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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Re: Stewart: Fox loved anonymous sources, until Cain scandal

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Lawyer: Herman Cain committed sexual battery

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Stewart: Fox loved anonymous sources, until Cain scandal

Comedy Central host Jon Stewart on Monday ripped Fox News host Megyn Kelly for her double standard on reports with anonymous sources. Prior to Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain's fourth sexual harassment accuser, Sharon Bialek, coming forward, Kelly had discredited the allegations because the victims had not been named by the media. Read more ›

Colbert: 'Don't 'Jew' them down, say 'Muslim' them down'i

Stephen Colbert decided Tuesday evening that he wanted to analyze State Rep. Larry Taylor's (R-TX) "Don't try and Jew them down" comments with his new creation, the "Bigot-O-Tron 9000." The Colbert Report host made clear that he disagreed with Taylor's anti-Semitic comments, but decided to offer what the legislator should have said instead. Read more ›


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