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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Re: Our conversation, etc.

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Here are some bits of info, share with others as you wish.
The NVCCA website has many of our "activist" documents and other info.
·         www.nvcca.net/econ.html is the link to the Economic Summit details about which we spoke.  The first video on that collection is me teaching biblical/constitutional economics to the Lexington 912 group in SC during "Summit Week" earlier this year.  The others are as identified, and are a wealth of info of their own rights.
·         www.nvcca.net/documents.html is the document container at the Veterans site.  "American Leadership" is the "omnibus" collection of legislative ideas.  Many of the others listed on that page are IN that document.  This way people can grab one or another of interest, or the whole package if they "get it" at the upper level.
·         http://shermaninstitute.com is the Higher Education web site.  The attached flyers promoting courses offered this semester are also on the site, but this makes it a little easier if you just want to forward one or another of them.  Note that I am willing to pay 10% finder's fees to people who help with marketing.  For each student who puts "Rod Class" in the "Referred By" line, you can count on me to thank you for helping us find students!
·         My phone number is 814-678-3807.  Note that I do NOT want that given publically.  For you, ok, but don't announce it on any calls, etc.  E-mail is the preferred contact route, either a.bolinger@shermaninstitute.org or aaron@nvcca.net works.
Let me know if you want anything else at all.  Also, don't pass around the syllabus (attachment).  That is FYEO, so you know what I'll be teaching in the course.  Students get it after they Enroll/register.
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