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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Re: OpEdNews: #OWS Cheers As Defiant Judge Stops Obama From Selling Immunity To Wall Street

On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 10:39 AM, Rob Kall <rob@opednews.com> wrote:

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Daily Headlines

By Gustav Wynn
#OWS Cheers As Defiant Judge Stops Obama From Selling Immunity To Wall Street

The common practice of selling justice may have hit a snag as Judge Jed Rakoff slammed the brakes on another sweetheart settlement proposed between Obama's SEC and Wall Street titans Citgroup. At the heart of the issue is selling immunity for large pay-outs that often times are split with law firms assisting the banks.

By Rob Kall
Metamorphosis Time for Occupy Wall Street; Witnessing the Eviction of Occupy Philly

I witnessed the waning of Occupy Philly's encampment, but also saw what looks to me like a pattern of energy and development that suggests that occupy evictions will lead to a Metamorphosis of the Occupy Movement to something that not only walks but flies, that is more beautiful, more powerful than anything we have seen so far.

By Arianna Huffington
Mitt Romney Brazenly Lies and the Media Lets Him Slide

Mitt Romney's brazenly dishonest ad is far from the garden-variety truth stretching we're used to in political campaigns. It is so breathtakingly cynical it should cause us to question whether a candidate that would put it forth is fit for any public office -- let alone the presidency. Along with being deceitful, the ad is also a challenge to the media.

The Federalist Society: Successfully Impeding Federal Governance While Enabling Corporate Rule

Taking their name from the Hamiltonian Federalist Party that fought against Jeffersonian Democratic Ideals, the modern Federalist Society was formed in 1982 when the Reaganite Neo-Conservatives and the "Religious Right" gained political power. They have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, and their crowning achievement of making John Roberts Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has enabled them to assert nearly complete control over all three branches of government, leaving democratic progressives virtually helpless since the public has been kept in the dark. Now it's time for the light of truth to shine and expose what the deceptive darkness has hidden from so many of the American people.

By Bob Alexander
Not as Smart as Lemmings

Occupy Everything. It's as simple as Not Buying Anything for God's birthday and Staying Home on a national strike day ... and the next day ... and the next ... until the psychopaths understand we're not walking up to that cliff any longer. We're going to stop. And talk about where to go from here.

Julian Assange: Internet Has Become "Surveillance Machine"

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange blasted the mainstream media, Washington, banks and the Internet itself as he addressed journalists in Hong Kong on Monday via videolink from house arrest in England.

By Rob Kall
Big Corporations May Not Pay Taxes, But They Pay Billions in Fines for Corruption

The enemy of the middle class and the 99%, the United States Chamber of Commerce is lobbying to end laws making it illegal to engage in the corrupt practices of bribery. The fines big corporations are paying are for some, the only money the government is getting from them, since they avoid paying taxes.

By Merv Ritchie
It's Not About Keystone XL or Enbridge Being Bad
The only question now is does Canada possess real leaders? If Canada looked forward to the future and offered a real tangible alternative, Bono and Robert Redford might arrive to shake the Prime Ministers hand. Today Canada looks foolish on the world stage. Travellers are even removing the Maple Leaf from their apparel.

By Philip Greene
Crackdown on Occupy Movement signals time for new beginning, not end.
Occupation was a first step but if the 99% want to affect actual change, they have to move from passivism to activism

By Robert S. Becker
Three Cheers for GOP Moderation

Though you have to hunt it up, there is a smidgeon of GOP moderation to temper the view everything pouring out backward-looking rightwingers is delusional. It takes a special eye, from a cockeyed optimist, but here I am.

By Rev. Dan Vojir
Can We Stop Laughing Now? GOP Hypocrisy Campaign Hits New High With Herman Cain and His Campaign Manager Mark Block

Who's dumber, Herman Cain or his campaign manager, Mark Block? It's hard to tell since Cain hired Block and Block has thrown Cain under the bus so many times you wonder who's side he's on.

STUNNING: Comparing U.S. & World Covers for TIME Magazine - Daily Kos

Each week, TIME Magazine designs covers for four markets: the U.S., Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. Often, America's cover is quite, well -- different. This week offers a stark example.

By John Grant
General Santa Claus and His Secret North Pole Base

The holiday cartoon movie Arthur Christmas is a well-made piece of militaristic propaganda intended, of course, to make lots of money as it entertains kids and their parents. But we need to get beyond militarism, secrecy and bigness and teach are kids that E. F. Schumacher was right: Small Is Beautiful.

By Steven Jonas
The Lesser of the Evils: Hindsight is 20/20, but McCain Shudda Won
The Great Debate on the Left about whether to support Barack Obama for re-election had been building already, even before the debt limit debacle. And now it is on in full force and will be with us right up until Election Day, 2012. You can tell from the title of this commentary which side I am on.

Why We Occupy: Visualizing The 2012 Federal Discretionary Budget

One reason so many people have taken to the streets as part of the 99 Percent Movement is because of the country's lopsided priorities. The following graphic shows the makeup of federal discretionary spending in the Fiscal Year 2012 budget. As you can see, the military eats up a lion's share of the spending, while social priorities fall by the wayside: (Hint: Over 59% to defense...Out of $1.34 trillion, $553 billion to US military industrial complex.

Grover Norquist: a misleading accounting of recent history

Norquist is unabashedly partisan -- in his view, economic growth literally ends the day Democrats win power in Congress. That already begins to stretch the bounds of economic logic, but what about some of his other assertions?

By Darren Wolfe
Tea Party Visits Occupy Philadelphia (video)

The Liberate Philadelphia Tea Partiers held a press conference at the Occupy Philadelphia site. It didn't go well for them. They were joined by the local, conservative radio talk show host, and advocate of torture, Dom Giordano.

