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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Re: 8-year-old renders Bachmann speechless

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  Top Stories for December 6, 2011

8-year-old renders Bachmann speechless

Surprise: Gingrich ethics files are public info

Voting machine design blamed for New York's 60,000 lost ballots

Police rip clothes off of 'Occupy Melbourne' protester

Reich: Obama finally calling out GOP's hypocrisy on tax cuts

BP says Halliburton destroyed Gulf spill evidence

Congressman calls for 'Sheriff Joe' to resign over mishandled sex-crime cases

U.S. may issue record fine to Massey Energy for accident

London police listed 'Occupy' protesters as potential terrorists

Skeleton-Santa crucifix defaced in front of courthouse

During a debate about public decorations at a courthouse in Loudoun County, Virginia, someone decided to set up an odd holiday display: A skeleton dressed as Santa Clause, hanging on a cross. But even before it could spark outrage and attention, someone knocked it down and the owner came and took it away. The incident sparked a local debate about free speech and the right to public displays on community property. Read more ›

Stewart: Cain used the wrong Pokémon quote

Enamored by Herman Cain's farewell speech from the presidential campaign, Jon Stewart was keen to analyze it Monday night. The Daily Show host particularly was enthralled by Cain's bizarre ending to his speech, where the former Godfather's Pizza CEO quoted the closing song from the first Pokémon movie. Read more ›



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