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Saturday, March 17, 2012

FW: The Commodities Fund Scheme

Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 03:11:09 -0700
From: davidleebuess@yahoo.com
Subject: The Commodities Fraud Scheme
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3 16 2012 The Bond Commodities Fraud Scheme: When you go to court AKA Fraud by trickery – in court commodities are created AKA Conflict of interest - Judge gets 25% of court income for his retirement.

1.    The U.S. Prison System: A Multimillion-Dollar Industry: Incorporations: UCC Law of the Land - UCC 3-410 is the acceptor. corporations run on the fiscal year whereby we go by calender years.

  1. Trading Prisoners Like Cattle: wariscrime.com and freedom-school.com/money/jail-bond.htm


Contracting without your knowledge: Strawman (YOUR NAME IN ALL CAPS):  Incorporated: Court, Judge, Clerk of Court, Prosecutor, Attorney, Lawyer, D&B, are the players. (ref. Inn of Court budy, budy the KMA Club, Secret Societies - secret oats) all with intent to screw you over – INTENTIONAL FRAUD.
The attorneys are actors to make us think the whole process is a factual issue. They get us into the guilty/not guilty mode and they get into all the cloak and dagger or what evidence to present. It's a dog and pony show to cover up that they are after the debt money.
What really matters here is honor and dishonor. The courts have to dishonor the potential prisoner or get that 'person' to argue or get that person's attorney to argue. Just like Martha Stewart. Argue and you're in dishonor and you'll end up in jail. So you are appointed an attorney or hire one, if you cannot afford one, meaning you are incompetent so the pretender(s) – attorney, judge and prosecutor control your destiny. So how can a incompetent man go to jail when the judge has appointed an attorney for the defendant? Why not his lawyer? It is after all your lawyer who is the person who is arguing.
Bond insurers are insurance companies that sell coverage.
Municipal bond dealers are traders that buy and sell municipal bonds in the secondary market. Municipal Bonds pay for capital improvement projects
Underwriters are financial intermediaries that help issuers bring their bonds to market.
Industrial revenue bonds (IRBs) are another form of conduit financing included under the umbrella of municipal bonds: There are two forms of IRBs:
  • Small issue IRBs – which are restricted to the construction, expansion or renovation of manufacturing facilities – are limited to $1 million, but that amount can under certain circumstances go up to $10 million.
  • Exempt facility IRBs have no size limits, but they can be used only for specific types of projects, such as airports, docks, parking garages, water & sewer facilities, and certain rental housing. There is a $40 million aggregate limit (nationwide) on the total amount of IRBs that can be outstanding for the same company.
  • Taxable municipal bonds are securities issued by public entities that do not meet federal requirements for tax exemption. They may, for example, be issued to finance sports facilities or certain kinds of housing projects.
  • 501(c)(3) bonds are securities that are issued by government entities on behalf of private non-profit organizations such as schools, hospitals and museums. These are known as pass-through or conduit bonds, given that responsibility for interest and principal payments rests with the non-profit rather than the government issuer.
501(c)(3) and industrial revenue bonds are known as private activity bonds.

Rating Agencies:
  • Standard & Poor's
  • Moody's
  • Fitch
The leading bond insurance firms are:
  • Municipal Bond Insurance Association (MBIA)
  • Financial Guaranty Insurance Company (FGIC)
  • American Municipal Bond Assurance Co. (AMBAC)
  • Financial Security Assurance (FSA)
The CUSIP (Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures) numbering system was created in 1967 to provide a uniform way of identifying municipal and corporate bonds. It uses a nine-digit number.
This CUSIP Number is being traded as a mutual fund through Fidelity Investments then sold on the markets to investors.
Prisoners are the commodity and the court case is the Bond – Cusip commodity they create to fund public projects – The Commodities Fraud begins here and the Clerk (Crook) of the Court is the Fiduciary Trustee to see it all happens.
Admiralty (British Law) is all debt and it's all civil; it becomes criminal when the prisoner gets a contempt charge when he refuses to pay. They can keep you in jail until you pay the debt. The initial get out of jail bond releases you until you've successfully paid the debt. Warden comes from admiralty-warden of the sea. The warden is the warehouse man who is warehousing all the goods; he's the bailee. The commitment order is your bailment, your contract for the commitment of the goods. Then they put the goods in a warehouse and store them there. (Prisoners stored in prisons, just like the people stored in the pods in the movie, The Matrix.)
This fiction (corporation) took you (John Henry Doe), the flesh and blood creation of God, out of the picture and substituted in your place something called the 'strawman' (JOHN HENRY DOE).
Whenever you get a summons to appear in court, your name is printed in all capital letters "JOHN HENRY DOE" because that is how the 'straw man' is distinguished from the flesh and blood "John Henry Doe", God-created man.
Straw man: see drivers licenses, birth certificates, voter registration = it's all a con-game.
Fraud by trickery: If you don't realize that you are 'owned' by the state, then consider this: whenever you go to a car dealer and buy a new car, the "deed" (from the manufacturer) of that car is sent by the car dealer to the Secretary of State of the state in which you live. It's recorded and then destroyed. You, in turn, are given a "title of certificate" by your state which says that you have a legal right to possess and use this car which is now "owned by the state" who received its deed. "Your" ownership of the car is an "illusion," the reality is that the state owns the car.( Note Added: Then why is the state not making the payments and insuring the car?)
Fraud by trickery: marriage license. You are asking the state to give you permission to become man and wife. By seeking out said marriage license, you are affirming to the state that your are slaves of the state ("chattel") and you recognize that the 'massah' has authority over you for such things, otherwise you wouldn't be asking for its 'permission' in the first place.
Why end War? An American soldier who dies in Afghanistan and Iraq probably carries a $10 million life insurance on him carried by the government. After all, every soldier, marine, or air force person is an asset to the United States. They have a huge investment in that particular soldier and his activity and it can explain why it is that the US is not so anxious to withdraw its troops from that area. It's a money making activity and they don't want to talk about the fact that they are making money on the deaths of our service men and women. Where are the declarations of  peace following: War on Drugs, Poverty, WWI, WWII and or conflicts? Without Declaration of Peace any soldier killed the government can collect on as a victim of War – Insurance Fraud. END.