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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Re: OpEdNews: Almost 1000 Occupations, Drone Factory Headquarters Shut Down By Occupy DC Action

On Sat, Oct 8, 2011 at 8:57 AM, Rob Kall <rob@opednews.com> wrote:

Bold and Daring: The Way Progressive News Should Be
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Something never done before is spreading across America. It's a joy and honor to be a part of it. If you haven't yet showed up for one of the hundreds of occupations yet, you are really missing something, and really missing an opportunity to shake the system.

It's been wonderful to see the awareness of Opednews. I spent a little time handing out cards, telling people, "progressive news" or "progressive news-- we publish more of the speakers here than any other" and that is totally true. About a third of the people I spoke to were familiar with opennews. And half of them warmly greeted me, even hugged me and told me OEN is the best, or the first to report news.

Then there were the OEN writers I've re-visited or met here-- Ann Wright, Ray McGOvern, Coleen Rowley, Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers, David Swanson... the list goes on and on.

That's great stuff. We still need to pay our bills though. It's clear to me that OEN has been playing a valued role in the occupations. Please help make it possible for me to focus on reporting, and using OEN to empower, rather than on fundraising. Make a donation today that puts us closer to meeting our monthly budget needs.

I'm off to teach a class at Freedom Square on Tapping the Power of Story for Activism.

See some of you there. Hope many of you show up at an occupation somewhere. These occupations are reasons for hope in dark times.


rob kall

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Daily Headlines

By Rob Kall
Day 2 DC Occupation of Freedom Square

actions, sharing ideas, developing policies-- make up the second day on freedom square

By Naomi Klein
Occupy Wall Street: The Most Important Thing in the World Now

"Why are they protesting?" ask the baffled pundits on TV. Meanwhile, the rest of the world asks: "What took you so long?" "We've been wondering when you were going to show up." And most of all: "Welcome."

By Walter Brasch
Booze, Schmooze, but Not Any News: The "Today" Show Fourth Hour

Does ANYONE know why the Kardashian sisters are so popular? Walter Brasch has an idea, and he ties them to the problems of the media.

By David Glenn Cox
Day One

The crowds were large diverse and expectant, all are waiting for something. They are as diverse as a crowd can be yet they are united in the knowledge that something is very wrong in America.

By Robert Borosage
Whose Side Are You On: The Moral Clarity of Occupy Wall Street

Will this movement be a factor in the 2012 elections? It already is. Will it make clear demands? It already has. Whose side are you on? Wall Street or kids in the street? The top 1% or the 99%? It doesn't get clearer than that.

By Jan Ransom
Philly Commish sets rules on civilians' pix
PHILADELPHIA'S top cop has issued a memorandum to eliminate any confusion about a civilian's right to record, videotape or photograph officers in a public space.

By shamus cooke
Occupy Portland Is Born with Ten Thousand Strong
It should be no surprise that a city dubbed "Little Beirut" by President Bush Senior -- due to the large protests against him -- began its "occupation" on a level on par with Wall Street.

By Leslie Pickett
Occupying a Common Cause

A look at the underlying structure of the Occupy Movement, and the need to remain focused on a unifying theme that reaches to the heart of general public discontent.

By Bernie Sanders
Rein in Wall Street and rescue the middle class

The idea that six giant financial institutions can exert such enormous control over the economy should frighten anyone who believes in a competitive free-market system. Good Republican presidents like William Howard Taft and Teddy Roosevelt broke up Standard Oil, the railroad trusts and other huge monopolies a century ago.

By Scott Baker
Update from OTHER occupation sites

OWS isn't just confined to Wall Street, or even just to the U.S. Local and global updates herein show a movement that's vibrant, growing, coalescing around common goals, and a threat to the power system.

