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Monday, October 3, 2011

FW: [FreedomLawSchool] Occupy Wall Street: A Globalist Op Designed to Destroy Efforts to End the Fed

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Subject: Fw: [FreedomLawSchool] Occupy Wall Street: A Globalist Op Designed to Destroy Efforts to End the Fed

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Subject: [FreedomLawSchool] Occupy Wall Street: A Globalist Op Designed to Destroy Efforts to End the Fed
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   JP Morgan buys the NYPD
The Truth Lights Up The Powers of Darkness.  The enemy is in plain sight.

The Cabal of the Bogus bank of Credit Fraud  is desperate!  Militiamen are volunteer. Watcha gonna do when we come for you?


JP Morgan Funded NYPD Mass Arrests Over 700 Peaceful Occupy Wall Street Protesters

The Intel Hub
October 1, 2011
The NYPD has arrested over 700 protesters who were occupying the Brooklyn Bridge in what could very well be a defining moment in the battle for freedom and liberty in America.
The police apparently corralled the protesters(depending on whose story you believe) onto the Brooklyn Bridge and then started their arrests of American citizens protesting the very banks that have destroyed this country from within.
The NYPD is essentially doing the dirty work for the banks, which makes complete sense when you consider the fact that JP Morgan actually FUNDS The New York City Police Department.
That's right, the very police department that has been filmed numerous times beating and macing the Occupy Wall Street protesters has received a considerable amount of money from the very banks that the protesters are targeting!

Screenshot from JP Morgan Chase Press Release


   New York City Police Foundation 

         New York, New York

JPMorgan Chase recently donated an unprecedented $4.6 million to the New York City Police Foundation. The gift was the largest in the history of the foundation and will enable the New York City Police Department to strengthen security in the Big Apple. The money will pay for 1,000 new patrol car laptops, as well as security monitoring software in the NYPD's main data center.

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly sent CEO and Chairman Jamie Dimon a note expressing "profound gratitude" for the company's donation.

"These officers put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe," Dimon said. "We're incredibly proud to help them build this program and let them know how much we value their hard work."

This is an obvious conflict of interest that the NYPD and corporate controlled media do not want you to know or talk about.
Obviously there are good people on the NYPD force but how are we supposed to believe that the NYPD as a whole just wants to protect their city when they are funded by the very banksters being targeted by the Occupy Wall Street protests?
      ,,,!~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bob's New Footnote~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!,,,
                                  Serious Questions Raised
We have become a pathetically phlegmatic nation full of lethargic idiots
and the government that takes from 'you' and gives to 'them' knows,
and relies on the fact, that they will not have any opposition to what-
ever they do because of the plethora of lethargic idiots, couch
potatoes at best. I would also shout "Wake Up Amerika" but that would
be akin to telling my dog Duffy to jump over the house.
                                   IMPOSSIBLE AT BEST !!!!
Please don't be too over-enthusiastic, too euphoric, because of
November's political 'glitch.' As I have admonished in my oft-used
footnote, they, 'the new ones' are still just politicians.  So, please
remember the old story of the lady that picked up a snake to give it
a ride after many promises of
                                        "I'll not bite you, I promise?"
The operative part of my footnote I've changed to magenta.
Electing 'a new guy' to the cesspool of gross immorality known as The
District of Columbia is akin to taking a glass of clear, fresh, cool well
water and dumping it into your septic tank and then going back and
expecting it to be there for your use as clear, fresh, cool well water.
                        IT'S A PHYICAL IMPOSSIBILITY !!!!!!
What we need to do is start shooting or hanging the immoral, lying,
treasonous bastards (and there are many still left in Con-gress -
Frank, Pelosi, Shumer, et al) that have turned their backs on both
their oaths of office and 'we the people.' (The 'septic tank' if you
will, into which we have dumped our new, fresh, clean? Congress
Critters)  Let them see, by example, what their crimes bring as far
as retribution goes.
We, as a nation are loathe to remember or learn from history.  We had
an enemy overseas, Japan, much like the enemy we have today on our
shores, Our Congress.  We dropped a hideous weapon on Hiroshima and
four days later we dropped one on Nagasaki.  Then we went to the
enemy that just got the crap blasted out of them and asked,
                      "Are you ready to surrender Now?"
I guarantee that after a few congress critters are found swinging in
the breeze, suspended from a rope with a label on it "Made In The
USA" or found floating, face down in the Potomac River, we can go
to the rest of them, if they are still in Washington and ask the question,
   "Are you ready to faithfully fulfill your oath of office Now?"
Anything short of this remedy is fruitless given the influence wielded
by the lobbyists and criminals (sometimes they are the same) that hold
sway over all of Congress and the presidency.  They, the lobbyists, out-
weigh the largest namby-pamby Tea Party demo by an exponential
amount.  Criminal Pelosi is a prime example.  Representative she's not. 
Criminal she is!  And She Was Re-elected By The Dull Slugs In And
Around Nan-Francisco.  Please ask yourself, what type of 'Amerikan?'
would cast a vote for the likes of Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry
Reid??  This rhetorical question does beg an answer, if only in your
own mind, does it not?

too late,Donut learn as I did.  Take care & beware,FTG  The sun shineth upon the dunghill & isnt corrupted. We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them. Confutatis maledictis, flammis acribus addictis  http://wp.me/PmtmV-4W2     
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