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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fwd: law of office found/bar association w references and letter 3 30 2012

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Date: Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 5:52 PM
Subject: law of office found/bar association w references and letter 3 30 2012
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Friday March 30, 2012

This brief document is t to inform the reader or two powerful documents which alone shows how  the American people have been swindled by the CROWN but together shows how this entie country has been overthrown by use of force by the CROWN.


The "CROWN"  is not the queen of England, though  the monarch family is not exempt from  aiding & abetting, acting in concert  and acting in  collusion with  the international banks and the bar association.


It is, in fact, the "Bar" (British Accredited Regency) and the International Banks who together  are the "CROWN".

"THE LAW OF OFFICE FOUND"   and "BAR ASSOCIATION & WHO OWNS THE U.S."  are two documents which read together provides undisputable evidence of the above named entities acting with intent and the prima fascia evidence   of all elements of criminal acts, :means, method, motive, opportunity and most importantly INTENT>

Provided also are further cross references for the reader to validate proof positive the CROWN is The International Banks and the BAR.


The herein incorporated documents provide irrefutable evidence each and all judicial officers, including court clerks, in any matter, cannot ignore. Further, this evidence shows that all attorneys and judges are knowingly acting with intent committing fraud against each and every individual ever having come before the BENCH.


The available studied documents supporting these claims reach thousands, many several hundred years old. All were necessary reading to prove the chain of evidence in this diabolical scheme by the International Banks and The BAR to overthrow the government of this country  placing all Americans into debt as their  financial slaves.

There is no statute of limitations on fraud. (See Hazel Atlas Glass).


The Law of Office Found is briefly establishing that the land owner is "AN ALIEN ENEMY RESIDENT" established in 1933 and that the property belongs to the King.

The Banks knew or should have known this fact when SELLING property to the unsuspecting BUYER.  The banks then employ that secret, hidden, undisclosed knowledge to "take back that which they knew was unlawfully conveyed."

Additionally, immediately upon a BUYER signing a MORTGAGE  [contract]or purchase sales agreement that BUYERS' signature is securitized and sold on the market and said property has been immediately paid for by that SIGNORS signature, another secret the International bankers and the BAR, acting in concert as "The CROWN," failed to disclose.

Securitized may be briefly defined as turning an instrument into a financial transaction.

The "Law of Office Found" tells the reader, in great detail,  how every bank, and or financial institution, committed fraud in selling property to an unwitting buyer.


Aside from banks a financial institution includes any entity that "closes transactions". This includes REAL ESTATE OFFICES, MORTGAGE COMPANIES and INSURANCE COMPANIES, but not limited to.

The "BAR ASSOCIATION & WHO OWNS THE U.S."  further supports the claim the BAR and the International Banks are, in fact, the CROWN.

Please review the incorporated list of references supplied providing yet more prima fascia evidence the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM was designed by/through/with/ under/ The CROWN.


Also see the list of references the last entry;   "The London Connection" By Eustace Mullins


The reader must know the elements of a crime must be supported with all facts which must include;   1.) MEANS ;   2.) METHOD;   3.)MOTIVE;   4.) OPPORTUNITY ;  and most importantly without this element the crime cannot be proven, 5.) INTENT. 

Irrefutable evidence MUST include; who, what, when, where, how, and why.

Only in a case of CONSPIRACY does the crime actually NOT HAVE TO HAVE BEEN COMMITTED if the INTENT can be proven !

These papers were put together to provide Americans and others similarly situated around the world of the INTENT of the CROWN to commit violations including; fraud, theft by deception, extortion, embezzlement, conspiracy,  SMITH ACT OF 1947, PATRIOT ACT and other heinous crimes against humanity.