By Martha Rosenberg
Are You Mentally Ill? If You Drink Too Much You Are, Says Big Pharma

Pharma's stratagems to grow its "mentally ill" franchise are well known. People with occasional anxiety are really depressed, then bipolar, then suffering from an assortment of amorphous "spectrum" diseases and dysrythmias with no known cause, no cure, no diagnostic tests and no turnoff valve on the pharmacy spigot.

By Eric Walberg
US Envoys from Hell

The choice of US ambassadors to Central Asia and the Middle East gives one pause for thought

Scores dead as army and deserters clash; U.N. says 2,900 killed in Syria crackdown

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says that more than 2,900 people, mainly civilians, have been killed in the six months since the beginning of the crackdown on anti-government protests in Syria.

By Rodger Knight
Franklin Roosevelt Explains Today's Economic Crisis

A discussion of conditions in the 1920s and their relevance today

Eric Cantor Uses Palin's Playbook

In 2009, Eric Cantor praised the Tea Party protesters by announcing that they were "fighting on the fighting lines in what we know is a battle for democracy." Today, he is increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying Wall Street and other cities across the country.

By Paul Repstock
R U One in 300 for Justice?

An appeal for Justice in the case of Bradley Manning, alleged WikiLeaks source for the Collateral Murder video.

Inside the ALEC Dating Service

I really thought it would take more than five minutes in New Orleans before I realized the conservative movement had landed there.

By Michael Morgan
Occupy Asheville, NC & the "Jubilee !" idea.
Occupy Asheville, NC & the "Jubilee !" idea.

By Mary Wentworth
Longtime Police Strategy: Instigate A Brawl
This article shows that what the OccupyWallStreet demonstrators are going through with the NYPD is standard practice. The police want to disrupt, intimidate, beat peaceful people to show they are in control of what the media will portray as an unruly crowd bent on violence.

By Esam Al-Amin
Fed Up and Taking to the Streets, But What are the Demands?

If the Arabs' anger at the repression and corruption of their governments has led to the popular uprisings and protests throughout this year, will the greed and unholy alliance between unrestrained capitalism and the political class, produce mass protests across America?

Declaration of the Occupation of New York City - NYC General Assembly

This document Accepted by the NYC (#occupywallstreet) General Assembly on September 29, 2011: As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members; that our system must protect our rights, and upon corruption of that system, it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights, and those of their neighbors; that a democratic government derives its just power from the people, but corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth; and that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power. We come to you at a time when corporations, which place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run our governments. We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right, to let these facts be known.

By Phil Rockstroh
Occupying The Heart Of The Beast: Observations, Impressions And Images From Amid The Multitudes In Liberty Plaza

"Protest that endures, I think, is moved by a hope far more modest than that of public success: namely, the hope of preserving qualities in one's own heart and spirit that would be destroyed by acquiescence." ~ Wendell Berry

By Jay Janson
King Would be Marching on Wall St. Where Wars Are Made - Not in Washington

Occupy Wall Street organizers are saying, why complain to congressmen when you can complain to the financial backers they are beholden to obey? Why beg the President when you can make trouble for the Wall Street VIPs that own him? Eventually, a critical mass of the public will awaken to what King awoke to. There is now an international initiative promoting the use of Rev. King's words and his image as a catalyst for unity.

By Stephen Lendman
Stop the Machine Occupies Washington
On October 6, thousands massed in Washington on the 10th anniversary of America's illegal Afghan war against a nonbelligerent country.

By John Nichols
Should Obama Face a Challenge in the Democratic Primary?

It is not just unmet expectations that lead roughly a third of Democratic voters to tell pollsters Obama should face a primary challenge; it is also a sense that the president cannot energize the Democratic base and win in 2012 unless he is forced to define himself as a dramatically more progressive candidate.

By Dave Lindorff
Corporate Greed is on the Table: The Occupation Movement has Broken Through a Wall in America

After covering the Occupy Wall Street and the first day of the occupation in Washington, TCBH! reporter Dave Lindorff says the burgeoning occupation movement has changed the conversation in America fundamentally.

