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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Re: The Generosity Of The EG Family Never Ends!

It is really nice to hear of places like Western Wishes, and the wonderful dreams they make come true for some very special children, who have some very rough conditions that make their lives less than well, normal, and some have terminal illnesses, this is why when we hear of these touching stories, of generosity, and selflessness, especially at this time of the year, we want to run this story.

As you read the following story we hope the spirit of giving and helping a special child to have a Western Wish come true, to brighten their
lives with dreams helping them to come true.

No matter your special Holiday Belief, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, other special Holy Day, we hope this story Blesses You. 

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A Big Thanks to EG Customer Bob Schaaf!
It all started with an email to the EG office by a family friend - a friend of the Kilcrease family named Rick Hankins. Little did he know, his email would not only result in EG and Western Wishes sponsoring a trip for Braydan Kilcrease to Las Vegas for the PBR Finals, but a trip that would be a trip of a lifetime! Braydan got to meet PBR riders, celebrities, professional athletes and a couple owners of bulls that competed in the 2011 MDBBF even sold their bulls after the competition and gave the proceeds to Braydan's family to help out with expenses, but none topped what one of the most generous EG customers did for Braydan.

Brayden and Mike Lee dancing like Ben Jones

Brayden with Luke Snyder & Chris Shivers

Bob, Julie, Lachlan & Austyn Schaff

Bob Schaaf has been involved with EG for going on 2 years. We've always known Bob had a big heart for kids, but he proved that fact in front of everyone at the Major League Bull draft by making Braydan's wish of owning a bucking bull come true. Bob didn't just give Braydan 50% of any bucking bull. He gave him 50% of his best bull that will compete in The 2012 Million Dollar Bucking Bull Futurity named Montana Gold. Not only is that 50% ownership in a bucking bull, but that's possibly 50% of $500,000 should Montana Gold win this year's MDBBF, and he's proven that he's got a good chance to do it. Montana Gold placed 8th in The Vegas Shootout just 2 days before Bob decided to give Braydan ownership. The Vegas Shootout was a competition for yearling bulls that was open to all bulls in the industry. Montana Gold was the highest placing bull that will be entered in the MDBBF this October. Braydan not only owns a bucking bull, but as we say in the industry, he owns a goodun!

The story doesn't end with Montana Gold. With Christmas coming, Bob felt the urge to do something else special for Braydan. Bob owns 10 bulls that are eligible for The 2013 Million Dollar Bucking Bull Futurity. He called Braydan and gave him 50% interest in his choice of these 10 bulls. Braydan had to do some researching but finally chose EG148 sired by Little Yellow Jacket and from a dam sired by Houdini. Houdini crossed with Little Yellow Jacket! You think Braydan doesn't know bulls? What a choice! Seems like you can't wrong with those genetics! Bob has previously named the bull Cilantro, but he let Braydan rename the bull if he wanted. Braydan chose to name him Can't Get Rite!

With all the negative news in the media, it's nice to hear about positive things that people do to make this world a better place to live. Bob Schaaf is definitely doing his part!

Go Can't Get Rite!
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