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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Re: Police repeatedly clash with ‘Occupy Oakland’ in night of terror

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  Top Stories for October 26, 2011

Police repeatedly clash with 'Occupy Oakland' in night of terror

Marine vet injured by non-lethal rounds at 'Occupy Oakland'

Michael Moore: Obama first term 'heartbreaking'

Olbermann praises Letterman's support for 'Occupy'

Federal court blocks intrusive North Carolina abortion law

The unstable future of a world full of men

Hartmann: Just 147 corporartions are 'running the world'

Koch pranker faces jail time for using dildo at protest

CA lawmaker: Pot crackdown will cost millions in lost revenue

Is a Breitbart contributor behind Herman Cain's smoking ad?

Stewart: Robertson's GOP critique is 'Like Facebook saying to you, 'TMI'

Like many commentators, Jon Stewart was seemed shocked at word that television preacher Pat Robertson had called the Republican Party too "extreme" for his liking. On The Daily Show Tuesday evening, the comedian was certainly fired up with disbelief over the televangelist's comments, saying he "did not see that coming." Read more ›

Jay Smooth parodies new Herman Cain ad

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain strange new campaign ad, which features his chief of staff talking about the candidate and blowing smoke into the camera, quickly became an online sensation after it was discovered on Monday. Radio personality Jay Smooth decided to make his own Herman Cain ad in the same spirit. Read more ›



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