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Saturday, January 28, 2012

FW: Notice to U.P.U.

Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 03:23:01 -0800
From: davidleebuess@yahoo.com
Subject: Notice to U.P.U.
To: itconstitutional@aol.com; yahseph@gmail.com; Retmilarm92@aol.com; cathyrobertson17h@comcast.net; Hanauda@co.hancock.oh.us; rdecatal@courts.state.ny.us; r.melton@republicfororegon.org; americas-talking@foxnews.com; Air_America_Radio@yahoogroups.com; antitrust@ftc.gov; handleman@ewdc.com; info@agday.com; hp123por@bellsouth.net; aarpnewsletters@aarp.org; bjbenson1@comcast.net; Aewing1130@sbcglobal.net; Jeffmckee2@verizon.net; Corky828@gmail.com; Pocketchange99@aol.com; ewi261@aol.com; Hjudsjan@yahoo.com; jl50273@yahoo.com; kdbuess@yahoo.com; Lphipps@columbus.rr.com; Kikithecowgirlclown@wildblue.net; Rory1450@aol.com; rsjcr350@aol.com; SKdrduff@hotmail.com; bobwood@wcoil.com; Beltway@foxnews.com; bill3924G@juno.com; bchirdon@wtol.com; business@canadafreepress.com; cleveland.cv@ic.fbi.gov; fccinfo@fcc.gov; OIG@uscp.gov; Carol.Ray@odh.ohio.gov; christopher.w.sanders@usdoj.gov; publicaffairs3@occ.treas.gov; contact@judgenap.com; webmaster@cafc.uscourts.gov; duncan.f.kennedy@bristol.ac.uk; ClaimsAlerts@hpcs.com; pgbruce.us@gmail.com; dzehner@richlandcountyOh.us; datadumpemail@gmail.com; kma_club@yahoo.com; DEMS@dps.state.oh.us; donaldrolandlawfirm@consultant.com; Eric_Eisenstein@ios.doi.gov; ginalaw02@gmail.com; media@mo.gov; letter@globe.com; gini.1938@gmail.com; mentor2@gmail.com; Hewlett-Packard@us.newsgram.hp.com; mrsmith@co.hancock.oh.us; info@GiveMeLiberty.org; Jspottedbear@yahoo.com; johnson-wilma@att.net; journal@c-span.org; freedomfighterradio@comcast.net; mail@icj-cij.org; jbash@woh.rr.com; jwood@ci.mansfield.oh.us; kma_club@yahoo.com; kedan5863@yahoo.com; kimengland2006@yahoo.com; katebuck@drivingtraffic.com; letter@globe.com; webmaster@megamillions.com; mcox@ci.mansfield.oh.us; angusfarms@hotmail.com; executive-editor@nytimes.com; tbrennan@gannett.com; news@WCPN.org; americasnewsroom@foxnews.com; managing-editor@nytimes.com; info@nsea.us; national@nytimes.com; newsmanager@foxnews.com; DEMS@dps.state.oh.us; o-sheridan@live.com; publicaffairs3@occ.treas.gov; petermattiace@thecourier.com; pmattingly@bloomberg.net; pacer@psc.uscourts.gov; pj.lassek@tulsaworld.com; staff@panamalegal.org; yahseph@gmail.com; johnson-wilma@att.net; journal@c-span.org

Date of origin: 1/28/2012
TO: Universal Postal Union
       International Bureau
       P.O. Box   ??                  
       3000 BERNE 15                             Telephone: 41 31 350 31 11
       SWITZERLAND                             FAX:  011 41 31 350 31 10
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Special Agent J. Jones
401 West North Street, Suite 200
Lima, Ohio 45801
Phone: 419 223 7761                            FAX: 419 227 5472
FROM: sirdavid-lee:dba[BUESS,DAVID BUESS] (Private Attorney General)
             22014 Delaware Township Road 184
             Arlington, Ohio [45814]
A Citizens Arrest has been issued in the State of Ohio/STATE OF OHIO, Court of Common Pleas, County of Hancock, U.S.A. against a Collections Agency AKA DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY, INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE herein described and located throughout the United States of America. This public traded corporation on D&B have failed to lawfully register with the State of Ohio/STATE OF OHIO to do business No records with the Divisions of Corporation within this state, Illinois, and other, Furthermore this non-government agency has failed to lawfully produce, as all government agencies are required to do, their O,M.B.Number from the OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET. The IRS are sending out, fraud by trickery, Publications to unsuspecting men and women throughout the union States (50) and failing to inform them they are not required to fill  out these forms a violation of the Paperwork Reduction Act 3500 – 3520 @ 3512 IE Mail Fraud: Key Case U.S. v. Lawrence (2005) U.S. District Court Peoria Ill.
Aiding and abetting charges have now been added against: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SERVICE: DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY: P.O. Box 1686 BIRMINGHAM, AL. 35201-1686.
Copy of arrest Warrant attached. Case number has not yet been assigned I have requested it, see attachments.
Immediate action by your office is demanded on charges of Mail Fraud, Extortion via mail fraud,
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Counterfeiting by mail fraud, grand theft via unlawful NOTICE OF LEVY, LIEN AND OTHER INCOME; Without court orders and lawful writs. You have already been advised of these crimes in the past yet have failed to lawfully respond – WHY?
Complaint – Citizens Arrest
Letter: Cathy Prosser Wilcox
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Note added:
Fax received UPU @ 5:25 A.M. 12-pages
Fax received FBI Lima @5:38 AM 13 Pages