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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FW: Control the Water - Control the People

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Subject: Control the Water - Control the People
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Subject: Control the Water - Control the People
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From: Tom Murphy <tom@reclamator.net>
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To All My Fellow Americans! 

(please immediately distribute far and wide!)


You will be SHOCKED to learn that who you think our "governments" are…., is in FACT, the UNITED STATES WASTEWATER INDUSTRY holding offices and positions at ALL LEVELS of government, federal, state and local, literally "IMPERSONATING PUBLIC OFFICIALS," but with the primary INTENT to "CONTROL THE PEOPLE by CONTROLLING THE WATER" and protecting their massive $500 trillion dollar "WASTEWATER EMPIRE" that feeds and enables the successes of all their other empires, medical, energy, pharmaceutical, utilities, etc, through simply 1) poisoning our drinking water, and 2) wasting our drinking water resources.  We, the American people, have been SOOOOO DUPED!!!    We all have been CRIMINALIZED by these "government impersonators."


As of July 1, 1973, the previous practice of WASTING WATER became an "unlawful act," i.e. CRIMINAL.  So, there had to be a "meeting of the minds" of certain societies entrenched in government at all levels in order to preserve "their" WASTEWATER EMPIRE and continue their "status quo" of controlling and wasting our precious drinking water resources to continue their "UNJUST ENRICHMENTS."  So, to do so, they, the "public sector," agreed to act in collusion with each other to hijack the Clean Water Act of 1972 adopted by the United States Congress on August 18, 1972 that mandated all control, liability and benefit associated with water used at each source (home, commercial, industry, etc.) was to be realized by the "private sector."


The Clean Water Act of 1972, contrary to what we were told, conveyed "liability, control and benefit of all water used" to the private sector FROM the public sector, who had been in control of the water since the last decades of the 1800s.  Cities sprung up over the early decades of the 20th Century to feed this massive WASTEWATER EMPIRE…, which the revenue of represents an astounding 40% of all municipal budgets nationally, even today.  The true National Goal of the Clean Water Act was to ELIMINATE "public sewers" by 1985 because of the destruction to our water resources, human health and aquatic resources.


The three primary "societies" who conspired together in the late 60s to hijack the CLEAN WATER ACT of 1972 and who were ALREADY holding positions of authority at all levels of government, are:


Bankers -  Members of the American Bankers Association ("ABA") http://www.aba.com/About+ABA/default.htm

Judges and Lawyers -  American BAR Association ("ABA") http://www.americanbar.org/aba.html

Civil Engineers -  American Society of Civil Engineers ("ASCE") http://www.asce.org/


The engineers stamped and certified the unlawful discharges, the bankers fund the properties unlawfully operating and discharging in violation with the federal health law, and the judges and lawyers serve to protect the criminal actions of the bankers and engineers acting to protect them and all other parties to the criminal enterprise, including the IRS, from any attacks which may threaten their UNITED STATES WASTEWATER IMPIRE by simply 'dismissing' ALL legal actions brought against any of the parties which would threaten and collapse their UNITED STATES WASTEWATER IMPIRE.  I personally have had over 15 actions dismissed by 15 judges who refused to apply law, in two states and in federal, state and municipal venues.  Additionally, they have threatened to incarcerate clients of mine who were reclaiming and reusing 100% of their household water for their own beneficial purposes, and forced them to get rid of the technology and connect to the sewer and pay sewer fees, criminalizing my clients, forcing them to commit horrendous crimes of violence while depriving them of their water and associated benefits.


Out of each of these organizations comes the primary imposters of our so-called "public officials."  See the Investigative Report on a Constitutional Crisis hereto attached to get a comprehensive overview of the individual organizations who are complicit and acting in collusion within this racketeering enterprise of the UNITED STATES WASTEWATER INDUSTRY impersonating, at a minimum, the "United States Government, State Governments, County Governments and Municipal Governments."


They all lied to you/us when they taught us that centralized sewers were the civilized method to manage our sewer discharges, i.e. "wastewater."  It has been unlawful to "waste water" since July 1, 1972.  The Clean Water Act has required a "National Standard of Performance" that would eliminate ALL 'discharges' (pollutants) of all persons to be contained and controlled by application of the best available demonstrated control technology currently available since July 1, 1973. 



            How Current is This?


