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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fwd: The Tennessee Nullification Bills (HB 1212 & SB 0620) of Unconstitutional Federal Laws

Call Your State Legislators : tell them  Nullify UNCONSTITUTIONAL Bills (HR1212&SB0602)
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Date: Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 2:01 PM
Subject: The Tennessee Nullification Bills (HB 1212 & SB 0620) of Unconstitutional Federal Laws
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More rumblings from those pesky states...



The Tennessee Nullification Bills (HB 1212 & SB 0620) of Unconstitutional Federal Laws, Petition PLEASE SIGN! For our Legislators to Pass the Bills. Video - People arrested for Free Speech

There are two bills in the State of Tennessee House and Senate that need to get passed.

The bills are for the Nullification of Unconstitutional Federal Laws in the State of Tennessee.

The bill numbers are HB 1212 - for the House and SB 0620 for the Senate.

I have spoken with the two elected officials who wrote the bills (Rep. Ragan - for the House and Sen. Campfield for the Senate)  multiple times regarding the bills.

I have also spoken to the Chair (Rep. Haynes) of the Subcommittee (State and Local Government)  where the HB 1212 needs to get passed first.

The members of the Sub Committee - which needs to pass this bill first are: 
Tommie Brown
Jim Cobb
Gerald McCormick
Larry Miller
Curry Todd
Mike Turner
Kent Williams
Please contact the above and tell them to support the HB 1212 Bill in the sub committee and pass it.

Rep. Ryan Haynes the Chair was very open to getting the bill through the sub committee when I spoke with him on 1/3/12.

Since then I have spoken to many people about the nullification bill and did not think a petition would need to be signed by the People of Tennessee to get the bills through the State Legislative House and Senate.  I believe I was wrong about that now.  I believe pressure from the People in letting their elected officials know how they feel and demand the State stand up for the Constitution and Bill of Rights for the Citizens of Tennessee, is needed.   I will not go into why, but it seems some things have shifted since I thought all involved were on board to Tennessee standing up to Unconstitutional Federal Laws.

I have been working on this nullification bill in Tennessee since the beginning of the year with countless of phone calls and a couple of meetings about it.

In fact I have found "Meet Ups" which I was not familiar with before.  It is like minded people in all areas of the U.S who meet together with common interest and goals.

The main site for Meet Up - is here. 

I have personally joined the "Patriots, 10th Amendment, Ron Paul, and We are Change" Meet Ups in my area.  I have gone to a couple of meetings and have found everyone is real and we all share similar goals and ideas.  It is very refreshing to be able to meet and talk to others who are Awake and Aware of all things going on.

Take a look in your area and see if there are Meet Ups that you may want to join.  People working together accomplishes much more than working alone on like minded goals. 

Because I do not have full confidence in the Nullification Bill in the Tennessee House getting passed without pressure from the Citizens of Tennessee, I have now begun a Petition.  This petition will be given to the Legislators of Tennessee to Demand they Pass the Nullification of Unconstitutional Federal Laws.  Which then the Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens has to be nullified immediately in Tennessee.  It is an Unlawful Law that the Federal House, Senate passed and Obama signed.




FYI - Whoever wants to sign it from where ever you are - Please DO!  It will show support for the States to Stand Up for the Constitution and against Unconstitutional Federal Laws.  

UPDATE - Video of People Simply Voicing their opinion of the NDAA law and being arrested!
Zerohedge has a good post about it - Here is the video (at link)

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