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Thursday, December 15, 2011

RE: Sham Legal Process - U.S. Citizen

Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 08:49:01 -0800
From: davidleebuess@yahoo.com
Subject: Sham Legal Process - U.S. Citizen
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david-lee:dba[BUESS,DAVID BUESS] PAG
22014 Delaware Township Road 184
Arlington, Ohio [45814]
Phone/Fax: 419 694 5796
12 December Y.O.C. 2011
GOVERNOR: John Kasick
Rife Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, Oh [43215-6117]
Rhodes State Office Tower
30 East Broad Street - Suite 2940
Columbus, Ohio [43215-3414]
John Husted: Secretary
180 E. Broad Street, 16th Fl.
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Executive Director - Kyle S. Dupler
Charles D. Shipley Building
1970 West Broad Street
P.O. Box 182081
Columbus, Ohio 43218-2081
Lawful Notice:
The Ohio Departments of Public Safety; BMV: Ohio Secretary Of State are in engaged in a Sham Legal Process O.R.C. 2921.52 relating to question asked on their paperwork relating to Voter registration and application of Drivers Licenses. This question is: "Are you a U.S. Citizen" which is a political Jurisdiction and falls within the Federal Zone the Territories belonging to the United States: Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Washington, D.C., al et al.
Residence of a union State (50) are not U.S. Citizens and are the second political jurisdiction of the Congress of the United States. Ref: Key Cases: U.S. v. Beavans U.S. 336 and
(1945)  Hoven and Allison v. Evatt 65 S Ct 870, 880, 321 U.S. 6523; 89 L Ed 12.52 – Established 2-Political Jurisdictions for the Congress of the United States: Fraud by trickery all state of Ohio court(s) al et al, false flag and color of law, mis-trials – see Demand below.
The Department of Public Safety; BMV and the Office of Secretary of State Ohio shall immediately correct their applications for Drivers License and Voter Registration to include the following political jurisdictions and explanations:
1)      Are you a U.S Citizen a resident of a holding territory belonging to the United States: Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Washington, D.C. al et al? Yes___  No ____:
2)      Are you a resident of a union State (50): Ohio, Illinois, New York al et al? Yes ____  No ___
3)      Are you a resident of the Great Turtle Island Native American, Indian, Original People
Yes ____ No ____:
4)      Are you an illegal Alien? Yes ____   No ____: A non-citizen/resident of any of the above?
After these corrections have been lawfully made all residence of this union State of Ohio will be sent the new form(s) and requested they fill them out and return to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the County Board Of Elections either in person or via First Class U. S. Mail.  No new Drivers Licenses will be required only the form corrections will be necessary. All State Agencies will also be advised of this Sham Legal Process and all their paperwork examined for any such error(s). Furthermore for non-government agencies no ZIP Codes shall be required on any application(s) and or state Forms/Documents/E-mail as it only applies to government departments, agencies, offices and employees and it is Fraud by Trickery to the residence of this union state and any [ZIP Code] uses must be bracketed when used in connection of a non-government agency, sham legal process.
Furthermore as most residence of the State of Ohio are non-corporations the use of the all caps name will no longer be used as it is Fraud in the Inducement/Sham Legal Process against residence of this union state of Ohio. Only lower case letters shall be used from this day forward on all documents, Live Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, paperwork, tax forms, real-estate, when they apply to the non-corporate residence of this union state.
Furthermore all court, al et al, filing documents, cover sheet only, will include the complete name of the court, mailing address, phone and fax number, al et al. All documents whereby a signature is demanded will be written in such a way that require both printed name(s) and signature of the party(s) signing. No bar code or any other device will be used on any document whereby a scanner is required to read it: void for vagueness and fraud by trickery, sham legal processes. All Corporate entities must use ALL CAPS on all documents to show true identity, al et al. No Court in the union state of Ohio shall use anything but Constitutional Law and Civil Law in their courts. No Gold Fringed American Flag shall be flown in any public or state office as that represents "Martial Law"; see Executive Order 10834 by President Dwight David Eisenhower.  This union state will fly only these flags in our courts and public buildings and offices: 1) Standard American Flag 2) U. S. Peace Flag and 3) our union state flag – no gold fringe Flag what-so-ever shall be flown in our courts. Federal Courts within our state may fly Admiralty Flag in addition to the flags mentioned above so as to hear cases in Admiralty.  
As this is not the first letter addressing these issue you have 20-days to make these corrections.
Why are you creating harm against the residence of this state? I come in peace to correct a Sham Legal Process and resulting fraud schemes against the residence of this union state of Ohio.
Respectively submitted,
david-lee:dba[BUESS,DAVID BUESS] PAG
Notice of Service: First Class Mail on this the 13th day of December 2011.
CC: World Court, Ohio Supreme Court, United States Supreme Court.