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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Re: Washington Whistleblower Week/ No FEAR Tribunal on abuse in gov

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Subj: Fwd: Washington Whistleblower Week/ No FEAR Tribunal on abuse in gov

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Subj: Washington Whistleblower Week/ No FEAR Tribunal on abuse in gov 
Date: 4/10/2007 10:23:16 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
From: NoFearCoalition
To: NoFearCoalition
Washington Whistleblower Week
(may 14 - 18, 2007)
(for Washington Whistleblower Week info)
The No FEAR Institute, in association with the Make it Safe Coalition,  will host a fact-finding tribunal on Capital Hill on May 15th to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the passage of the No FEAR Act of 2002 from 9:00am to 12pm.  The Tribunal is named in honor of the late Patricia Lawson, an EPA employee who courageously fought against abuse and retaliation in the federal government.  It is hoped that the week-long activities will serve to educate the public about discrimination and retaliation in the federal government and to garner support for the passage of No FEAR II.   This will be a momentous and historic occasion. 
The Coalition is in the process of collecting written statements either to be presented in person during the Tribunal or to become apart of the official record on this matter.  Please pass this e-mail on to friends, family and colleagues who may be interested in testifying at the Tribunal or volunteering at the conference.  Guidelines for applying to speak at the Tribunal can be found on the website below.  A committee composed of members from the No FEAR Coalition and the Keep it Safe Coalition will select the witnesses.
For other Washington Whistleblower Week activities, please click on: http://whistle-week-in-dc.org/
 May 15, 2007*Activities:
Ø       Fact-finding Tribunal on Whistleblower Retaliation and Racial/Sexual Discrimination in the Federal government. The Tribunal will also explore the concerns of private citizens 
(9-12 noon).  The Tribunal will be held on Capital Hill.  Congressman Al Wynn (D-MD)  will chair Tribunal. 
Ø       Training conference: featuring workshops on No FEAR I and No FEAR II.  Invited workshop speakers include: Professor Charles Ogletree, Harvard University Law School, Mr. Tom Devine, Government Accountability Project, Ms. Elaine Jones, former NAACP Legal Defense Fund Director; Steve Kohn, National Whistleblower Center (1-5pm)
Ø        The Rev. Walter E. Fauntroy No FEAR Awards Reception (6-8:30PM)

Consult the WWW Website ( http://whistle-week-in-dc.org/ ) for the following documents:
--  registration form
-- Guideline sto submit one page request to speak at Congressional Tribunal
--  Information about No FEAR Coalition meetings on capital hill
-- Volunteer opportunities
For more information about the No FEAR Coalition, please see our website at: http://groups.msn.com/nofearcoalition.
-- Website will updated on a regular basis - please consult weekly

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