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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Re: Gingrich accused of illegally profiting off campaign

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  Top Stories for December 20, 2011

Maddow: Ron Paul calls out uncomfortable truth in GOP politics

Gingrich accused of illegally profiting off campaign

Palin: 'It's not too late' to run for president

Ron Paul: People call me racist because my 'policies are winning'

Olbermann: Nugent an 'a**hole' for insulting Occupy

How renewable energy may be Edison's revenge

Congress ending 2011 with worst approval rating ever

Homeless kids in U.S. number 1.6 million: study

Richard Branson calls for an end to the drug war

Seniors stage Christmas flashmob at Target

The city of Lawrence, Kansas may now be home to the oldest flash mob ever assembled. According to 6 News in Lawrence, a group of elderly shoppers performed the song "Last Christmas" by the cast of Fox's Glee at a Target in Meadowlark Estates. Read more ›

Romney gives awkward Top Ten on Letterman show

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney appeared on The Late Show Tuesday evening to provide an awkward, but fun Top Ten segment. Included in the list was Romney asking the audience, "Isn't it time for a president who looks like a 1970′s game show host?" Read more ›



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