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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Re: Timeline of Gingrich divorces shows he's been dishonest

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  Top Stories for December 27, 2011

Woman who threatened GOP Rep. shot to death by police

Santorum: 'Send a message to the man' by voting for me

'Occupy Minnesota' helps woman stay in her home

Report: Sen. Ben Nelson to announce retirement

The complete timeline of the Gingrich divorces shows he's not been honest with voters

Perry bills Texas taxpayers over $1 million while touring country

Apple seeks patent for battery that could run devices for weekshinese hackers breach U.S. Chamber of Commerce

El Salvador sets post-war murder record in 2011

Federal judge blocks Arizona's anti-abortion law

Sanity Break: Dog in 'Santa pants' walks down stairs on front paws

It probably doesn't qualify as a Christmas miracle, but one YouTube uploader says that his dog learned to walk down stairs on his front paws after being outfitted with a pair of Santa pants. Read more ›

Armed robber knocked out cold by clerk's left hook

A clerk in North Carolina took matters into his own hands when a would-be robber brandished a gun and demanded money. Derek Mothershead, 26, was already on high alert because the We Buy Gold store in Hendersonville had been recently robbed.  Read more ›



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