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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fwd: EPA tackles climate

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Dear Melissa,

I wanted to make sure you saw Mary Anne's note, given the big update: President Obama's EPA just proposed first ever limits on carbon pollution for power plants! If you haven't had a chance to send a message to the EPA yet in support of their efforts to protect us from climate disrupting pollution, please do it now!

It only took minutes for big polluters and their allies like the so-called American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity to jump into action, and attack the proposal. We have already collected 32,000 messages, but we'll need 100,000 to push back against the corporate polluters -- can you email the EPA today?


Sarah Hodgdon Signature

Sarah Hodgdon
Sierra Club Conservation Director 

Take Action!

Take Action!

President Obama's EPA is about to make history on climate by proposing federal limits on carbon pollution for power plants -- pollution that is linked to climate disruption.

Tell the EPA that we support strong industrial carbon pollution safeguards to fight climate disruption!

We all know the devastation of 2011's record breaking extreme weather events -- from Texas' worst wildfire season in history to a terrible string of deadly tornadoes in the Midwest.1 As the Earth warms, severe weather events are becoming our new normal.2

Yet even as the EPA moves forward, corporate polluters like the infamous Koch Brothers, align against us.  

Together, let's push back against the polluter agenda by sending hundreds of thousands of messages to the EPA in support of strong industrial carbon pollution protections!

We can't take this climate victory for granted. The Koch Brothers have been quietly using their billions for years to undermine efforts to address carbon pollution and climate disruption -- all so they can continue raking in record profits and spew unchecked pollution into our air.  

Just recently, we learned that one Koch funded organization, the Heartland Institute, is even going so far as to push a curriculum based on climate denial nonsense in our schools.3  

Koch can't buy the truth. When we're united, we're a more powerful force than all the corporate polluters and their money. We beat them last year on major life-saving mercury protections -- and we'll do it again and again until we get climate pollution under control. We'll challenge them at every level -- in the media, in our communities, and in the halls of government. Together, we can create a future that is cleaner and healthier for everyone.

Join me in ensuring the EPA fights climate disruption and protects our families from industrial carbon pollution from coal and other power plants. 

The stakes are high -- whether you are concerned about rising sea levels in Brooklyn, water supplies in California, or more severe storms in the Midwest, there is no doubt that our way of life is at risk.  

But there is hope. Together, we can take on Big Coal. With strong carbon pollution protections, we can move off of outdated and dirty coal-fired power plants. Our country has 21st century clean energy technologies. It's time to use them.

It's time for a change: let the EPA know Americans stand behind strong industrial climate pollution protections!

Thanks for all you do to protect our environment!


Mary Anne Hitt
Beyond Coal Campaign Director
Sierra Club

P.S. After you take action, share this mesasge with friends and collegues.

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[1] "Extreme Weather 2011" National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. January 19, 2012. 

[2] "Is Global Warming Linked to Severe Weather?" Union of Concerned Scientists. June 17, 2011. 

[3] Leslie Kaufman "Behind the Controversy, an Effort to Rewrite Curriculum on Climate Change" New York Times. February 23, 2012. 

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