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Saturday, January 14, 2012

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Honorable Congressman Todd Young
C/o Justin Stevens

I would like to thank the Congressman for taking time to help against this fraud waste and abuse by Government Employees using
color of law, collaborations of multi levels of the government to defraud Americans, including (us) Mayme, Jerry, Melissa,our three adult children and our grandchildren of our land,liberty and pursuit of Happiness,denied of real property that has been in our family since 1914.

My husband is dieing, all he wants is to go home to die, and time is running out. The stress and pain of loosing his home where he, his father,and children and grandchildren were born.

We have evidence of fraud from before Jerry was approached by his sister (who worked for FmHA) to buy out there mother Mayme Seaver un-remarried widow of Oren Seaver aka parents of Jerry and Linda Seaver[Hardin, Kimmick,Thompson] at he time soul owner of ssaid property at RR 4 Scottsburg,Indiana, later to be known as R #4 Box 69 Scottsburg, Indiana, then after the 911 address change came around it was dubbed 2077 N Terry Road Scottburg, Indiana 47170 these changes were done w/o our permission.

On February 15,2007 former Scott county Sheriff John Lizenby led an armed group of people w/o court order, search or arrest warrants
came into our home and put guns to the head of my three and half year old grandson after being searched and my clothing ripped being spit on while the child was forced to watch. (This testimony on file at the Library of Congress from May 2008) While being afraid for the safety of our lives, I was handcuffed not arrested(for my safety) we were forced and threatened, my grandson and my 18 year old son my disabled husband and myself all had guns drawn on or held to our heads and the grandchild was bruised from his neck to the waist, he was diagnosed by hes pediatrician with  Stress Regression Disorder, by Police Brutality.

The only other written confirmation of this is that  John Howser the son and an investor in the LLC corp that bought our farm at the unlawful sale of our land, more on this (812)752-6611 was written in the RoundAboutMadison Newspaper.

I have done many interviews on TV, Newspaper and Radio concerning what has happened to my family 

Also the theft of the Native Mounds on our land. The death and theft of our personal property and livestock and pets

they took our calls and harassed my daughter, who called our house and needed a ride for her and her new baby being released from the hospital. Then calling my husbands cell which older daughter had and proceeded to pick a fight with her. As well as other
phone calls telling people to state their name and purpose for calling our number it was being used for law enforcement, admitting to us the Seaver's on several occasions admitting they had no authorizing documents to be there! And that they had been using GPS to 
know where we were, they (thought)they knew that Jerry was at [Mariann's Rest] and kept hollering in my face and spitting in my face
dragged me out into 14degree temperatures in ripped up shorts, while the one woman had my coat on her arms,
They kept repeating, you are not in charge here any-longer, they held me outside  nearly naked. The man kept screaming about Jerry taking so long to get there and wanting the keys to the guncabinet  he said if I didn't give it to him he would destroy it.

There was a sea of cars in the yard the drive, the barn yard, up and down the road way. at least 30 maybe more some cars had more than one person.

After the third search of my physical person, the only woman that I saw (the one who kept spitting on me) touch me in a gay way on my breast and I told her to take her hands off my breasts or I'd hit her, the man holding my arms(while handcuffed) he started pumping my arms up and down until pain winced my face and back/shoulder.

There was a night just before that there were 8 really big helicopters and one smaller one came after dark it was raining w/ snow mix
they lit our farm up like a foot ball stadium  while the small flew back and forth across the mounds area (we had tried to have this place 
put on the preservation, instead it was sent to archeology)this was around 2005. also the leg of the underground railroad that crossed the property.

A Banker from Scott County State Bank came out and accused our cattle of messing up crops across the road, they said they would shoot our cattle, Jim Moon and Mark West while the West man was calling on  the phone making accusations,and threats.(Scott County State Bank is one of the Collaborators in this mess including taking pictures of me and our land on Easter Sunday and Backing the so called loan to Howser and Lucas Properties LLC.

FSA refused to give the Sum Certain Payoff of the loan even though I had two (2) different loans approved to just get them off our back. I have the certificate, so refusing the sum certain payoff just as they have all the way along.

We want the land back, we want the big houses removed, give them to those people to remove, donate them to habitat for humanity, we want our Registered Black Angus Cattle(and subsequent lost calf crops) We want our Hogs back our barns and our fences replaces and our equipment including our grain bin, Truck and tailor . we also want our trees put back (Walnut, Hickory nut, oak, maple, persimmon, papaw, fruit trees, and repaid for loss of crops/. Clothes, office supplies, and school supplies furniture and the artifacts placed back into the ground where it came from. all farm land must be put back into farming.

Also these people received USDA livestock watering grants for the ponds that are there now, they took down the fences and never intended to put livestock out there and built these houses there while Appeals were still open at the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago.

As an after thought I believe the actors in the event, conspired with each to engage in acts of official misconduct, official oppression under color of authority, witness tampering, and commited belligerent acts during the State of Emergency, and breached their fiduciary duties under the 1933 Bankruptcy Act. I also believe that there may be tax fraud and tax evasion. I am without resources since their actions, so I am unable to investigate for myself and I hope my words and my situation would cause this committee to investigate where I can not.

Thank you.

Melissa Seaver 

150 Keith Street

Scottsburg,Indiana [47170]



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