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Friday, October 28, 2011

Re: Police confront occupations in NYC, San Diego, Nashville, Raleigh


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  Top Stories for October 28, 2011

Maddow explains how Wall Street firms defrauded investors

Financial strategist: The 1 percent 'gave' workers weekends, child labor laws

Sgt. Shamar Thomas encourages veterans to join 99%

Traders taunt 'Occupy Chicago' protesters with leaflets

DOJ faces lawsuit over medical marijuana crackdown

Police confront occupations in NYC, San Diego, Nashville, Raleigh

Justin Bieber tries to shut down anti-'illegal streaming bill' website

More companies shed light on political spending

Colbert: Wall Street will 'snort the ground-up bones of the poor'

On his Thursday show, Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert jokingly agreed with the Fox News' Gretchen Carlson, who believes the Occupy movement is "coming to an end." This week, police forces around the country have moved to evict those occupying public spaces. In Oakland, Marine veteran Scott Olsen had his skull fractured by some type of police projectile. Read more ›

Jon Stewart: Romney is 'everybody's first choice for second place'

In two clips from last night's 'Daily Show', host Jon Stewart has a long look at the presumptive GOP front runner, Mitt Romney. Throughout these early months of the Republican primary, as Stewart points out, Romney has exhibited two steady traits; he's constantly coming in second to other candidates and that he is apparently incapable of taking a firm stand on any issue of significance to the Republican base. Read more ›



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