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Monday, November 14, 2011

Re: Your NC Case

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I just thought of something about your NC traffic case. Reading the dismissal from Judge May, it appears that he not only states the local Police Department and the License Plate Agency are not a government agency of NC, but he states they are a LOCAL GOVERNMENT and calling them "private entities".
So then this would mean the City and Counties throughout the State are not government agencies of the State of NC and they too are all local government "private entities"? Yes?
Now, since the State of NC claims these private entities are not a part of the State agency, then my question is, by what authority are all these "private entities" getting access into the State of NC data base giving them access to run license plates, drivers licenses, Names and addresses of anyone, the ability to see if any warrants are issued for someone, etc.? And since they are "private entities" where they then have no more authority than a typical security guard would have restricted to only his employer's property, then what would they even need this access for?
The point is, the State of NC WOULD be liable as an ACCESSORY to any violation or crime committed by any of these private entities where the act committed in their crime results from obtaining information from the State's data base where the State has given them that access to be used for the very purpose of the acts committed.
I see two different issues here. One being the State is an accessory to the act taken by the police, and two, the State is in violation of privacy laws by allowing private entities open access to their State data base.
Since the State appears to be able to give out this access to any private entity, then perhaps you should contact the State to request YOU be given the same access allowed on your computer so YOU can run license plates, drivers licenses, names and addresses of all the people, and see if anyone has warrants issued on them, etc.?
WHY would one private entity the State denies as being any part of their government be allowed any special privilege over any other "private person"? If the State says YOU can't have this access then NONE of these other private entities can be allowed that access either! Whatever reasons the State gives YOU for not being allowed to have that same access would have to also apply to all private entities that are not an agency of the State government!
And if the cop is personally liable for anything, then it's employer (the city/county) is also liable as all employers are liable for the conduct of their employees when then do something while on duty and that act is committed in the scope of their employment.
And where the State has provided that private entity open access to the State data base that the private entity used in order to commit the act they committed, then the State is liable as an accessory to that act committed because without that access the private entity could not be able to commit the act. The cop would have no way of knowing who the plates are registered to or what vehicle it is registered to without having access to the State data base. And since they are private entities they have no business having that access since access should be restricted only to State agencies. Not private entities. Otherwise, hook me up so I as a "private person" can have that same access!!!!