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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Re: An Email We Received That Everyone Should Read!

On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 12:55 PM, misty seamom <landrightsnfarming.seamom89@gmail.com> wrote:
To All Readers of  LandRightsNFarming, a call goes out for a special little boy A special Wish Foundation Exclusive Genetics and the World Finals In Las Vegas
 Please read the following email, click the high lighted words and advertisements, to help this little boy!

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Subject: An Email We Received That Everyone Should Read!
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A Heartwarming Email Received From One of our Top 5 Million Dollar Bucking Bull Futurtity Finalists.
Definitely worth the read!

Hello everyone,

I am sending this to anyone who I may have ever talked with about our interest in bucking bulls. I am writing to share a story about our bucking bull, Double Down, and his great week in Las Vegas. This story is not for self notoriety or promotion yet it is a story about a young boy that I think you will enjoy. Please read it all of the way through because you too may be able to help. I know this story is long but it is worth the read. 

We have a few bucking bulls that we partner on with a ranch in Texas. This company, Exclusive Genetics, has a promotion called the Million Dollar Futurity (MDF). I won't try to explain all of the details. If you are interested in learning more about it just go check it out at their website (www.exclusivegenetics.com). We had our bull, Double Down, in this competition that has been years in the making and the finals for the event were held in Las Vegas last week. Double Down is a 2 year old bull so he just wears a dummy on his back while bucking. He has never been a very good bucking bull but we decided to stick with him since this was the first ever Million Dollar Futurity. He went up against 78 other bulls last Tuesday night. The top 5 from the competition had the chance to compete during the PBR World Finals on Friday night. Double Down had shown brief signs of being a bucking bull in the last few weeks. On Tuesday night he went out early and had his best out ever. He ended up the night in 4th place which was amazing. He then got to compete on Friday night in the Top 5 finals.  He went back to bucking like a horse instead of a bull so he finished 5th which was just fine with us.

During the week, Exclusive Genetics (EG) had other events going on and at one of them a young boy was introduced who was there on behalf of Western Wishes (www.westernwishes.org). This is kind of like the cowboy version of Make A Wish. This boy's name is Braydan Kilcrease. He has been diagnosed with Failure to Thrive, Microcephaly, a chromosomal condition so rare the Doctor referred to it as 'looking into an open field and not being able to focus on any of it.' He has an inoperable mass seated deep in his brain. His parents have been told to enjoy every minute with Braydan. He is a huge bull riding fan so his wish was to attend the PBR World Finals and meet his heroes. Western Wishes made it possible for him to attend the World Finals in Las Vegas and be a part of all of the festivities. 

EG had a bull sale on Saturday to sell many 2013 Million Dollar futurity bulls and Braydan was there. He had been given many things during the week including a half interest in his very own bucking bull that will compete in 2012 from one of EG's very generous customers. Craig and I decided to try to help Braydan and his family as well. During the sale we decided to give Double Down to Braydan and let him sell him right then and keep any money we could raise. Although Double Down got 5th in the MDF, his career as a super star bucking bull may not be that long. Like I mentioned earlier, he tends to run like a horse more than buck like a bull but we figured what the heck we will see what we can get for Braydan. We started the auction for him and the price was going up quick. A few of the PBR riders were there including Chris Shivers who threw in the World Finals belt buckle he was wearing and Luke Snyder threw in a helmet he had worn to the winning bidder. When the bidding ended, Double Down sold for $15,500. From there the generosity continued, the person who bought another 2011 MDF bull that made the Top 5, J-Flash, resold that bull and gave all of the money raised from the second sale to Braydan as well. That was about $6,000. The person who bought Double Down gave the belt buckle from Chris Shivers to Braydan which was one of his highlights of the week. Just to show you the type of people that are a part of this, Braydan's Mom offered to give half of the money raised to Western Wishes who politely declined so that Braydan could get the full benefit from the sale.

We were just really excited to be a part of such a great week and were amazed a simple old bull turned into so much. Billy Jaynes, the head of Exclusive Genetics, put on an awesome week of events and we really appreciate everything he does for the business. There are pictures from the week at the Exclusive Genetics website and even one of Braydan at Tuesday night's event. I am sure there will be more pictures to come.

Brayden drawing the winner of the 2014 MDBBF level one draft pick!

If any of you want to reach out to Braydan to help or with any advice on how to cope with this disease please send any correspondence to:

Braydan Kilcrease

PO Box 1266

Kingfisher, OK 73750

Or you can find another link to help at his mother's Facebook page. Her name is Jeana Kilcrease.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance if you are able to help the best little cowboy in the world, Braydan Kilcrease.

Last we must again mention Western Wishes who made all this come true, and hope each of you will take the time to read about them and consider supporting their mission, so many other people like Braydan can have their wish granted. Below is their information.

Donnalyn Quintana

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