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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Re: Unarmed Iraq war veteran critically injured by police

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The videos and photographs coming out of the police crackdown on
the Occupy Oakland protesters does not look like anything you'd
expect to in the United States.

Quite simply, the police turned it into a battle zone with rubber
bullets, flash grenades, and teargas on one side, and unarmed
protesters on the other.

An Iraq war veteran has been critically injured by the police in
Oakland and video evidence shows that the actions of the police were



Note: Earlier today we sent out a link to a video about the
experimental Orwellian surveillance grid being funded by federal
grants and installed in the city of Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Apparently they didn't like the exposure and removed the video, but
the internet is a wonderful thing and I found it somewhere else.

If you tried and were unable to view the video earlier, we fixed it.
- Brasscheck

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