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Monday, November 14, 2011

FW: Private Sovereign Communique - Info from david-lee

Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 10:07:56 -0600
Subject: Private Sovereign Communique - Info from david-lee
From: yahseph@gmail.com

FIRE CIRCLE - FYI:  jose/anna

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From: David lee Buess <davidleebuess@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 8:58 AM
Subject: Re: Warning
To: "generalpostmaster@generalpost.org" <generalpostmaster@generalpost.org>, Winona Palmiotti <winona1010@gmail.com>
Cc: "Jspottedbear@yahoo.com" <Jspottedbear@yahoo.com>, Jose Rey <yahseph@gmail.com>

How is it that the "General Postmaster(s) Council do not feel the original people have a right of claim to land stolen from them? The Private Attorney General Is an Act of Congress and the Office of Correction is not of  the Empirial Office established byScott Phillip Hayes. An Inherent Office of Corrections was of the Inherent Office of Corrections was that of Queen Winona.

I am working with the Lakota Nation on the embezzlement of some 225 Billion Dollars as the Office of Correction. Do not make threats to me. As established this office will work with any and all of the 3,000 Nations which represents Turtle Island and or  New Jerusalem as you the General Post Masters have now so named it without any agreement(s) with the Original People.

How are you going to deal with the genocide issue? I feel this new AOC is a sell out to  protect the criminals who have caused the damage upon this land. This is not about Power of Attorney it is about someone standing up for the criminal acts of Crowns, Federal and STATE employees and Land Theft issues. There are two sides of the law so exactly where in the AOC is our side represented?

So is it your policy that murder should not be punished? Six million (6-million) originals from this land were killed intentionally the result of "Papal Bulls" by the Pope (Vatican) That is a genocide. Land, minerals, gold, silver, oil, all stolen in breach of TREATY. Explain yourselves. This is not anger is is a demand for justice. Perhaps it is you who do not understand the difference between anger and the cry for justice.

If you do not like the title of sir then why did you have me sign documents as "sir"? I guess that would be the General Post Masters then committing "Harm" would it not? The Indians have a name for it "man speaking with forked tongue" and cannot be trusted.

Dropping the "sir" name is not a problem for me. From now on it will be as: david-lee:dba[BUESS,DAVID BUESS]. Satisfied?

Did not the General Post Masters reestablish the FRD routes? I have the paperwork stating that fact. It would appear RFDR and RFD have different meanings, Correct?

I would ask Joan Spotted Bear if she could produce the information related to a registry of the Indian Nations (Not defined in BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY 8th Edition) as should one actually exist. Is not such registry an act of the CORPORATION and the CORPORATE INDIANS? So does your AOF deal with people or Fictions?

Fraud by trickery: Articles of Establishment for the Office of Corrections again the term Articles of Establishment is not defined in BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY 8th Edition. How can one write an article of establishment when it is not defined.

Should you have properly read the E-mail sent to you, you all, would notice that I never used the Name: Scott Phillip Hayes. What about the BNA Act Section 2 and exactly how does this apply to all of you? Not anger seeking justice.

Treaty or not: the murder of 6 million will not be overlooked nor ignored by this Office of Correction.

Office of Corrections:
Statement of Purpose:
1) To represent any of the 3,000 Nations which make up and known as the "Great Turtle Island" Land Venue AKA "New Jerusalem".
2) To investigate any and all abuse, theft, corruption, breach of Treaty(s) al et al.
3) To give aid and advise related in any lawful matter arising between any of these 3,000 Nation(s) and any Government(s) or other Entity.
4) To comply with Article 26 Of the Peace Treaty via right(s) of claims.
5) To request of the General Post Master Council justice for the Genocide of 6-Million Original People on this land.
6) To request of the General Post Master Council any and all other related duties relating to Fraud, Extortion, Grand Theft, Breach of Treaty, by any corporation: government entity: Foreign or Domestic: whatsoever.
7) This Office of Correction will not honor any unsigned document is receives and will if necessary file into the World Court any and all information it receives as a just claim as agreed to in the "Peace Treaty" under Article 26.
:david-lee:dba[BUESS,DAVID BUESS]

The Office of Correction retains the right to altar: add to or delete: this document without prejudice.