By michael payne
Remember the Movie, "The Ugly American?" It's Being Remade, Starring the GOP

The Ugly American was a best selling political novel in 1958 that was made into a movie starring Marlon Brando five years later. It is a fictional account of American government officials, employees and businessmen who operated in Southeast Asia, actually Vietnam, during the early years of the U.S. government's agenda to curb the spread of communism.


Latest Articles

Anti-Defamation League Assails Palestinian UN Membership
The ADL always fronted for Jewish supremacy. After Israel's 1948 creation, it backed Israeli rights over Arabs, including by occupation and belligerently enforced apartheid.

President Obama Doesn't Deserve the Knock from Wall Street Occupiers
The Wall Street occupiers withering knock at corporate and financial greed, manipulation and corruption is much deserved. Their knock at former President Bush and Congress for giving Wall Street financial houses the taxpayers open checkbook to bail them out with virtually no requirement that they in turn bail out distressed homeowners and struggling businesses is much deserved.

The Politics of "Occupy Wall Street': Sanders and Progressives Endorse, Ron Paul Sympathetic, Obama Silent
Banks got billions in bailouts & Americans got austerity, foreclosures & fatuous rhetoric from the right. So, just what do you suppose the president & Jay Carney understand?

Not only in these hard economic times, you can save thousands of $$$ when planning your next vacation. And also on car rental. How? It's quite simple.

The media knowledge gap

ow far we are from the average media consumers recognizing the huge information deficit they bring upon themselves by consuming only corporate news. That deficit is a lack of context and awareness about significant issues. It is not a coincidence, but rather the result of conscious, profit-driven decisions made by those news outlets so many of us have come to "trust."

Prayer Killed the Baby

A Christian couple were found guilty of second degree manslaughter for letting their newborn premature son to die. He died because his Christian parents believed the false Bible promise of healing through prayer and anointing with oil. We all need to do what we can to bring unnecessary and unreasonable religious crimes against children to an end.

The federal government attempted to pass full-employment legislation in 1946 and again in 1978, with little success. It's long past due, and this legislation would help to improve the view on the street and the economic mood of our nation, as well as set an example for others who are seeking to improve their national economies. Let's pass full-employment legislation without delay!

A Nation Speaking With One Voice
This is still a nation of WE THE PEOPLE, and it is time to take back our nation. Let's begin now to change our local and state policies from within in order to replace the existing federal entity with more capable, worthy and truly united states who are determined to do the will of the people they represent.

The "getting" of Assange and the smearing of a revolution

It is not the Swedish judicial system that presents a "grave danger" to Assange, say his lawyers, but a legal device known as a Temporary Surrender, under which he can be sent on from Sweden to the United States secretly and quickly. Kafka-style justice awaits Assange whether or not Sweden decides to prosecute him.

70 Killed in renewed suicide attacks in Mogadishu
Mogadishu: Truck bomb explosions killed at least 70 people and injured 100 hundred in the south West Mogadishu on Tuesday.

Too Big to Fail

Poem, Politics Republican Primary

Yesterday, "Freedom Plaza" Protest Action in Washington, D.C.

Yesterday began the October 2011 protest at Freedom Plaza in D.C. As in N.Y. and around the country the people are saying, "We are here, we are going to be heard, we are not going to be ignored, things will not continue as they have; we demand things change". For the present it's enough to gather and show solidarity. These protests need to coalesce around overturning the electoral process usurped by money in politics.

How to Fix the Economy
The economy won't be fixed until we have people in office who respect the rule of law and the basic principles of democracy.

It's the Water, Stupid: The Perils of Clearcutting
When you fly to the west coast, you usually pass over the Sierra Nevada mountain range. On a clear day you'll notice the surrounding forests are irregular; they've been "checkerboarded." Millions of acres have been logged and "clearcut." While problematic on many levels, clearcutting imperils the drinking water for 45 million Americans.