By Rev. Dan Vojir
The Red Kettle Conundrum: To Give - Or Not To Give To The Salvation Army ...Or Anyone Else For That Matter!

To give or not to give - that is the question of the season.

By Timothy Gatto
Don't Forget About Us

Then there was the economic collapse of 2008. Corporations (including Obama's largest campaign donor Goldman Sachs) started going belly-up because they had rigged the system and were betting on everything under the sun like it was a giant casino. A bail-out was proposed and the American people went ballistic, writing their Congress critters telling them not to give these crooks anything.

By Brett Redmayne-Titley
OCCUPY L.A. :The Story: 24 Hours until eviction?
Part Two: 3:00 P.M. P.S.T reporting directly from OCCUPY L.A. Further comments, observations and interviews with participants of what may be America's last OCCUPY location.

S.1867 - A bill to permit US military to indefinitely detain American citizens without cause
S.1867 would require a US soldier to submit to commands to arbitrarily turn on his countrymen and to put them in a cage, indefinitely, without any cause.

By Abdus-Sattar Ghazali
US-led NATO attack on Pakistan worsens Islamabad-Washington ties
The already frayed US-Pakistan relations have fallen to their worst point after US-led NATO helicopters destroyed two Pakistani military check posts killing 25 soldiers and injuring 13 others. The checkposts - located about 2.5 kilometres inside the Pakistan-Afghanistan border - were set up to stop the cross border violation and infiltration of militants from Afghanistan into Pakistani area.

By Rob Kall
What Kind of Constituent Are YOU? Who Is the GOP's Base? The Democrat's Base?
What kind of constituent are you? There's only one way to tell-- by the candidates you support.

By Stephen Lendman
Palestinian Unity: A Threat, Says Israel
Palestine is sovereign territory. In 1987, Law Professor Francis Boyle drafted its Declaration of Independence. On November 15, 1988, the Palestine National Council (PNC) adopted it, affirming Palestinian statehood.

By Martha Rosenberg
Did Anyone Notice Pharma's Black Friday?

The pharmaceutical industry had two things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season. Three new wrongdoing settlements that broke right before the holiday were buried among yam and traffic jam news--and a new sleeping pill that isn't new at all but just Ambien with a new name became a leading "news" story.

By Dave Lefcourt
Pakistan Enraged over U.S. Strikes Killing Pakistani Soldiers

Yesterday rage swept Pakistan denouncing U.S. aircraft striking two Pakistani military posts and killing 24 soldiers. Pakistan called it an unprovoked act of aggression. In Washington a senior official called the incident "extremely murky". Not to the Pakistanis. They believe we don't respect their sovereignty and want us out of their country completely as yesterdays protests clearly demonstrated.

By Roger Shuler
Woman Gets Fired For Complaining About Porn In The Workplace

What happens when a woman complains about porn in the workplace? At one Missouri company, she gets fired.

By Tom Engelhardt
Peter Van Buren: Thought Crime in Washington

A stunning warning from a State Department official that free speech is in imperiled in Washington as "thought crimes" become the order of the day. Peter Van Buren on the Orwellian firing of Morris Davis.


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The Scottsdale Gun Club is offering families a unique photo opportunity this holiday season. Children could sit on Santa's lap and tell them what they wanted for Christmas. Instead of a decorated tree behind Santa, there was an $80,000 mini-gun, and the families could choose a weapon of choice for their holiday photo.

U.S., Pakistan Offer Different Versions of Attack on Border Post

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Ginger White: Herman Cain And I Were 'Involved In A Very Inappropriate' Relationship (VIDEO)

Ginger White says she and Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain had an affair that lasted more than a decade in a report released by Atlanta-based station Fox 5 on Monday. The Georgia businesswoman said what occurred between herself and Cain was "pretty simple." She explained, "I was aware that he was married. And I was also aware I was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship."

Black Friday violence: Competitive shopping's troubling new edge

In Los Angeles, a woman pepper-sprayed at least 20 fellow shoppers to save some money on an Xbox console, paying up and getting out before cops arrived. In Ohio and Michigan, women "came out swinging" over discounted bath towels. The results were at times serious, with several shootings reported and one confrontation ending with a grandfather lying bloodied and unconscious.

RePost: Letter From A Liberal To A Young Marine (That 53% Guy)

Open Letter to that 53% Guy Rarely do I ever like to just repost someone else's work, but this one" this one" is simply a magnificent liberal response to an "anti-99%" letter from a young and hard-working Marine. The understanding the original author presents is an example to me -- and I hope all of us, liberal or conservative -- of how to respond to those who disagree with us. I am humbled and awed at once. Great response Max Udargo. You reset the bar very high. Open Letter to that 53% Guy

Prepare for riots in euro collapse, Foreign Office warns - Kirkup

As the Italian government struggled to borrow and Spain considered seeking an international bail-out, British ministers privately warned that the break-up of the euro, once almost unthinkable, is now increasingly plausible. Diplomats are preparing to help Britons abroad through a banking collapse and even riots arising from the debt crisis. The Treasury confirmed earlier this month that contingency planning for a collapse is now under way. A senior minister has now revealed the extent of the Government's concern, saying that Britain is now planning on the basis that a euro collapse is now just a matter of time.

News Organizations Complain About Treatment During Protests - Stelter

A cross-section of 13 news organizations in New York City lodged complaints on Monday about the New York Police Department's treatment of journalists covering the Occupy Wall Street movement. Separately, 10 press clubs, unions and other groups that represent journalists called for an investigation and said they had formed a coalition to monitor police behavior going forward. Monday's actions were prompted by a rash of incidents on Nov. 15, when police officers impeded and even arrested reporters during and after the evictions of Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park, the birthplace of the two-month-old movement.



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