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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

call confirmation

                                                                                     October 23,2013

The Honorable Todd Young
Member of Congress
c/o Justin Stevens
279 Quartermaster Ct.
Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130

Dear Congressman Young:

Thank You for your diligence on behalf of my disabled husband
Jerry Seaver Sr. Your assistance in Inquiring the FSA  and Treasury
Dept. about funds being taken out of his Social Security Disability
payment each month.


 1) confirming October 23, 2013 phone call with Justin Stevens
     requesting a joint call with my Representative of Record
     Lawrence Lucas, historically only representative helping
     us with this case. Mr Stevens turned this joint call down
     as not appropriate at this time(?)

  2) as with most of the letters from the USDA/FSA, Ms, Wickard's
      Indiana's State Executive Director's  figures and information in her
      response letter dated September 13,2013, is flawed...
      a complete forensic audit, should be completed. The figure here
      is very close to the amount that Mr Breyerhelm said we would owe for
     a complete certified unedited copy of our USDA/ FSA file(s) (of which
     has not been appropriated addressed)

 3) I have stated in the written complaints the issues and have requested
      my rights as per their own rules and regulations and as per The      
      Constitution of the United States of America and the State of Indiana.

-melissa seaver

cc: Lawrence Lucas
      Lesa Donnelly