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Saturday, January 28, 2012

FW: The control of the News Media and Financial Control of World

Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 12:51:16 -0800
From: davidleebuess@yahoo.com
Subject: The control of the News Media and Financial Control of World
To: cleveland.cv@ic.fbi.gov; fccinfo@fcc.gov; us.marshals@usdoj.gov; hp123por@bellsouth.net; aarpnewsletters@aarp.org; info@agday.com; actiontigercat@yahoo.com; handleman@ewdc.com; antitrust@ftc.gov; achp@achp.gov; Air_America_Radio@yahoogroups.com; angusfarms@hotmail.com; Aewing1130@sbcglobal.net; Jeffmckee2@verizon.net; Corky828@gmail.com; Pocketchange99@aol.com; ewi261@aol.com; Hjudsjan@yahoo.com; jl50273@yahoo.com; kdbuess@yahoo.com; Lphipps@columbus.rr.com; Kikithecowgirlclown@wildblue.net; Rory1450@aol.com; rsjcr350@aol.com; SKdrduff@hotmail.com; gini.1938@gmail.com; pgbruce.us@gmail.com; tmniederwimmer@thebarplan.com; bobwood@wcoil.com; bchirdon@wtol.com


Sedition and TREASON - Freedom of Press - really?. The Feds have to brake this crap up and restore a free press to this country if we are ever to be told the truth of what is actually happening in our De Facto Government - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, dba, CORPORATION: a Corporation NOT a Government.

The C.F.R. is the reason this nation is in the Condition it is in now along with the aided help of our elected and military officers with aiding and abetting of the IRS, FED, WAll Street, D&B, Courts of Law, United Nations, Attorneys, Lawyers, and Judges and controlled law enforcement IE Homeland Security, Crooked Cops, Sheriff's, FBI, CIA, Police, and Governor's Offices - IE The CORPORATE STATE OF - YOUR STATE, COUNTY OF - YOUR COUNTY.

All our Courts, Judges and Clerks of Court via Bond and C.U.S.I.P Commodities Fraud aided by Wall Street, FED and FED BANKS, D&B, Insurance Companies, Credit Unions - Money Laundering.
Now that I have given our Law Enforcement Agencies the Roots to follow will they be brave enough to ruin their carriers to actually investigate, prosecute and correct this crooked fraud scheme and restore to the people our legitimate government? Your start by placing the Upper Management under House Arrest and Administrative Leave without pay. Arrest the Entire Center on Foreign  Relations Organization for Sedition and Treason.

As Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches of our government exist in name only it is our employees who have committed these criminal acts against us. Thus they have private man/woman liable ability in all matters related and must supply their own private attorneys.

Any of these enforcement agencies who state to me:"Not my job dude" had better well forward to me his job description as I have asked for it enough times and was ignored. As your boss it falls under "other related duties". Now do the job we the people are paying you to do or we accept your resignation immediately.