Occupy Wall Street: Surrounding the Bull

Hundreds of cops, some on horsebacks, are now protecting Wall Street 24 hours a day. At Bowling Green Park, they have also blocked access to the Merryll Lynch bull. To be warmed by the methane gas of a healthy market, no doubt, a group of New York's Finest gathered near their sacred bovine's digestive exit, just below its up-lashing tail.

Wall Street Runs America
Major Wall Street banks occupy and control Washington. They recycle their officials in and out, make policy, and enforce it with money power supremacy for virtually everything they want.

New York Times Bashes Outspoken World Leaders
Few world leaders challenge US and Israeli crimes. Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan often assails Israel, including at a Pretoria, South Africa Turkish foreign policy conference.

Police Brutality - "Enhanced Law Enforcement Techniques"

Police Brutality has been re-defined, it appears, as "Enhanced Law Enforcement Techniques" - all legal and appropriate, under George W. Bush's Patriot Act..

The Moral Imperative of "Activism"

How I look forward to descending on our own "Tahrir Square" at Freedom Plaza in Washington starting on Oct. 6. In the final analysis we will be confronting the "upper crust," which my Irish grandmother described as "a bunch of crumbs held together by a lot of dough."

Let's be world leaders in a real and meaningful sense by showing some cooperation on all levels. It's time that we work together on a bipartisan level and as fellow citizens to get this economy back on track and moving in a controlled and purposeful way toward recovery.

People Power

Poem,Occupy Wall Street,Demonstrations

Emergency Appeal from Judy White
I am fearful of what will be done to him if he does not sign the document, but also fearful of what will be done to him and/or with the document if he does sign it. THIS IS AMERICA - NOT SOME BANANA REPUBLIC WHERE PRISONERS ARE ABUSED AND MISUSED IN SUCH A MANNER. My husband has reported the criminal actions of prison employees and has been further abused in retaliation for doing so, which is ILLEGAL.

By Press Release
So Much for Racial Stereotypes: Steve Jobs Was Half Arab-American

SAN FRANCISCO -- Abdul Fattah Jandali, a young Syrian Muslim immigrant in Wisconsin, never met his son Steve Jobs. When a baby was born to the 23-year-old Jandali -- now known as John -- and his 23-year-old German-American girlfriend, Joanne Schieble, in 1955, there was no chance he'd be able to grow up with his biological parents.

George W. Bush - A Convention Against Torture

George W. Bush may be indicted for the crimes of torture in any nation that is a signatory to the Convention Against Torture.

Hope at Last? The Path Out of the American Nightmare

At last, a ray of hope? Two solutions, and the second must piggyback off the first, offer a chance to reverse this country's disastrous political and economic problems.

Educating all special learners including the most gifted

An unseen inequality of education that is depriving this nation of something that made us great... the education in our public schools of our gifted learners. The media is the tool, directing the conversation to proficiency of the general population, and missing completely the need for the efficiency of teaching the best minds, the gifted learners who have always emerged from a great public education toblead our nation.

Occupy Turtle Island
Did "Occupy the Sierra Madre Mountains" work out well for Geronimo?

Evolution -- or Revolution?
Should we focus on evolving by developing our individual and community powers or do we revolve, or have a revolution, which entails a "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" scenario?


Best News Links from the Web

Dan Froomkin: Jalaluddin Haqqani, Once CIA's 'Blue-Eyed Boy,' Now Top Scourge For U.S. In Afghanistan

The U.S.'s new public enemy No. 1 in Afghanistan is one of its own making. "We facilitated his rise -- we and the Saudis and Pakistani intelligence," said Steve Coll, author of "Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA." "The lesson is: Watch out who your friends are," Coll said. The U.S. "outsourced the politics of the war to the Pakistani ISI and they favored radical Islamist groups with an anti-American agenda. And we accepted that."

