of EPA, Jackson is the first black female to hold that office. 
Morris exposed corruption in the EPA OCR and was exonerated by the Special Counsel, who ruled that she was illegally retaliated against and fired for Whistleblowing.  To date, Lisa Jackson has refused to comply with the OSC ruling to return Morris to OCR with full authority and benefits.  Morris has asked her Congressional representatives to hold a hearing into this matter and Coleman-Adebayo has demanded that EPA be placed under receivership until there is leadership that respects the rights of women, minorities and whistleblowers.        

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