From: "generalpostmaster@generalpost.org" <generalpostmaster@generalpost.org>
To: David lee Buess <davidleebuess@yahoo.com>
Sent: Sunday, November 13, 2011 8:21 PM
Subject: Warning

Attention: Scott Philip Hayes and David Lee Buess:

1: David Lee does not have the authority of PAG nor of the rural free delivery routes, nor of the title Sir.
2: Produce the power of attorney for the 3000 Indian Nations signed with wet ink signatures by the Matriarchs for those tribes that David Lee has actual power of attorney and to the extent and scope of that power of
3: Please produce a certified copy of the registry of the Indian Nations that Scott Philip Hayes claims to be a part of or the Empirical Chief over.
4: Please produce the authority that David Lee has any office called:  Office of Corrections and the limitations of that office and the powers of that office.  Please produce the Articles of Establishment for the Office of Corrections.

Scott Philip Hayes needs to go to a Drug Rehabilitation Program due to all of the marijuana injected that affects his ability to think clearly.

David Lee needs to go to a anger management program. Upon the research that was collected, Scott Philip Hayes might have claim to the Crown of Ireland at best which needs to be verified.  The Matriarchs of the Mohawk
Tribe and all other Indian Nations have no idea who Scott Philip Hayes is, nor do they recognize any of his claims. This email is fair warning that the harassment of The General Post Master Council for The United States of
America needs to be re-thought, as king Edward nor queen Winona Mae has never signed any Treaty that has been claimed here in this mailing. Any further acts of harassment can and will be prosecuted in the future and
will gladly meet the parties in the World Court.

The General Post Master Council for The United States of America.

> (All Supreme Sovereign Rights
> Retained/Maintained For The Supreme Jurisdiction Of The Great Turtle
> Island
> {New Jerusalem}:Land Venue.)
> True Original Land Stewards:Original
> Creditors:Original Benefactors:Original Beneficiaries:Heir and
> Sucessor:Crown
> Fiduciary Trustee:Grantor To The Original Trust For The Trade And Commerce
> Upon
> The Great Turtle Island:Corporate Fictions (CANADA)(UNITED STATES OF
> dba Corporation)(MEXICO)(CENTRAL AMERICA)(SOUTH AMERICA) North Pole To
> Souh
> Pole And 2000 Miles:Ocean:Land:Sea:Rock:Island:Whatever Bordering To The
> East:
> West:North:SouthAl Et Al.
> Treaties:Non-Payment To The 3,000 Nations Represented Per Treaty In Lawful
> Currency:.
> All Treaties Are Hereby Called:Due And Payable Immediately:All Land
> Evolves
> Back To The Original Land Stewarts 3,000 Nations:Owners:Heirs And
> Successors’:
> A Genocide Has Occurred.
> :sirdavid-lee:dba[BUESS,DAVID
> Office of Corrections
> 22014 Delaware Township Road 184
> Arlington, Ohio
> Phone/Fax: 419 694 5796
> E-mail: davidleebuess@yahoo.com
> 13 November 2011
> We Come In Peace
> To: General Post Master Council
> Ladies
> and Gentlemen:
> On
> behalf of the 3,000 Nations: It is herein requested by the General Post
> Master
> Council that proof of ownership: Bill of Sale: for any and all lands
> claimed
> presently belonging to anyone under the names of [UNITED STATES OF
> et al], [CANADA, al et al], [MEXICO, al et al] [CENTRAL AMERICA, al et
> al], [SOUTH AMERICA,al et al] Queen Winona Mae Marzocco and King Edward be
> presented to this
> Office of Corrections within 20-Days. A Genocide has occurred.
> This request is by right
> of claim under Article 7 - The Peace Treaty in time of War at .26. signed
> on
> October 28, 2011.
> It
> is further requested that total payment(s) of All Treaty Agreement(s)
> begin
> immediately to all of the 3,000 Nations: True Original Land Stewards:
> Original
> Creditors: Original Benefactors: Original Beneficiaries: Heir and
> Successors: Crown
> Fiduciary Trustee: Grantor To The Original Trust For The Trade And
> Commerce
> Upon The Great Turtle Island {New Jerusalem} Land Venue.
> It
> is particularly to our interest that the STATE OF OHIO, COUNTY OF RICHLAND
> show
> immediate proof of lawful ownership of said land(s) as a need(s) of lawful
> jurisdiction need be established. All Bill(s) of Sale herein related
> between
> the Mohawk Nation to the Mound Builders, al et al and the STATE OF OHIO
> RICHLAND COUNTY, OHIO present such documented evidence of lawful
> ownership; it is
> further requested that any and all Land Lease(s) be also presented proving
> current occupants have lawful right to be upon this our land(s).
> Respectively
> submitted,
> :sirdavid-lee:dba[BUESS,DAVID


All Supreme Sovereign Rights Retained

V 4 Victory!!!