Computer Virus Reportedly Hits U.S. Drones

Some troubling news, and not just because its National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: A computer virus has reportedly infected the U.S.'s Predator and Reaper drones, and network security specialists can't seem to get rid of it. Wired spoke to three anonymous sources about the infection, one of whom had this to say: "We keep wiping it off, and it keeps coming back... We think it's benign. But we just don't know."

Impeach the President
The President ordered the military to kill an English-speaking, natural-born American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki (ah-law-key), using a drone missile. This is illegal. No citizen can be harmed by any agent of the state except through the application of legal due process (Fifth Amendment). President Obama violated this requirement.

Environmentalists Sue Government Over Tar Sands Pipeline

The proposed TransCanada pipeline, which would stretch from the Canadian tar sands to the Texas Gulf Coast refineries, has drawn criticisms from environmentalists who argue that the pipeline has a significant risk of accidents and that the tar sands oil has a larger carbon output than conventional oil. Despite this opposition, the U.S. government has been generally supportive of the controversial project. On Wednesday, three conservation groups filed a lawsuit to halt preliminary work on the project, alleging that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service illegally gave TransCanada permission to begin preparing the pipeline's route in Nebraska.

Journalists Attacked by NYPD At Occupy Wall Street Protests - Intel Hub

Multiple journalists were attacked by the NYPD on Oct 5 after certain younger protesters apparently attempt to cross police barricades that had been set up to protect Wall Street and the Stock Exchange. 2 Fox News journalists and independent journalist Luke Rudkowski were pepper sprayed and beaten with batons as police indiscriminately attacked the crowds. Rudkowski was also able to film his attack which clearly shows police attacking protesters and journalists as if they are the same.

Occupy Wall Street: Who Wants to Hijack the Movement - Tarpley

Eyewitness observers suggest that the deliberations of the general assembly are largely a diversion, and that real power is being increasingly concentrated in the hands of about 20 mysterious and anonymous individuals who appear to make up a kind of covert steering committee that pulls the strings on the general assembly, or else goes around it completely. The members of this cadre of mysterious operatives are not as young as the average demonstrator. The secret leadership is made up of people ranging in age from 25 to over 40, with the older ones occupying the key posts. Many of them appear to be active duty or recently retired military. Attempts to ascertain the names of the behind-the-scenes leaders are met with stonewalling. When pressed to reveal her identity, one female leader gave her name as "Mary MIA." Another gave his name as "Tony POW."

Sirte residents turn anger on Libya's new government - El Gamal

Many residents of Sirte, Muammar Gaddafi's birth-place, blame Libya's new rulers and their Western allies for the death and destruction unleashed on their city by weeks of fighting."NATO has brought destruction, and the revolution has brought destruction," he said. "What did America and NATO bring to us? Did they bring apricots?" he demanded. "No, they brought us the shelling and the strikes. They terrorized our kids."

David Corn: Obama: Held Hostage No More?

Obama noted that he remains quite willing to listen to Republicans who have ideas about getting construction workers or teachers back to work. But, he said, the Republicans are only backing modest measures, such as trade deals and patent reform legislation. This is not enough, he asserted, "to meet the challenge of 9 percent unemployment." He added, "If Congress does something, I can't run against a do-nothing Congress." (No doubt comments like that make Democratic senators cringe.)

China Fires Back At US Senate Which May Have Just Started The Sino-US Currency Wars

The Senate finally did it and fired the first round in the great US-China currency war, after they took aim at one of China's core economic policies, voting to move forward with a bill designed to press Beijing to let its currency rise in value in the hope of creating U.S. jobs. And just because China is now certain that the US will continue with its provocative posture, most recently demonstrated by the vocal response in the latest US-Taiwan military escalation, we would not be surprised at all to find China Daily report that China has accidentally sold a few billions in US government bonds... just because.

Afghanistan War: Ex-Commander Stanley McChrystal Says U.S. Started War With 'Frighteningly Simplistic' View Of Country

The U.S. began the war in Afghanistan with a "frighteningly simplistic" view of the country, and even 10 years later lacks knowledge that could help bring the conflict to a successful end, retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal said in remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations that the U.S. and its NATO allies are only "a little better than" 50 percent of the way to reaching their war goals.