            (a) Definitions

            For purposes of this section:

            (1) The term "standard of performance" means a standard for the control of the discharge of pollutants which reflects the greatest degree of effluent reduction which the Administrator determines to be achievable through application of the best available demonstrated control technology, processes, operating methods, or other alternatives, including, where practicable, a standard permitting no discharge of pollutants.

                                                                                                                                                           & nbsp;                              

All of our so-called "government officials" are causing or acting in collusion to cause "knowing endangerment" to the United States, de jure, the people united for America, poisoning us, stealing our water and creating unjust enrichment for themselves while toxifying and killing us with our own "water."  The water in America is a basic fundamental right of the American people and belongs to us alone. 


What do you think should happen to these extortionists, terrorists and murders that are acting and or impersonating lawful "public officials?"


Pursuant to 33 USC 1311(a), it has been unlawful for any person, such being either the owner or operator of an "onshore facility," i.e. a home having a toilet at minimum, to discharge his or her sewage off of their private property since July 1, 1972 as defined in 33 USC 1365(f) .  Enforcement for such acts/violation is defined and provided for under 33 USC 1319:


          33 § 1319. ENFORCEMENT


            (c) Criminal Penalties

            (3) Knowing endangerment

            (A) General rule

            Any person who knowingly violates section 1311, 1312, 1313, 1316, 1317,1318, 1321 (b)(3), 1328, or 1345 of this title, or any permit condition or limitation implementing any of such sections in a permit issued under section 1342 of this title by the Administrator or by a State, …….., and who knows at that time that he thereby places another person in imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury, shall, upon conviction, be subject to a fine of not more than $250,000 or imprisonment of not more than 15 years, or both[Note: All penalties shall be tripled for each offense due to such being violations in association with the R.I.C.O. Act and the Clayton Anti-Trust Act.]


Now is the time to clearly understand if you are a "person" or one of the "people."  In general, a person is associated with government (an oath of office taker or corporation) and is NOT associated with the sovereignty of the American people, unless otherwise defined.  [Note: If you are a "person," you should immidiately execute the "Confession of Judgment and Terms and Conditions of Release from Criminal Liabilities" available from NSEA, if you so qualify.]








I, Tom Murphy spent 39 years in the "wastewater industry" and am considered to be one of the leading experts on chemical, biological and physical process technologies for water/wastewater purification, having personally developed (in 1988) and patented (having received 9 US and over 40 international patents in the 90s) the purification technology that transforms 100% of all household (municipal) wastewater into a pure potable healthy noncarcinogenic quality water at each source.  Now, I am a firsthand expert eye witness of our "so-called" government's conspiracy and racketeering activities.  I am one of the co-founders of the National Standards Enforcement Agency, an "in capita sovereign body authority" of, for and by the people, established to publish standards our government entities are required to follow and prosecute those that don't.  The NSEA MISSION STATEMENT as defined in the National County Standards of Performance & Enforcement Proceedures is:  


"To avail the American people with Standards, Methods, Systems & Procedures that they may personally Clean Government; and Clean Water."


100% of the proceeds derived from the technology (assigned to NSEA) and enforcement procedures are donated to programs dedicated to get water to those 6,000 people who die EACH DAY for lack of sanitary drinking water resources and initiate effective health services to those who are inflected with the plagues derived from our poisoned drinking water resources.




"Public sewers" and "septic tanks" are in fact "BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRUCTION" being used by our so-called government officials, headed up by the Executive branch starting with the President of THE UNITED STATES, the US EPA and all STATE, COUNTY and MUNICIPAL governments' so-called "Environmental Protection Agencies," i.e. "public works departments, etc." who are virtually all associated with the societies of either "civil engineers, lawyers and judges, and bean counters," being used to wage biological and chemical warfare against the United States, de jure, the American people!!! 


Accordingly, I, Tom Murphy, on behalf of the National Standards Enforcement Agency, DO HEREBY DECLARE the members of the attached compiled list of organizations are acting in concert and collusion with the UNITED STATES WASTEWATER INDUSTRY waging chemical and biological warfare against the united States, de jure, the people for America in the nature of TREASON, and shall be prosecuted accordingly to the extreme allowed by law.


God bless,

Tom Murphy

Private Attorney General, De Jure

National Standards Enforcement Agency

(Warrant of Authority hereto attached.)