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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fwd: Black Farmer Harry Young (Deceased) Case Move Forward in Court

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Subject: Black Farmer Harry Young (Deceased) Case Move Forward in Court
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March 30, 2011

After Years of Fighting the USDA and the USDOJ, the estate of the Late
Harry Young, will finally get the United States of America to stand
trial for one the most malicious acts of racism ever documented
against the USDA and USDOJ.

On March 11, 2001 Chief Judge Thomas Russell of US District
Court-Western Ky., sent a bone chilling message and shocking blow to
the USDA and USDOJ. The USDA, with the help of rogue AUSA Michael
Spalding faked a foreclosure and sold the family farm. The estate
didn't have a pending order to sale by the county or state.

Court Records show that AUSA, Michael Spalding, ordered all the
equipment to be sold to a designated buyer, Goetz Equipment in
Illinois. The value of the equipment was estimated at $250,000 and was
sold for $12,000. Presiding Judge Joeseph McKinley conveyed the deed
of the farm owned by the Late Harry Young on a 1994 judgment entered
by Michael Spalding that was rescinded by the USDA cause Young filed a
discrimination complaint.

In testimony entered into the court by FSA employee, Joeseph Wathen
Jr., shows that Young Indeed had paid the farm off in 1986. To this
point, Chief Judge Thomas Russell is allowing members of the Office of
Civil Rights to be sued in their individual capacity.

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