In Recording, Qaddafi Urges Followers to "Rise Up"

Muammar el-Qaddafi, the deposed Libyan leader now in hiding, broke more than a week of public silence on Thursday with a recorded message beseeching his followers to flood the streets of their country and "raise our green flags to the skies."

Obama To Issue Executive Order On Classified Info, After WikiLeaks

By executive order, President Obama will instruct federal agencies today to better safeguard their classified secrets, to set up internal audit systems, and to make sure that reluctance to share critical intelligence in the aftermath of the WikiLeaks exposure does not hamper collaboration across agencies. The so-called "WikiLeaks" executive order has been long awaited by the national security establishment and by the privacy and civil liberties communities.

Homeownership rate experiences biggest drop in 70 years

The U.S. homeownership rate experienced its biggest drop in 70 years in 2010, declining to 65.1% from 66.2% in 2000, according to data from the Census Bureau. The decline came even as the nation added 15.8 million housing units, increasing the total housing inventory by 13.6%.

Fears of an economic meltdown in China

Mounting instabilities in the Chinese economy have provoked fears among international analysts that world capitalism is about to be hit by another shock. A clear indicator of global concern over a crash in China is the rising net value of outstanding credit default swaps (CDS) on Chinese sovereign debt--a type of insurance against a Chinese government default. This now stands at $US8.3 billion

Reuters: Secret Death Panel informs Obama White House
Anyone, anywhere in the world, including Americans, can be targeted for assassination by a White House panel operating in secret and without judicial oversight. Reuters reports that they have heard from the panel members themselves, who did not want their names printed. There is no public record of the operations or decisions of the panel, which is a subset of the White House's National Security Council. Neither is there any law establishing its existence or setting out the rules by which it is supposed to operate. Obama, who ran for president denouncing predecessor GW Bush's expansive use of executive power in his "war on terror," is now using similar tactics, including secret legal justifications and undisclosed intelligence assessments. Reuters calls this Ironic. You, Dear Reader, might choose a stronger word.

Anti-War, Anti-Wall St. Protest Hits DC

Three thousand demonstrators gathered in Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC, on Thursday for a spirited anti-war and anti-Wall St. protest. On the tenth anniversary of the Afghan War, they demanded that Obama bring the troops home now. Though the protest was initially planned primarily as an anti-war rally, much of the energy in the crowd was focused on Wall Street greed. David Barrows, 64, dressed in a top hat and wearing a pig nose, held a sign that said, "Brother, can you spare a billion?" He sang new lyrics to the tune of "Happy Days Are Here Again," which included: "We are just too big to fail/Just try to put us in jail. Billionaires are coming soon."

10 Things to Know About Wall Street's Attack on America

When you climb out of the subway at Wall Street, you might wonder why there are no protestors in the cavernous alley by the stock exchange. That's because since 9/11, Wall Street has been barricaded shut to prevent possible attacks. But up the block at Zuccotti Park between Liberty and Cedar streets, west of Broadway, the party's on.

Oceans in Dire Shape, Yet Responsible for Life on Land

Oceans cover three quarters of the earth's surface. And oceans have absorbed about a quarter of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, one of four main greenhouse gases causing global warming. This absorption of CO2 is integrally related to the three major factors impacting the oceans: global warming, ocean acidification and decreasing amounts of oxygen. As a result, the current situation of the oceans is dire. And its impact will be severe not only for marine life but also for all life -- plant, animal and human -- on land.

A Tea People's History: Book Synopsis

Exclusive (humorous) read from the history book they won't teach in schools! The story of our holy Constitution.

Emissions into Fuel?

An Illinois research team has succeeded in overcoming one major obstacle to a promising technology that simultaneously reduces atmospheric carbon dioxide and produces fuel.

