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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Re: Rich people less empathetic than the poor: study

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  Top Stories for December 21, 2011

Mythbuster Adam Savage: Anti-piracy bill would 'destroy the Internet'

Gary Johnson to quit GOP race, run as Libertarian

Rich people less empathetic than the poor: study

Ron Paul: People call me racist because my 'policies are winning'

Iowa man to Gingrich: 'You're a f*cking a**hole'

Tough times: U.S. military families line up for donated Christmas gifts

Chinese hackers breach U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Viacom faces lawsuit over South Party parody

Government rests case against WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning

Jib Jab says 'Buh-bye' to 2011

From the 'Occupy' protests to the debt ceiling debate, the folks at Jib-Jab have provided another charismatic year end review, this time for 2011. It's the 7th edition of the series from the entertainment studio, promoting the video as "sung by a popsicle stick puppet choir!" Read more ›

Seattle cops mocked 'dumbf*ck' jogger hit by semi truck

Dashcam video obtained by a Seattle man reveals that police were mocking him in the moments after he was nearly killed by a semi truck. Tim Nelson was struck by the truck while he was jogging on the east end of the West Seattle low bridge in October. He suffered a broken back, six cracked ribs, and a fractured skull. Read more ›



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