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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fwd: The year's most terrifying political ad (with puppets)

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From: Tony Cani, Sierra Club <membership.services@sierraclub.org>
Date: Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 8:00 AM
Subject: The year's most terrifying political ad (with puppets)
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After more than a dozen debates and hundreds of speeches, one thing is for sure. The Republican primary candidates and their allies will do anything to win over those most important to their campaigns: big polluting billionaires and the right-wing extremists who love them.

These candidates will sacrifice anything - clean air, clean water, and even their fellow Republicans - to please their deep-pocketed puppet-masters and get a shot at the White House.

You've seen these puppets in action before. Now comes the much-anticipated political movie that tells the story of when polluters and politicians team up and exposes the shocking truth of what really happened: "When the Puppets Came to Town."

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Toni Cani
National Political Director

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The Sierra Club Voter Education Fund's Real Republicans project seeks to educate voters about the records of the 2012 GOP presidential candidates by highlighting their extreme positions on public health and other issues of critical importance to the American people and encourage the public to find out more about the candidates and their positions on these issues.