You & Yr. Family are Modified Fish

"Humans are just modified fish," said Professor Currie. "The genome of fish is not vastly different from our own. We have shown that the mechanism of pelvic muscle formation in bony fish is transitional between that in sharks and in our tetrapod ancestors."

Paul Krugman: Confronting the Malefactors

There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear, but we may, at long last, be seeing the rise of a popular movement that, unlike the Tea Party, is angry at the right people. And if the protests goad some politicians into doing what they should have been doing all along, Occupy Wall Street will have been a smashing success.

The Cronyism Behind a Pipeline for Crude
McKIBBEN reveals that the State Department worked with lobbyists to advance the interests of TransCanada, the company trying to build the Keystone XL pipeline from the tar sands of Canada across the center of the continent. Even as the State Department was supposedly carrying out a neutral evaluation of the pipeline's environmental impact, key players were undermining the process....we're talking about connecting a pipe to one of the largest pools of carbon on earth. Twenty of the nation's top scientists sent the administration a letter this summer explaining what a disaster it would be. According to NASA's chief climate scientist, James Hansen, if we tapped the tar sands heavily, it would be "essentially game over" for the climate. Bill McKibben is a scholar in residence in environmental studies at Middlebury College, is a spokesman for tarsandsaction.org

9 Things You Didn't Know About Steve Jobs

For all of his years in the spotlight at the helm of Apple, Steve Jobs in many ways remains an inscrutable figure -- even in his death. Fiercely private, Jobs concealed most specifics about his personal life, from his curious family life to the details of his battle with pancreatic cancer -- a disease that ultimately claimed him on Wednesday, at the age of 56.

3M film turns windows into transparent solar panels By Jay Alabaster

3M has developed a see-through film that turns ordinary windows into solar panels. It will go sale next year. The solar film, on display at the Ceatec electronics conference in Japan, is arrayed in narrow, translucent green strips with clear gaps between and then glued to windows in large patches. A square meter of the film can generate roughly enough electricity to charge an iPhone under peak sunlight, but still allows for high visibility. The product currently generates only about 20 percent of the electricity that a traditional silicon solar panel does, and will cost about half as much, though the final price has not been decided. But it is also far easier to install and takes up no additional space. 3M has strong expertise in adhesives, where its less technical products include Scotch tape and Post-it sticky notes.

Progressive Activism Helps Prevent Wall Street Banks From Receiving a "Get Out of Jail Free" Card, by Miles Mogulescu

When progressive activism achieves meaningful results and scores a win over Wall Street banks, there's nothing wrong with taking a little victory lap. After receiving 38,358 petitions from Californians organized by The Progressive Change Campaign Committee and CREDO Action, California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced on Friday that she would join New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in opposing a massive settlement with 5 of America's largest Wall Street banks. The settlement would have released JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Ally Bank from liability for possible fraud in the run-up to the subprime mortgage crisis which led to the Financial Crisis of 2008 and the Great Recession that America and most of the world is now suffering from.

Cleaning the Augean Stables: Libya's anti-Corruption Unit to Hunt Missing Billions

In Muammar Gaddafi's Libya, kleptocracy, nepotism and corruption were common with the former leader and his family accused of being at the centre of it. With Gaddafi gone, a new transparency organisation has been set up to hunt for the country's missing billions and arrest those who stole it. Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley reports from Tripoli.

"White Shirts" of Police Department Take on Enforcer Role by Al Baker Joseph Goldstein

As the Occupy Wall Street protests, which began on Sept. 17, lurch into their third week, it is often the white shirts who lay hands on protesters or initiate arrests.

The people-powered 99 percent movement

The Associated Press' Jacquelyn Martin snapped this photo of activists at the Occupy DC rally forming a "99%" sign at Freedom Plaza.

Samuel Wilson, aka Uncle Sam

The Wilson Family has a pattern and practice of war profiteering. ass it on



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