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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Re: U.S. Marines tell Fox's Hannity to ‘f*ck off’

Read GOP Candidates Worried About 99% Why, Because People Take their 1st Amendment Rights to Heart   Freedom of Speech Freedom of the Press and Freedom 2nd amendment Rights To Protect Ourselves, they have the Audacity to Ask You To support Them to take away your Rights and force slavery on YOU!!!!!!!!

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Watch: U.S. Marines tell Hannity to 'f*ck off'

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Poll: Huge majority of Americans support taxing the rich

Philospher Slavoj Zizek: Marriage between democracy and capitalism is over

Cornel West: Herman Cain 'needs to get off the symbolic crack pipe'

Afghanistan opium production set to rise 61%: UN

Romney flip-flops on protests: 'I worry about the 99 percent'

Police attack military veterans, arrest 50 others with Occupy Boston

Early Tuesday morning, Police allegedly attacked protesting U.S. military veterans and arrested 50 others with Occupy Boston. Read more ›

Coulter: Chris Wallace should be 'punched' for asking Santorum about gays

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter is so upset at Fox News host Chris Wallace for asking Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum about gays in the military that she is advocating violence. Read more ›


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